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Ever wish you had a record of a live sex cam show you saw? There are not many websites that are similar to CamWhores, which you will soon know more about because of this CamWhores review. As you can probably tell from the title, Cam Whores is a webcam porn archive site. It has a lot of amateur pornography and user-uploaded content on the website, making it a great place to get everything your heart desires.

Who Does CamWhores Attract?

CamWhores attracts a lot of people. If you are the type of person who likes watching 18+ teens get themselves off, you can dive right into Cam Whores and enjoy live sex cam girls masturbating with their hands or with dildos for your pleasure. People who love the sexiest mature webcam women can also find them here, these chicks are incredibly horny and love being watched. If you are the type of person that wants to watch BDSM sex cams, sex cams with extreme sex, hardcore sex cams of unique fetishes, and other more taboo stuff; CamWhores does not have as much of that is other sites do.

Fortunately, the people who cam on this site are down with providing their services on a website with the name CamWhores. They have a sense of humor, are definitely open-minded and have a particular enjoyment of sex. While the site itself does not feature a lot of extreme webcam porn stars, it features just enough of everything to have something for everyone.

In terms of attraction, many people that visit CamWhores have a cam slut that they search for fairly often. The site, however, is fantastic for people who are looking for new cam models to enjoy. There is definitely a welcoming group here, and it is not small by any means. The site itself does have some great options in terms of community, including a chat feature that allows you to interact with hundreds of webcam lovers like yourselves, as well as some of the gorgeous live cam models on the site.

A Few Downsides To CamWhores

Before I get back to the positive juicy details, like the hundreds of babes that I would love to bend over and fuck over my kitchen table, I’m going to chat for a moment about some of the downsides of the website. There are not enough of them to be a deal breaker, and there are a ton of additional perks that CamWhores offers to entice people to use the site. Despite these few negatives, Cam Whores is a great site, and one that could be the best sex cam site for your needs.

CamWhores could use a better design, but the fact that there are a ton of recorded webcam videos here more than makes up for that. Also, you will need some patience to wait for some of the porn movies to load onto the site. Lastly, there are some of the more annoying types of ads on the site, though there is a ton of FREE content here that makes it worth it.

The Major Positives CamWhores Has

If you have ever been to a webcam site, and I can guess that I have been to over 100 of them, you will know that a lot of them have similarities, including categories and tags. Some of them have higher-quality sex cam video on average, and other let girls with SD cams onto their site. There are a few things that I do not see often, like these include prerecorded webcam videos. If you find an attractive webcam chick that you like, there might be prerecorded videos already made that you can jack off too. This is also an excellent place to find new babes that you can seek out for live cam sessions.

The girls and the videos on this site are also top-quality, and while the quality can vary with each movie and live sex cam session that you view, the videos on the website are a great way to get yourself off whenever you are ready. Sometimes webcam shows take a little bit of time to get to the best parts, but the build is a part of what makes live webcam shows so fantastic. You can watch that build here on your own time, or just skip to the best parts, which is fantastic. Am I right?

Another major positive that top webcam porn site CamWhores has is its variety. While things tend not to get extraordinarily extreme, there are definitely some kinky web chats here, as well as a vast number of girls who love being watched. Everything from 18+ teen cam girls to MILF webcam talents are here. Regardless of whether you are looking for popular amateur porn videos, porn movies that are currently being watched, the best sex cam girls, the newest cam videos, or an extensive list of tags to help sort all of these things, they are all on the homepage of the website.

There is some benefit to having all of this information on the main page of the website, but it can make things a little bit cluttered at times. Regardless, I was excited to see such a wide variety of cam girls, including many ethnicities, cosplay webcam girls, webcam girls playing with their friends, and fantastic playlists and community options as well. There is even a models list, which was nice to see. The categories in this section have ratings to them, and you can also organize the website by models who have the most videos. This is definitely a feature that I enjoyed a lot.

Other Features CamWhores.TV Has

Upon visiting the Playlist section of the website, I realized that the models themselves actually created a lot of the playlists that were top rated. Some of these playlists have up to 200 videos in them, which is a lot to enjoy. There were also playlists with simple names like Couples: Show, BJ, Mature, Feet View, and numerous others.

There is also a community tab, which I was expecting to be some sort of forum, but instead was a list of the members of the site and how active they are in terms of commenting. It does look like creating an account allows you to upload private porn videos, private porn albums, and more. A lot of these options seem to be used by the active sex cam girls on the site more than anyone else. There are more options to interact with people if you have a membership of the website. You can also send friendship requests to other people and interact with them on CamWhores.

What’s The Word About CamWhores?

I really like how there is a lot of additional content on the site, including picture galleries, video galleries, and more. I enjoyed watching the free cams that were linked as well, though they mostly went to third-party sites that I have not reviewed, which is unfortunate. Overall, people who are using the site will get to see videos of their favorite cam girls. With tons of porn content with cam girl talent, CamWhores is a choice that is not to be overlooked. There are plenty of cam girls on the site interacting, and hundreds of videos are added each day. CamWhores is a unique porn webcam archive website with a lot to offer, and is well worth spending some time at CamWhores.

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  • Hot camgirl videos
  • Huge archive
  • Regular updates
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  • Camgirls hate it
  • No downloads