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Sexting18: Mr. Porn Geek explores

What is it about barely legal girls and their love of sharing sexy selfies with the world? I think it goes without saying that Mr. Porn Geek has always been a massive fan of teenage babes who can’t wait to give you access to their naughtiest videos and images! Today, I’m looking at a spot called Sexting18 that seeks to exploit these broads so that you can enjoy as much of their content as possible. I’ve yet to step inside, but I’m keen as fuck and looking forward to telling you what’s on offer here. So, without further ado, let’s explore Sexting18 together and see what the deal is.

First thoughts on Sexting18

Signing up for an account took me a few minutes and the process was pretty simple and clean. Once you log in, the website transforms into a standard chronological content display layout that reminds me of Twitter and Facebook. I will say that I’m not overly enthused about the huge white space on either side of the central material display area – it just seems like they could populate what’s here with more, you know, stuff? I do have a 1440p monitor, but come on – I know even on 1080p, which a bunch of folks have, this is going to look less than perfect. It’s a small complaint, but I think reviews that mention the good and the bad are worth paying attention to!

The categories on Sexting18

There are categories here, but they leave a little to be desired. Instead of classic breakdowns such as bikini, outdoor, blowjob, gangbang, selfie, Asian, goth and so on, you’ve got stuff like ‘hottest girls’, ‘girls with iPhones’ and ‘real threesome orgy’. These seem to be pretty random categories and I’m not quite sure why they went down this route: it would make a lot of sense to do things differently and with a focus on the standard niches people want, no? Anyway, that’s how things are, so I’m not going to cry too much, but they could certainly go ahead and make their provision of amateur porn just a little bit easier to grab. The good news is that they do have sections on the site for highest voted, most commented and most viewed material. You can also click ‘random’ if you want to take your chances on something that’s, well, random. Who would have thought that clicking on a button labeled ‘random’ would do such a thing?!

Sexting18 and average content quality

For most sites, it’s wise to point out what the average qualities are in terms of objective metrics. Naturally, when it comes to an amateur website such as this one, it doesn’t make too much sense to do that – simply because it’s not at all clear that there’s a thread running through what’s going on here. Thousands of different cameras and users created the footage and images you see, so to expect them all to be 1080p, 60 FPS and so on – just not really that realistic. What I will say is that Sexting18 does have great subjective quality – especially when it comes to the content and its focus on the niche that it seems to want to explore. You’re going to see a lot of teen girls here, many of them completely naked and, in some cases, getting fucked hard. Mr. Porn Geek is very much a fan of that, and while there are some low quality videos here, they’ve done their best and I don’t think anyone can complain too much about it. So, bottom line: Sexting18 is doing a great job in the material department, which is more than I can say about a lot of other spots out there.

Schedule at Sexting18

You get daily updates here: with most sites releasing exclusive content on a weekly basis, this seems like a great trade-off. There are other reasons why constant influxes of content are good outside of the inherent value to the user too: it means that they actively maintain the site and will generally do what they can to make it better. Now, Sexting18 has been around for quite some time, so there are literally thousands of different entries here – all of which you’re able to access with an account. Remember that creating a profile here does cost money, but given the results of what you get, I don’t think that’s too much of an issue. Let’s hope that as the weeks and months continue, Sexting18 will continue to provide a constant release of incredible material that you can jerk yourself off over.

Some downsides to Sexting18

A few issues I noticed here include the fact that there isn’t much of a community – no one really comments anymore, so that feature can probably be removed without much of an issue. Additionally, there are adverts for other websites, which I’ve never been a fan of when it comes to these types of projects. Look, I understand why they do this, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’d really much rather that they didn’t. Mr. Porn Geek can’t talk though – I’ve got my fair share of ads here and I’m not afraid to get more money if it’s available. Everyone in this here game is doing it, so if you want to be competitive, you’ve got to do whatever it takes!

Closing thoughts regarding Sexting18

Thanks so much for reading this deep into my review. I’ve been a bit too critical looking back on my review: they’ve done a good job with Sexting18 and I think that it goes without saying that these dudes will continue to be top tier when we compare them to what other spots have to offer. Do I recommend you sign up and see what’s here for yourself? Absolutely! There are plenty of fresh-faced, barely legal teens getting nude: what’s not to love? Happy jerking and remember: no one offers amateur teen site reviews like Mr. Porn Geek does!

Review Pros
  • Large content database
  • Daily update schedule
  • Focused on teens
Review Cons
  • No bulk downloading
  • Needs better categories