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What The Fuck Was That!?!?!  Efukt.com.

There are a lot of things that eFukt is known for, or at least they should be. They are known for things like 1 Guy 1 Cup, and many other controversial videos and memes, there is nothing similar to eFukt that I have ever reviewed before. This website has a vast collection of hilarious pictures in their gallery, as well as a vast array of videos that include many adult themes. The porn here can get pretty outrageous, so if you are curious, be sure to take a look.

It Has The Celebrities Talking

Many celebrities have talked about eFukt content, and if that is not a reason to head over to the site, I don’t know what is. The most creative minds have paid attention, including Kevin Smith, Johnny Knoxville, Howard Stern, and many others. The website has a clean layout and is easy to navigate, but it really is the content on the site that stands out. eFukt includes a mix of professional videos and pictures, and top amateur content as well. What have all of these celebrities been talking about? It’s time to find out in this eFukt review.

What Funny Porn Is All About

Seriously, eFukt seems like it only has one rule, and that is that all of the porn on the website has to fit into one of three categories. It needs to be damn funny, damn interesting, or damn weird. This is a place for people who want to be entertained. You’ll potentially find yourself with an erection coming up, but you won’t exactly know why.

This website is not for people who want to visit, find something quick to get off to, and go about your day. eFukt has a lot of bizarre shit that has you not wanting to look away, and not knowing why. There are many humorous porn movies on the site, and if you have never seen funny porn, eFukt is the best funny porn website out there to try.

High-Quality Funny Porn Content

As a website, eFukt has carved itself a niche and is definitely taking advantage of people’s immense curiosity and twisted inner self. When I first arrived at the page, there was a single video that was featured, and it was a video that had over 3,500,000 views. It was called Porn Scenes Worthy of an Oscar, and it featured some pretty crazy shit. I am not going to tell you all about it, because damn… but you should totally go check it out.

Because both professionals and amateurs film the content on the website, you can find quite a range of quality here. Regardless, the vast majority of the content was good and the movies are easy to watch. There are many famous scenes here, as well as porn bloopers and porn that you might not see anywhere else. This can include things like bizarre porn movies, amputee porn, emo porn, gaping pussies, and there are definitely categories for LULZ and porn parodies as well. Also, many categories feature more normal porn terms like cuckold, anal, 18+ teen, and more. Other content that is available on the site can be found in a pics section, and there is also a section of gifs for people who are looking for more adult-oriented ways to respond via messenger.

eFukt Is Easy To Navigate

The top of the page features tabs for video, pics, and gifs. There is also an option for searching for what you are looking for. This is not the type of website that you need to limit yourself to the more mainstream porn terminology. You can look up small dicks, awkward moments, and the many other less used terms. When you search a term, you are able to organize the results in a few different ways. These include today, month, year, all time, and favorites. It is also possible to randomize the content that you are seeing and to organize search results by category. I love it when there are more advanced search options, and eFukt provides many ways to filter search results. This is a huge bonus.

What Can You Expect?

Honestly, you can find a lot of different porn genres here including POV porn movies; intense role-play scenes, taboo relationship porn, and much more. Some of the content might be a little bit disturbing to some people, but even these people might want to spend some time watching it and masturbating to it. Some of the films on this website feature the most ridiculous orgasms ever, the biggest cocks you have ever seen, and some intense squirting orgasms. There are also many videos about porn fails, porn bloopers, and sex tapes that you will not be able to see anywhere else. The porn here sometimes has sections edited into it, making many things here, in one fashion or another, exclusive content. People can submit content to the site, buy T-shirts, and easily find what is trending on the website.

What About Porn Advertisements?

Honestly, there are not too many advertisements on the site. Some clips have popular television show commentary on the films, there are some that have music added into the background, and of course, there are many that are put together like standard porn films. One thing I can definitely say about eFukt is some of the quotes on here are absolutely hilarious. One of the films I just watched, “13 Most Ridiculous Orgasms Ever” had a girl who came and then said, “fuck you and everyone who looks like you.” I can’t make this shit up.

Let’s Talk About The GIFs

Have you ever found yourself not knowing particularly what to say, but knowing that you want it to be extremely weird or little bit raunchy? This is the place to find some pretty insane GIFs to respond with. Make sure you are only using these with people that you know very well though because they might get offended or be insanely shocked by some of the GIFs here. Pay a visit to this section of the site, even if you are not planning on using them in real life.

It’s Weird But I Love It

So, what are my final notes about eFukt? Well, I have to say that this is some strange shit, but I am digging it. This might be the longest I have spent exploring a site while there for the sole purpose of creating a review. Sure, I go to plenty of websites and spend a lot of time there, but most often that is on my own time. This site has just sucked me in. Some of the stuff is definitely top masturbation material, but a lot of it is not. Either way, this is some of the most interesting footage I have seen in a long time. I am very intrigued.

If you are looking for a website that provides something completely different, with some things that were designed to shock, some things that were intended to turn you on, or some things that were designed to make you laugh, eFukt is a top destination. Not everything here is for the feint, but if you are interested in new things and are not easily offended, head over to eFukt right now and take a look.

Review Pros
  • Quality content
  • Easy to navigate
  • Very taboo porn
  • Unique porn videos
Review Cons
  • Content may offend some