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What the actual fuck people?

If there’s one thing that Mr. Porn Geek has learnt over the last few years of being the king of porn, it’s that people are really quite weird. No place quite sums up this world view quite like WTF People – a place that seems to only show the crazy side of humans as they have sex, enjoy life and generally go about their business. They’re a pretty good archive of interesting adult videos and yeah, whether you just want to jerk off or have a bit of a laugh or even have a laugh while jerking off, this is one destination you won’t want to miss out on.

The homepage of the site is updated on a daily basis with dozens of new things to take a look at. Right now, there’s a compilation of hot WWE girls with great tits, Kim Kardashian’s great rack in a sexy outfit and some busty lady with an AK-47 having a good time. There are pretty much no limits to the type of material they focus on and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a quality place to get your hands on a type of adult entertainment rarely found on big tube sites.

Wtfpeople is really something else

You’re probably thinking that maybe the title wtf people is hyberpole but I can assure you that it isn’t. All the content on will literally have you yelling WTF at your computer. Hell, even some of the ads being run on this page feature the kind of fuckery you won’t find on any regular porn site.

Everything on this site is extreme to the nth degree. They don’t care about being politically correct so if you’re easily offended, wtfpeople is not for you. These guys don’t give a shit about PC norms. In fact you actually have to be some kind of special SOB to enjoy the content here. I have to say though that its good – so good that once you start clicking through and the initial shock wears off, you’ll get sucked in and find yourself gobbling it all up.

The numbers don’t lie.

There’s a ton to take in here – 1400 pages to be precise. Now my maths isn’t necessarily the best but with each page stacked with 40 posts, that’s about 56K posts of really fucked up goodness for you to enjoy. Most of it is amateur stuff – leaked nudes sent to butthurt lovers, monster dicks aka pussy destroyers living up to their nickname, yoga sessions turned into full fledged fuck fests, pee action, step families banging and so on. Wtf people is extreme and amateur porn on steroids and it doesn’t look like its going to stop any time soon.

You can filter the content by category or tags or if you have something specific on your mind, feel free to use the search box to find it faster. Whatever your feelings are on extreme porn, you have to hand it to this site for daring to go where very few sites would dare go. You’ll always be entertained by these handpicked videos from a great source – this is WTF People and you should absolutely check it out!

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  • Daily updates
  • Lots of content
  • Easy to navigate
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  • Some adverts
  • No tube layout