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We’re bringing SexyAndFunny back

This is a bit of an odd site, but not in a bad way. In my opinion, the name ‘Sexy & Funny’ is not that descriptive. Yeah, the site boasts a lot of sexy people (and I mean a lot), but it is not exactly all that funny. By funny, the site really just means that there are videos that you probably would not see elsewhere e.g. some sexy naked yoga. Nothing drastic. Don’t expect comedic situations or people telling jokes while they play with their pussy – while that would be funny as hell, it’s not what’s happening here. This is just unique porn.

That being said, there is plenty of content to dive into on Sexy & Funny and most of it is top-notch. You have videos. You have photos. You have games. You have webcams. Basically, just about any sort of porn you could possibly want is on the site.

There’s nothing particularly special about the porn on SexyAndFunny – its the same run of the mill porn you find on other sites with one exception: the girls here are truly sexy. In that one aspect alone, very few other sites compare to Sexy & Funny. A quick glance through all the babes on their home page revealed hot chick after hot chick. And we’re not talking just pretty faces but pretty bangin’ bodies too!

There was variety in the girls too from blondes to brunettes, girls with short hair and those with long flowing locks, short girls and tall girls and chicks you probably would never have a chance in hell with as well as chicks with that cute girl next door vibe that would probably slip you their number when their nosy friends weren’t looking. So yeah, they’re definitely bringing sexy back with their selection of girls but I still don’t know about the whole funny thing. Maybe I’ll be surprised the more I peel back the layers on this site.

So you’re saying Sexy & Funny is worth a look then?

Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying. For one because its got a shit load of pictures and videos that you can wank off to without paying a dime. That’s always a good thing, right? And two, new movies and photos are added damn near every day and they’re dated too so if you don’t stop by for a few days, the next time you visit, you can just scroll back through the content and check out the sexy and funny videos added while you were away.

And content aside, navigation tools are one thing I particularly check for on every site I visit and at Sexyandfunny they have quite a few of them like the ability to sort the content by views, sexy rating, funny rating or favorites. They even have a search box if you want to go that route.

Additionally, this isn’t just a site, it’s a community and you can be part of it for free. Simply sign up for an account and boom, within just a matter of minutes, you’ll have access to perks and features that regular unregistered surfers don’t have like the ability to actively post in the forums and engage with other registered members.

That aforementioned forum is something you may want to peek into if forums are your cup of tea. Now this is where the funny in Sexy And Funny really comes alive. There’s a subsection called Funhouse of Fun and this is where you’ll find jokes, funny media, interesting links and so on. So give your hand a break from all that wanking off and crack up at some of the silliness here.

The forum is a pretty popular destination on SexyAndFunny and the proof is in the numbers – 651,393 members have created 178,097 threads and over 2.6 million posts since the forum was set up. Pretty impressive, right?

Still not as impressive as the bread and butter of this site which is the sexy and funny videos and pictures. For those you have to jump back to the Sexy & Funny home page and go hopping from section to section checking out what each one has to offer.

Do that and you’ll notice that each section has got various subsections. For the videos, you have sexy videos and funny videos as well as sub-sections for the most viewed and most loved movies.

As for the photos, there’s something called battles which is where I recommend you start as soon as you visit Sexy and Funny. Why? Because that’s where you’ll find goodies like Lips and Nips battle and battle of the porcelain dolls. I have to say that I quite enjoyed the battles of the butts but was a little hesitant to check out the Alphabet battle (what does that even mean?) and the battle of the nipple pinchers – that last one actually turned out to be pretty hot! This is also where you’ll find the random picture generator. Play with the options it has and let it surprise you with 10 randomly picked babes for your eyes to feast on.

There’s a tab labeled “more” and this is what you need to peep under if you’re looking for sexy adult toons, nsfw jokes, sexy articles and all other misc business. So as you can see, there really is a lot to see here and each section is definitely worth a look.

That one nagging issue

The only real downside is that it is going to be tough to browse through that content with the site designers mainly opting for a blog-like format. You can search by model if you want, but the list is so long that it is going to take a while to get through it. Most of the models only have a couple of photo or video sets up too.

If this doesn’t bother you that’s great but it irked the living day lights out of me. Instead of rolling the dice with the search box though, you’re better off hitting up the model index and then checking out what content is available for each girl that way. Again, its a small issue but its worth mentioning in case anyone out here is bothered by it like I am.

So Mr. Porn Geek is that a yea or nay on

Hell yea. Don’t let that last section fool you into thinking I didn’t enjoy my time on SexyandFunny. I did. There are some pretty hot videos and sexy pictures on this site and if you dig deep enough, you’ll even find a few funny bits here and there. The design could be better but all in all, it’s a fantastic site and wouldn’t be listed here if it wasn’t. Enjoy mother fuckers!

Review Pros

  • Unique site
  • Content is of a high quality

Review Cons

  • Tricky to browse