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My review on NSFW Memes

Howdy friends – it’s Mr. Porn Geek here and today, I’m going to be giving you my full thoughts and feelings on a subreddit by the name of NSFW Memes. What I should let you know from the get go is that while you’ll find adult material here, it’s probably not going to be the type of place you’ll want to visit for an immediate jerking session. Still, it’s related to porn and I’m always looking for a good comedic experience, so how about I boogie on over to NSFW Memes and give you a full rundown of what’s going on? Sounds good to me!

First thoughts on NSFW Memes

At the time of covering this subreddit in February of 2020, there were 17,500 subscribers in the 7-year-old community. This is a pretty slim number and to be honest, Mr. Porn Geek generally focuses on the larger places, but I’ve heard some good things, so I figured it was still worth looking at. Now after hitting the ‘new’ tab, I was presented with 25 posts in the last 7 days – not exactly record breaking figures. Thing is, because the subreddit deals with a rather petite niche, it’s not like we can complain about the slow influx of fresh memes. I won’t be taking points off here based on this: Mr. Porn Geek is a generous reviewer who understands that porn-related memes aren’t exactly the hottest thing on the Internet.

NSFW Memes: the type of material you’ll find

A lot of the content you’ll find here is obviously related directly to sex, but not all of it contains erotic themes in a picture or video format. For instance, the highest upvoted submission here in the last month is a couple of cartoon still frames that show someone excessively crying, with a comment above about how girls look like this after they’ve done being skull fucked. Another funny post I found was of pornstars with that 4-panel ‘Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder’ meme – the 4th panel is them getting railed real hard by a big black cock while the others are just casual images.

As I mentioned previously, I don’t think that NSFW Memes is an ideal location to go to if you’re looking to masturbate over some porn. Sure, you will find some images and clips here that are erotic and worth jerking your little ding dong to, but by and large it’s relatively tame stuff and in many cases, not even straight-up NSFW since the adult element is contained to the text. I think the primary purpose of this subreddit is for people who want to share X-rated memes but can’t do it in the normal subreddits, owing to their strict rules on content such as this. Mr. Porn Geek does really love the fact that there are very few rules here and those that do exist are relatively reasonable.

My conclusion on Reddit’s NSFW Memes destination

So how do I think /r/NSFWMemes performed when all is said and done? I’m happy to give a recommendation for subscribing here, especially since it’s completely free of charge and yeah – if you like a good laugh with some potentially erotic stuff involved, this is going to give you exactly that. You might also just want to check back every few weeks and see what the latest saucy memes on the market are: that’s also a viable way to look at this subreddit. Anyway my dear and loyal readers – Mr. Porn Geek will conclude his review here and bid you the very best of luck with your next squeeze. I appreciate you reading my analysis and hope that you visit my site again in the near future should you need any more delicious coverage on the best XXX sites out there – peace!

Review Pros
  • Limited rules
  • Some funny content
  • Mainly images
Review Cons
  • Slow to update
  • Not great for jerking