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Larkin Love Snapchat: review by MrPornGeek

So I’ve had plenty of guys come to me lately and ask for my thoughts and feelings on the best Snapchat sluts out there. Today, I’m going to be talking about a broad by the name of Larkin Love that is big on social media and specifically, Snapchat if that’s your particular app of choice. I’ll be going into the details of this busty minx and giving you the full rundown on her premium Snapchat service – reserved for those who are true fans and actually love enjoying everything this beauty has ever done or been involved with. So yeah, with that in mind, let’s follow her account and get into the nitty gritty, shall we?

The free side of Larkin Love’s Snapchat presence

So LarkinLove actually has two profiles on Snapchat – one that’s completely free and public, the other that requires payment in order to access. As you can probably figure out, the second one is perfect for those that want a deeper look at what Larkin Love has to offer – the former is just for the cheapskates that want a tug without having to pay for it. Not that I’m trying to shame you, of course – it’s totally fine if you don’t want to support one of the most beautiful, busty cosplayers out there at the moment!

It should be noted that there’s an obvious bump up in the quality and amount of content that’s offered on the paid version though, so while I do link you to the free one (press the button on this review), if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, splash out for the one that’s going to cost you a little money every month – totally worth it! She gets very much X-rated in that, compared to her public which is a little more PG (although I wouldn’t be sharing it with the wife).

What the private Snapchat gives you with Larkin Love

So you’ve signed up to Larkin Love’s premium Snapchat service, what do you get with it? Well alongside the hot selfies of her in a variety of different outfits, you’ll also get some kinky public flashing, cosplay content, hardcore sex scenes and even some anal content thrown in for good measure! I think my favorite feature of Larkin Love’s premium Snapchat is that she isn’t afraid to go outside and reveal that body to the world. It’s obvious she has a big fetish when it comes to public exhibitionism, so don’t be surprised if you come across her walking down random streets and stuff with her ass and pussy on display – that’s just what Larkin Love enjoys!

The rules of Larkin Love’s premium Snapchat

What I love most about Larkin Love is that you’re allowed to screenshot any of the content that she puts on her Snapchat account and keep it for life. Some other girls out there have a specific rule that you can’t save anything – she’s the complete opposite and encourages it! Note that you can also send her dick pictures if you want, but expect to join the queue of dozens of dudes that are also doing exactly the same thing. Hell, Larkin Love will even get around you watching your videos – she’s a naughty beauty, this one.

Mr. Porn Geek’s conclusion on Larkin Love

So yeah – how does Larkin Love on Snapchat perform? Really damn well, and I say that with the utmost level of respect and confidence. I followed Larkin for a week for the purposes of writing this review and while there were other girls I also followed, she pumped out the highest amount of content and also had the biggest tits! I wouldn’t describe her service as being particularly budget friendly, but if you’ve ever wanted to get to know Larkin Love real well, this is the way to do it. Anyway gang – cheers for reading and happy squeezing! Mr. Porn Geek had a blast with Larkin Love on Snapchat: I hope you do too.

Review Pros
  • Sexy busty babe
  • Incredibly active
  • Can download content
Review Cons
  • Some taboo content
  • Not cheap