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The beauty of Hentai porn lies in the fundamental freedom to realize whatever fantasy you envisioned. It’s not like there are any real limitation to it and you pretty much satisfy every kinky fetish if you know where to look for good Hentai porn. It is the quest to find the best site from this niche that led Mr. Porn Geek to HentaiDude.

Answering the ever-present question: Where can I find HQ Hentai videos? it was only the matter of time before this site pops up. Featuring free access to most of the content, HentaiDude is definitely one of the most important porn discoveries you will ever make. The sheer number of videos will blow your mind. Every video is neatly categorised to an appropriate sub-genre and cross-referenced with keywords. This means that you can find an exact video within 30 seconds of landing on the front page.

You can stream most of the videos for free, but the premium account is where the real value is at. You can download every video, and you can get in touch with other members of the community. When it comes to this niche, paying for premium is not an expense, it’s an investment. An investment into your perverted spank bank that will fuel your jerking off sessions for months. And that is money well spent. The quality of the content and the clean and crisp site design earned HentaiDude Mr. Porn Geek’s seal of approval.

Review Pros
  • Mostly free content
  • Great site design
  • Neatly organised
Review Cons
  • Not as many videos