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Tac Amateurs Preview

I’m not entirely sure what ‘TAC’ stands for in regard to TAC Amateurs, but I can tell you that this place claims that it’s the ‘largest amateur porn network’ around with over 300 websites that have joined together into one massive collection of studios. The way it works is simple: individual girls get together and decide that it’s a good idea to become amateur pornstars, they then produce some content, and it gets added to the TAC Amateurs network. Quite simple and yeah – let me tell you now – this is as amateur as it gets in the porn world!

You’ll have to join up to TAC Amateurs to get access to all of the content, but once that’s done, you’ll get 2 million pictures and over 10,000 videos for to take a look at. Daily updates are provided from various ladies, and there’s even a way to contact some of the ladies if you’re interested in that type of thing! Lots of different niches are covered here, with 29 granny sites, 47 couple sites, and 51 BBW sites. Amateur is clearly the name of the game, and I’d have to say; Jolene Devil is my favorite real amateur that you can check out – be sure to see some of her preview material!

Tac Amateurs Review

Let’s get one thing clear. There are TONS of amateur porn babes that can rock the camera and bring full body orgasms to people that know how to masturbate in style. There is something about real people, who are having a blast in front of a camera or recording themselves and are getting off, that really gets my dick hard.

TAC Amateurs has a lot of hardcore content that spans a huge number of genres, including BBW, double penetration, orgies, lesbian threesomes, solo masturbation, fetish, straight sex scenes, and much more. The older scenes are not in HD, but the newer scenes are. There are many high definition movies on this porn site for you to enjoy, and there are also daily porn updates. The TAC Amateurs website is well put together and has some great user features to help members have the best experiences.

Tac Amateurs Bonus Content

In terms of websites, TAC may just have to most bonus content of anywhere I have seen. If you are going into a membership for one or two top porn websites in this network, prepare to be very happy. There are hundreds of sites in this network, and many of them are still updating and putting out the best quality HD porn movies. These are bonus sites with real people having real sex. This is real amateur porn. For gorgeous amateur women who are enjoying glorious amateur sex scenes, TAC deserves a look, gaze, oogle, or stare. Oh! You also get access to the other incredibly massive amateur porn website collection, the Chick Pass Network. Fuck yea.

Tac Amateurs Discounts

So you want to see amazing porn beauties like Denise Davies, Curvy Claire, JuicyJo, and hundreds more? You have come to the right place. Get the best discount from me, Mr. Porn Geek. Did you know that you could watch porn on a different website in this network (and the bonus network) for almost five days a week, for an entire year, and not repeat a website? Take the time here to get the best deal on these sites; it only takes a few minutes. Head to the websites tour from here, take a look at more of what they offer, then get a membership. Add porn variety to your life in a way most people have never experienced.

The Best of Tac Amateurs

When was the last time somebody told you about a network of porn sites that included 300 websites? Likely never. If not, let me be the first to introduce you to TAC Amateurs, a huge porn network that features over 300 amateur sites featuring MILFs. Coeds, swingers, grannies, lesbian love, and so much more. This top porn network seems to have some of everything.

Now obviously I cannot go through and look at and review 350 websites for this one network. Not only would it take forever, but you would never read that many reviews before deciding to get a membership anyway. You would much rather spend all of that time watching porn. I know you, you are a little bit of a perv… just like me. What you do need to know is that there are tons of hot amateur porn performers and that all of the ones I looked at were fantastic.

Some of these sites have been around for ages, and there are over 20,000 porn scenes to enjoy. Each is available in multiple formats, and there are over 10,000 image galleries as well. This is the type of network that you would not be able to watch everything they have ever. Oh, and they are still updating daily, so there is that too.

The variety of movies on the sites are a huge selling point, though the navigation of the sites is not better than average. HD movies are marked as HD, which is a nice feature to have, and there are many other features that make the user interface of the site an overall win.

The Worst of Tac Amateurs

The scenes, at least some of them, could be better labeled, it would make things a little easier to find and help increase my porn watching efficiency. There are a considerable number of porn sites in this collection, and some of the designs a few of them have are very outdated and could use a little fine-tuning. Hopefully, they get around to this sometime soon but do know that most of this is purely cosmetic and not related to the content in the site. That said, there are some things that do affect the user experience. Overall, I do not see this as a major detractor from getting a membership, however.

I am also a fan of websites that have the videos open up in the same window I am already in. At TAC Amateurs, the movies opened up in a completely separate window. This is possible due to the websites having older designs. Either way, I did get to see the movies I wanted to see, so mission accomplished.

Also, while there is plenty of high-quality HD content to go around, the older clips are SD porn movies, and some of them are pretty crap. It’s a good thing these don’t really need to be here; there are hundreds of sites and a lot of HD porn films to watch instead.

The Bottom Line about Tac Amateurs

With great names like JaneyWeb, which has some fantastic cuckolding porn scenes and orgy porn clips, as well as hundreds of others, there is something for everyone at TAC Amateurs. The sex on these sites is not scripted. It is real. It is hot. It is carnal, primal, lust filled, and had by horny sex loving people that could be the woman next door.

The user interface could use some improvement, and some of the older movies are in SD, but the site more than makes up for this with a large amount of newer HD porn movies and daily updates. Not every website in the network is still updating, but there are a number of them that are, and they cover all of your porn genre bases. Add in access to the Chick Pass Network, another HUGE amateur porn site network, and you have an unbeatable deal, one that is made even better with the help of Mr. Porn Geek.

Review Pros
  • 300+ sites
  • Daily updates
  • Thousands of videos
Review Cons
  • Lots of BBWs
  • Have to pay