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Another place for hentai geeks

There have been quite a few websites lately which I’ve added to Mr. Porn Geek that all focus on hentai, rule 34 and doujinshi action: I think it’s fair to say that I’m a little bit of an expert when it comes to these particular niches. No doubt that you’ve come across Danbooru before, but did you know about its long-lost sibling called Gelbooru? You’ll notice from the footer of the home page that this is actually a ‘fork’ of sorts from the original Danbooru concept website. They both run on similar frameworks and basically offer the same type of material. This begs the question: just what on Earth is the difference between the two anime porn websites?

Looking for expert answers

It turns out that I’m not the only person who thought about the differences between what is essentially the same website: some guy back in 2013 made a Pastebin with his thoughts on the situation. According to him, the main benefits of Gelbooru is the fact that there are no upload limits, better thumbnail display and the ability to enjoy searches that are more focused on the tags you want. That said, it’s alleged that Gelbooru also has more adverts and a lower average quality of content. Thing is, this comparison is over 6 years old – can it be said that the same is true today? To find out, Mr. Porn Geek plans to have a look around Gelbooru to give you his thoughts and feelings on what’s good and what’s not about this destination. Continue reading below – things are about to get hot and heavy!

The initial search

One good way to test a place like this for their amateur hentai productions is by typing in a popular keyword. Everyone knows that fan-made images of Ahri from League of Legends are a dime a dozen, so if Gelbooru has any value whatsoever, it better return a lot of results for my favorite mid laner. A search for the Ahri tag actually results in over 2,700 unique images: that’s a decent chunk and compares quite well to Danbooru! I was also happy to see that it has recommended tags associated with your search, which is good if you’re the type of person who might miss that type of thing. So far, so good for Gelbooru: I like what I see.

Some special categories to look for

Alongside just images, Gelbooru also has the ability for users to upload WebM content. Note that WebM is basically a type of video, often used by those who want to keep something small, but retain quality that would otherwise be lost with standard GIF formats. There are 22,000 tagged WebMs on Gelbooru – a decent number and perfect for those who want some animated hentai to chow down on. As suggested from that pastebin earlier, you can also combine terms by just typing a space after each one (not a comma – that won’t work). For example, if you want to see WebMs featuring Ahri, you’d do a search like this. In terms of features, I can’t fault what Gelbooru brings to the table. Hentai lovers and rule 34 hunters are going to have a whale of a time here.

Account features explained

While it’s perfectly possible to enjoy this hentai hub without signing up for a membership, you can create a free account to reap additional benefits. These include functionalities such as the ability to save stuff to a ‘favorites folder’, comment on pictures and even contribute to the collection of hentai uploads if you’ve got your own stuff to share. I also read that Gelbooru gives you the option to blacklist certain keywords, so if you’re not looking for transsexual content or furry porn, that’s one way to deal with filtering them all out. Like I say though: membership isn’t required, so if you just want to look at your hentai without having to give over an email address, you’ll be peachy browsing as a guest.

Finding popular tags

If you head on over to the tags page, you’ve got the option to sort uploaded hentai on Gelbooru utilizing the total count feature. This is a solid decision to make if you’re not too sure what type of hentai you find the most favorable. I’m sure plenty of readers at Mr. Porn Geek prefer their porn to be a bit of a surprise – so if you’d like a ‘best of’ selection, utilize this as much as you can. If you want to know where Mr. Porn Geek would be visiting to get his daily dose of hentai action, I’d be considering greats such as looking back, no panties and kissing. They’ve also got a lot of gaming characters covered, so if you ever wanted to beat your meat to the likes of Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7 or Mercy from Overwatch, you’ll find hours of great hentai starring them right here.

The community of Gelbooru

One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of the bigger hentai sites is that they have quite a community feel to them. This is certainly the case with Gelbooru, where you’ll be able to engage with others and generally contribute to the effort of documenting all known rule 34s on the planet if you so choose. What community elements are there to Gelbooru? Well firstly, you’ve got the Wiki, where lots of people have taken it upon themselves to explain various elements of the site in as clear detail as possible. There’s also the ability to comment (and see the most recent comments) as well as chat on the forums about various things. Finally, Gelbooru operates a Discord server – it has 7,000+ members and seems like a pretty decent location for anime geeks and hentai lovers to get together and talk shop. If I’m honest with you, the community element of this website is one of its biggest selling points.

The individual page details

If we take a random image from the website, you’ll notice that it has a bunch of data associated with it that you might be interested in. First thing to notice is the artist name: this is a great way to find more from each individual who has published amateur hentai on a website before, since you can check out all of the uploads that they have against their name. Gelbooru also lists the name of the characters featured in each image, so if you want to see more of whoever appears in the content, be sure to click those links. I was also pleased to see that for some links, you have a standard resized image displayed with the option to click on the picture for a larger size original. In this particular case of the random image I used above, it went from 850 x 937 pixels all the way up to 2266 x 2500 – that’s quite the bump in quality!

Pages also have a comments section, although for most images this will be blank. If you want you can add your own comment – it’s even possible to do so anonymously. How many websites that offer free hentai also allow you to speak your mind without having to hand over an email address? To say that Gelbooru keeps it 100 is an understatement: I’ve never quite seen a place like this before.

The downsides of Gelbooru

I do want to go over a few of the elements at Gelbooru that might be less than pleasurable for users – I don’t just want to big up a website without being honest with regard to its shortfalls. For me, the biggest problem with is the fact that it actually has quite a number of adverts: I understand that this needs to be done in order to keep the servers operating, but it still impacts the end-user in a way that makes the site less than perfect. I also noticed a few images that were double posted on Gelbooru: this isn’t a major inconvenience, but a little better moderation would go a long way to ensure that the platform was in tip top condition. Finally, Gelbooru’s pages can sometimes take a while to load: I’m not sure if this was a problem on my end (which it very well could be), but it goes without saying that it’s quite annoying nonetheless.

Final thoughts on Gelbooru

Overall, I have the utmost confidence recommending Gelbooru to weebs, anime geeks, hentai addicts and doujinshi fans that might want to transition into more Western-style material. I know a few people who kick around in those kinds of circles and they all confided in me that Gelbooru delivers on the experience it sets out to. Whether or not it’s better than Danbooru is entirely up for you to decide: they both have their strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately I think it just comes down to personal preference. Sort of like how you can pick between Pepsi and Coke – that type of thing!

Regardless, for a stellar rule 34 and amateur hentai collection, is a go-to choice.

Review Pros

  • Millions of images
  • Community effort
  • Free to use

Review Cons

  • A few adverts
  • Limited videos