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Another Free Hentai Anime Imageboard

I’ve added quite a lot of hentai, rule 34 and doujinshi action websites on Mr. Porn Geek lately and I’m a bit of a connoisseur now. If you’re also a horny otaku, you’ve heard of Danbooru, the platform where any talented porn dude could upload their amateur hentai images as jerking material for other users to enjoy. Well, Gelbooru is the young stepsister of Danbooru. But it’s far from being just another shit site, betting on misspelled Google searches to milk some traffic based on the popularity of the original concept.

Gelbooru is a new and improved hentai comics platform, with no upload limits, better thumbnail display, and a better browsing experience based on tags. It’s safe, offering lots of fun content for simple visitors, and they don’t abuse your eyes and ears with endless ads.

Gelbooru’s Content Test Search

One good way to test a place like this for their amateur hentai is by typing in a popular keyword. This test works better with parody content than original concept stories and characters. I tested for the Pokemon tag. Please don’t hate me for unoriginality. I wanted to see the variety in the uploads. Sure, there is a total number of 188,700 images with this tag, but what kinks and fetishes are they covering? Well, if you have a thing for poke-hotties, this might be paradise for you. Everything from basic images of naked characters from the series to creative yaoi, yuri and futanari can be found here. And you have it all with both the famous girls from the series, and with all kinds of Pokemons as anthro and furry characters. I also love the body type and features diversity. Let’s take Misty for instance. Some users reimagined her as a lolicon hottie, while others brought us extra-busty, BBW and even dominatrix versions of her.

You Can Now Join Gelbooru

It really depends on you. Not all porn fans are the same. Some visitors can jerk off for years without ever feeling the need to write a comment, react to an image or, or even sort their search results. If you’re one of them, I’m about to make your day. You can simply join Gelbooru tonight and you will figure out all the features in no time. This will improve your overall satisfaction with the site, because you will be able to follow creators and kink tags, or save favorites and access your content history.

But the main point of registering on Glenbooru is to enjoy the massive community here. The comment sections on this site are actually active, there’s a forum where you can interact in threads, and although the site doesn’t have a chat client, it does have an active discord community with over 7,000 members. You’ll always find some horny otaku to talk to any time you want. And if there’s something confusing about any aspect of the website, you can simply check the Wiki page. A bunch of die-hard fans of this website took it upon themselves to write definitions for all the hentai terms used for tagging. And they even offer at least one dirty picture as example of what each term means.

Registering on Gelbooru is completely free, since most of the content is not original concept that can be copyrighted. But I would gladly pay a monthly fee if that would mean disabling the ads.

The downsides of Gelbooru

I do want to go over a few of the elements at Gelbooru that might be less than pleasurable. For me, the biggest problem with are the ads. I understand that this needs to be done in order to keep the servers operating, but it still impacts the end-user in a way that makes the site less than perfect. I also noticed a few hentai images that were double posted on Gelbooru: this isn’t a major fuck-up, but a little better moderation would go a long way to ensure that the platform was in tip-top condition.

Final thoughts on Gelbooru

Overall, I have the utmost confidence recommending Gelbooru to weebs, anime geeks, hentai addicts, and doujinshi fans that might want to transition into more Western-style material. Most members of this community are from Europe and USA. And that might also be the reason for which the quality of the pictures is not as satisfying for some of the most pretentious visitors. The best porn sites in this niche are usually the ones with amateur hentai made in Japan. But this isn’t a shit site either. Sure as hell you won’t get bored.

Regardless, for a stellar rule 34 and amateur hentai collection, is a go-to choice.

Review Pros
  • Millions of images
  • Community effort
  • Free to use
Review Cons
  • A few adverts
  • Limited videos