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The nHentai Introduction

nHentai started a few years ago and has done a wonderful job providing a platform for people that want to see original Japanese hentai from some of the best artists around. Now, before I go any further, I should warn you ahead of time that nHentai.net features lolicon, which means for people in certain parts of the world (such as Australia), you should avoid visiting this site, as the content is against the law. Anyway, with that out of the way, I’m going to tell you all about what you can find here!

Firstly, the homepage is devoted to showing you the latest uploaded content, along with the language of the material that’s published. You’ll see a small flag next to each post, with most being Japanese, English (shown with a British flag) or Chinese. I highly recommend you check out the tags area to see what categories are provided here. You’ll find mainstream options like anal with 50,000 uploads and swimsuit with 15,000, but you’ll also find some more niche content, such as squid girls, public use, glory hole and more. There is also an artist page where you can contributions from the producers themselves, such as Abe Tsukumo, Akitsuki Hirozumi and Miyasu Risa.

Additional features here include the ability to add a scene to your ‘favorites’ collection and download the hentai directly to your hard drive. As far as I can tell, there are no videos here – just digital releases of various hentai publications. It’s a nice and neat site with some great features and minimal advertising, so for that reason, I do recommend it for those die-hard fans of anime pornography that haven’t found a decent place to get their hands on what they desire. From what I’ve seen, it likely has one of the largest collections – even if that’s not entirely the case, the fact it’s organized so well means that you really can’t go wrong with visiting and taking a look.

A look at hentai groups

Because it might be hard for you to find the same content from the same producers on the site, one feature nHentai has is to bundle together material from the same sets and studios. If you head on over to their groups page and sort by popular, you’ll find curated lists with many having hundreds of associated uploads linked to them. The biggest one right now is Crimson Comics, which is well known for publications such as Sensation Linking Magical Onahole and Virgin Idol. Other interesting groups here include Black Dog, Cyclone, Pintsize and Gold Rush. Most avid hentai enthusiasts are going to feel right at home here – it’s so easy to find content from studios that might otherwise not have their material available to Westerners.

In a similar tone to groups, nHentai keeps a list of artists that you can look at if you’re particularly attracted to one type of design. For instance, hentai legends such as Iruma Kamiri, Arino Hiroshi and Manabe Jouji all have profiles here, with their artwork being directly accessible. They’ve also gone to the lengths of doing the exact same thing for characters, where you’ll be able to enjoy the likes of Teitoku and one of my personal favorites, Mai Shiranui. I always like sites that have sufficient and expansive tagging: it really allows you to get access to what you want with minimal fuss or interruptions to your viewing experience. Hats off to the gang at nHentai for making access to erotic manga that much easier – it’s great appreciated!

The few extra features on nHentai

You can sign up to get an account at nHentai if you so desire, although the benefits aren’t all that incredible. Some advantages include the likes of being able to favorite an unlimited number of hentai releases, the ability to blacklist certain tags (fantastic for people who don’t want to see lolicon) and some theme options to change the color scheme of the site’s design. nHentai registration isn’t really that necessary, but you might want to grab an account anyway. Local bookmarks can disappear with a hard drive issue – at least you won’t lose access to all of your favorite hentai as a result if you utilize the membership feature.

From what I can understand, nHentai.net doesn’t really have any interest in forums, even though they’ve been asked multiple times in the past to establish them. I think the reason for this is that moderation is difficult and requires a lot more resources, so they’d rather just keep the community simple and functioning how it is without the added stress of managing thousands of anime freaks who just love sharing pictures of wild hentai. Maybe one day they’ll change their mind and honestly, Mr. Porn Geek hopes so – it’s better to keep these guys in their own playpen so they don’t mess with the rest of the forums out there!

The owner of nHentai is actually based in the Netherlands according to his Twitter account @fuckmaou. You might want to chuck him a follow but honestly, he doesn’t tweet all that much and keeps most of his stuff related to the website and hentai memes. There’s also a blog that is mainly related to the upkeep and management of nHentai: a few thing slip through that aren’t about that, but for the most part, it’s just updates on HTTPS support and the like. The owner is actually pretty fucking funny and I think this post does a good job of showcasing just how comedic he can be. You’ve got to love webmasters that don’t give a shit about maintaining a prestigious reputation – this guy’s a right laugh.

The random feature’s greatness

Sometimes, when you’re given an extreme amount of hentai doujinshi and erotic manga to take a look at, it can be tough deciding where to begin. One feature you might want to take advantage of here at nHentai is the random button – it basically looks throughout the database, picks a publication at random and presents it before you so that you can enjoy it. You can mash this multiple times if you like – it’s quite cool how quickly nHentai responds to the requests and gives you something new to take a look at. Just be warned that anything can appear, including content like lolicon that might not be legal in some countries.

In terms of update schedules, it’s pretty impressive how often fresh hentai gets added to the collection. Around once every 4 hours, a fresh dump of roughly a dozen new publications are available for you to take a look at – that’s a stellar number and it means that over the years, nHentai.net has built up an incredible archive of XXX manga comics for you to enjoy. Now, I’ve known about this site for at least 3 years now, so I’ve got a pretty justified hunch that this isn’t just a temporary blast of fresh Japanese drawn porn – it’s here to stay!

The language breakdown

Some people hate when hentai isn’t available in their native language, so I thought I’d take a quick look at the tags for each upload and see what the distribution of material looked like. At the time of writing this review in the latter half of 2018, nHentai’s total collection of Chinese hentai was over 28,000 uploads. English comes in second with 55,000 hentai publications and finally, Japan’s leading the pack with an incredible 160,000 releases. Adding those up, you’re looking at well over 230,000 total items to take a look at. Chances are that no matter how addicted to hentai you think you may be, the nHentai platform is capable of handling your needs. I’ve always been a big fan of the numbers game and this is something they’ve clearly won here. nHentai gets full marks when it comes to language support and content counts – it doesn’t get much better than this in the manga porn space.

Some final thoughts on nHentai

With such a wide range of niches, accurate tagging and language support offered for Chinese, Japanese and English readers, you can’t go wrong here if you love hentai. The site has a simple approach to its content display, doesn’t overload you with adverts, offers free downloads and essentially makes enjoying Japanese drawn pornography a walk in the park. I’m satisfied that when it comes to the hentai niche, few places are able to compete with nHentai.net.

Check this place out when you get the chance and be sure to sign up for an account – you’ll have a wealth of hentai to digest when you do! Stellar to say the very least, I think that this might soon become my top-rated place for doujinshi – go visit now and tell me what you think: I’m sure you’re going to love it!

Review Pros
  • Great user interface
  • Nice toon designs
Review Cons
  • Some weird hentai porn