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BFFs Preview

Best Friends Forever, or simply BFFs, is a porn site where young and nubile girls get fucked while they’re together. It’s supposed to be a fun look at hot chicks with delicious pussies being shared and having a great time. If you take a look at the tour, you’ll see that each scene features at least two babes being pleasured at the same time, although there are occasions when there are four or more chicks that need a hardcore fuck. The niche is fantastic, but what’s the member’s area like? Let’s log in and take a look, shall we?

BBFs launched in January of 2014 and has updated with a new scene once per week since then. That means that the current archive has around 140 scenes – each of which contains a photo set and a full-length video for you to enjoy. The quality is a hot 1080p format, and the images are available in zipped photo sets for easy local storage too. I’m a big fan of the content that they have here, and it’s all full of sexy chicks fucking their friends and most of the time, dicks too. This is a good collection of amateur porn – certainly worth taking a look at, folks!

BFFs Review

Have you ever had a best friend you wanted to fuck? Kiss? Eat out? I still have one, and she knows too. We know it will likely never happen. The friendship is too important to take the leap, so to speak. I find a lot of solace in the fact that many BFFs so have a lot of sexy fun together. When these BFFs get together, they often have naughty sex fun on their minds, and I am all for that.

BFF’s has longer scenes than many top porn websites, clocking in at 45 minutes. This means each scene has a lot of great jerk off visuals to help get you through the day. Need to get rid of some stress before work or before your next exam? This is a fun place to do it. The movies here are exclusive porn, and each movie has a high-resolution image gallery that can be downloaded as a Zip file.

There is no download limit on the site, so you can keep as much of this booty bumping, sex loving friendship porn with you. It might be a “different” kind of love but it is just as passionate, I can assure you. These friends know each other well and go to town on each other’s pleasure spots. The site has scenes that let these fine women have a blast with their friends, there is a ton of lesbian porn scenes here, with these women enjoying each other’s naked bodies. On occasion, these women bring their guy friends into their secret fun and threesome porn movies result.

BFFs Bonus Content

BFFs does not come with any bonus content at all. They have decided to go all in on high-quality porn featuring the most sexual and wanting friends they find. With a massive focus on production value, there is a lot that this site offers. Mostly, quality porn that they work hard to maintain at such a high standard.

BFFs Discounts

Remember me? Mr. Porn Geek? Your pal? You know that when you want the best porn hookups, I am here for you. With BFFs, you get the MPG treatment. The best deals available, and all you have to do is head to the site from here. Take a look at what they offer, and sign up. Simple? You bet it is.

The Best of BFFs

These are some top porn films, featuring the hottest porn babes. Take those mainstream movies about girls’ nights, and multiply them times ten (at least). This is hardcore, passionate, lovemaking and fucking on camera. We should be thankful they let us watch; I know I am. With longer porn films, I know that there is plenty to watch, even if there are not a ton of movies on the website yet.

One of the things I love about this site is the storylines. They are well thought out, make sense, and have a great variety to them. I like some of the roleplay and build into scenes, especially when it comes to more taboo porn movies like these. The production value is high, and there is a lot to be said about the HD porn movies that are here. These are full HD porn films, all of them. The best part about the quality is that not only do you get to stream them in HD, but you also get to download them in HD too!

While it may not seem as big, many sites do not allow members to rate and comment on their videos. BFFs does. You also get access to an easy to use interface that is mobile friendly and looks good on tablets and cellphones.

There is a lot of hot amateur porn on this site, so if that is what you love you will feel right at home here.

The Worst of BFFs

There are no bonus sites that you get when you sign up for BFFs, so what you see at the site tour, which is easy to get to from here, is what you get, What is that? Again, it is high-quality porn featuring hot BFFs, and sometimes their gorgeous male friends. There is some great roleplay, high production values, and long movies that run about 45 minutes to an hour.

There is no model index on the site either; I guess a lot of the amateurs on the site are less interested in getting their name out there and more excited by the adrenaline that they get to fuck their bestie on camera.

Check and double check to make sure the cross-sell that is pre-checked is unchecked if you do not want it. Most porn sites have a cross-sell of some sort built in, and BFFs is one of these sites. There is no reason to spend extra money on something you won’t use. If you do want to take a look at the cross-sell, make sure that you remember to cancel it. These extra fees can add up to become quite an unwanted expense. Fortunately, the answer is easy, un-check the box.

Lastly, the updates to the site only come around every two weeks. The website is growing, and you will have a while 14 days of anticipation waiting for the newest hot girl to bring her friend in for some raunchy BFF porn movie fun.

The Bottom Line about BFFs

I love that BFFs puts together realistic scenes, not those really fake scenes where one girl sees their friend in their panties and just goes up and kisses her and then they are fucking, and you love it… but it is really confusing and with no context. These are well put together scenes that make sense and are hot as fuck. All of the movies here are in full HD, so the detail in these movies is easy to see and adds to the experience, with women that are smoking hot and into every scene. Mr. Porn Geek highly recommends this website for people that are interested in gorgeous women; amateur porn shot extremely well, sexy storylines in porn, and girl on girl action.

Review Pros
  • New scenes weekly
  • Hot amateur porn
Review Cons
  • No bonus sites
  • Limited trial