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Mr. Porn Geek’s visit to Motherless

In almost all cases, when I review a website, I do so by looking at the whole product on offer. In this particular situation, I’m going to be taking a look at just one part of a site – and for good reason. See, Motherless is a pretty big place these days and I don’t think they’re all that great for a lot of adult material in general – except when it comes to their amateur porn. Based on my experience, Motherless is great for this niche (I’ll explain why in the review down below) but generally falls behind elsewhere. So I’m just going to be talking about from the perspective of the amateur material! Hope you’re pumped for the review because this one is about to get pretty sticky. Keep reading and Mr. Porn Geek will tell you all you need to know about Motherless’ amateur archive.

Motherless: the amateur area

To get your greasy mitts all over the homemade entertainment offered by Motherless, you can either head on over to their specific amateur category or instead, instigate a search for the word itself. They both have their advantages, but I’ll kick things off with a look at the actual category. So firstly, you’ll notice that alongside a video area, Motherless also has a location where you can post images – this isn’t a clips only hub! At the time of writing this review in July of 2019, Motherless’ videos collection totaled 420,000+ uploads. Stoner jokes aside, I think everyone can agree that this is a hell of a lot of adult material to look through! They’re also boasting over 1 million images tagged with the ‘amateur’ keyword, so if you combine the two together, it’s likely one of the biggest archives of content around. I think you’re starting to see why I said Motherless was so good for amateur porn, right?

Now I’m not just going to sing praises without offering constructive criticism: one of the things I always want from tube websites that I review is the ability to sort material based on various metrics. Motherless doesn’t even have the basics down: you can only look at the amateur videos here based on upload date – that’s it! No view counter, length sort feature or popularity display: this is probably the worst part of the experience here and what’s crazy to me is that the site in general has an all-time display function for comments, number of favorites and even views. Doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to just allow folks to keep that side of things on a niche-specific section of the library.

More experience from Motherless

One of the benefits for the ‘amateur’ search is that you can also combine it with other keywords, so if you’re looking for a combination of things, this is the golden ticket. As an example, let me go ahead and look all over for amateur Asian porn: these guys have over 20,000 videos which met the criteria! Now I will admit: some of these might only contain amateurs or only contain Asians, but from the looks of the thumbnail previews, they’ve done a good job of combining both niches together so I only see the very best in homemade porn from China, Japan, Korea and other great countries in the region. I suppose it’s probably a good time for me to go ahead and sample some material, so let’s do exactly that while we’re here, shall we?

Trying the amateur porn at Motherless

I picked out a dozen random videos from my ‘amateur Asian’ search and on the whole, I’d say this is probably the best average quality of content I’ve seen from any so-called amateur destination. I’m talking about subjective quality here – how hot the girls are, the length of the clip, whether they know how to fuck and that type of thing. Objective quality is difficult to control when it comes to amateur porn, but Motherless does have a bit of a reputation for not pumping up the highest of resolutions for its uploads. Good thing this won’t impact what we’re looking for all that much – very rarely do you find good amateur porn in either 720p or 1080p formats.

A few choice clips that I enjoyed the most would probably be a good idea to share here, since it’ll give you a good idea of what Motherless is bringing to the table. First up, we’ve got this sweet camgirl in long socks playing with her pussy in front of a webcam – she teases with that big white dildo so damn well. Next, how about a selfie video of a Chinese girl getting fucked doggy style? The fact she’s recording the scene herself is just perfection. Finally – if you haven’t busted your load yet – this little brown fucking machine getting drilled as she moans and groans for the cock to go deeper inside her perfect Asian slit. She loved getting that mouthful of cum at the end – it’s obvious by the look that she’s got in her eye!

I did look over at the general amateur category for stuff like teen content, first-time MILFs and homemade gangbangs: it’s all stellar stuff. I’m actually going to let you in on a little Mr. Porn Geek pro-tip if you want to find genuine ghetto amateur content: search for the keyword ‘thot’. Thank me later – so many hood rats getting blacked by corner boys.

Final conclusion: Motherless amateur

Like I said at the start, for general porn from professional paysites, Motherless isn’t as good as dozens of other sites that I’ve recommended in the past. But if you’re seeking amateur content specifically: you can’t do much better than this as far as I’m concerned. I had a great time looking at the 200,000+ homemade porn videos here and the design of Motherless is easy enough that getting your hands on the goods is a walk in the park. Anyway folks – Mr. Porn Geek is just about done with this review now, so take my letter of recommendation and go jerk off to some amateur porn videos at Motherless!

Review Pros
  • Great content archive
  • Huge collection
  • Genuine amateur porn
Review Cons
  • Limited sorting features
  • Some adverts
  • Average quality