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Cherie DeVille

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Cherie DeVille Premium Snapchat: Mr. Porn Geek’s review

I know that most girls on Snapchat these days are young and bubbly – today, I’m going to balance out my reviews by talking to you about Cherie DeVille. This pornstar is currently 40 years of age but somehow managed to get into the Snapchat game and is now one of the best broads around if you’re looking for mature women on social media. She’s well known in the porn industry, but how does that translate into skills when it comes to sexy Snapchat goodness? Mr. Porn Geek has followed her for a week: keep reading and I’ll tell you all you need to know about Cherie DeVille!

The public and private snapchats of Cherie DeVille

Like many of the other girls I’ve written reviews on, Cherie DeVille offers you the choice of both a public and private Snapchat. The benefit of the public one is that it’s completely free of charge – she’s always sharing kinky pictures and videos here that are supposed to draw you in. That’s when the premium account comes in handy: you’ll have free reign over the very best content that Cherie DeVille has ever produced in an amateur setting if you sign up! The ‘downside’ is that it’s going to cost you money, but the cost isn’t all that high and yeah – it’s probably worth it if you’re looking to watch a gorgeous MILF like this work cocks like there’s no tomorrow. Now because I’m a nice guy, Mr. Porn Geek has provided you with how to get access to both her public and private Snapchat accounts with the link – click on it and get the full details! I’m only going to review the private side though, since that’s what I’ve been looking at for the last 7 days.

The benefits of private Cherie DeVille Snapchat

For me, the biggest selling point here was the interaction that Cherie DeVille offered. Some pornstars out there aren’t all that interested in communicating with their fans, but Cherie DeVille is totally down with it – I’ve never actually seen a chick be this enthusiastic about people sharing content with her and screen capping whatever they find enjoyable. Perhaps the best part is that Cherie DeVille asks for tributes from her fans – she loves seeing those cocks firing off hot loads and if it’s over her content, all the better! From time to time she’ll reply to your messages too, so if you want to chat with a hot MILF, this is likely the best way to go about doing it.

In terms of content, you’ve got lots of behind the scenes stuff here – Cherie DeVille isn’t exactly shy when it comes to content either! Roleplay content of her sucking on her stepson’s cock for good grades, pounding herself with a dildo and even getting down and dirty with someone who won a Snapchat competition is all here. That’s right – you actually might have the ability to engage erotically with Cherie DeVille if you’re super lucky! Hardcore content is also up for grabs, with plenty of taboo goodness if you’re into that. Roleplaying as the naughty stepmother seems to come naturally to Cherie DeVille on Snapchat: she’s great at it!

Mr. Porn Geek’s conclusion on Cherie DeVille Snapchat

If you’re looking to find yourself a top-tier MILF that uses premium Snapchat to share content with her fans, I can’t think of a better broad for the job! I had a lot of fun following this minx for a week and to be honest, I’m going to have to remove my subscription, simply because I’d probably end up jerking off at least once a day to the behind the scenes stuff she puts online. Cherie DeVille is a delight to see in action and anyone who disagrees is simply wrong! I’ve also got to give extra special credit here since this Snapchat MILF has very few similarly-aged competitors. Bottom line: if you want the finest, mature woman to share XXX pictures with you on a regular basis via Snapchat, make it Cherie DeVille.

Review Pros
  • Hot MILF
  • Heavy interaction
  • Competitions for sex
Review Cons
  • Not cheap
  • Limited lesbian action