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My review of Inhumanity

Howdy gang – you know what time it is, right? It’s time for Mr. Porn Geek to write up some reviews of the best adult websites on the planet! Today’s review is for Inhumanity: I got this recommended from a regular reader here and I couldn’t be more thrilled to explore what you guys think is great when it comes to extreme porn sites. I’ve read good things about this place before, but I need to do my own review to let you know whether or not it’s worth visiting. So without further ado, continue reading down below as I take you on a journey to see what has to offer! Hope you’re as excited as I am.

The homepage at Inhumanity

You probably know by now that when it comes to writing up reviews, Mr. Porn Geek loves to spend a decent chunk of time on the homepage. After all, the cover of a book generally gives you a good idea of what’s inside and well, let’s just say that homepages of websites function in exactly the same way. At Inhumanity, you’ll find the latest added clips to the website on the homepage, with new submissions added at least once a day (although there can be multiple in a 24-hour period). Alongside a thumbnail and title, you’ll find a short description and category – as well as a view count – for each and every entry on the website.

Do note that when clicking on the videos, you’ll be taken to an external website where they’re hosted – nothing is sourced locally at Inhumanity, and they’re more of a ‘best of’ aggregator that’ll point you in the right direction (similar to what Mr. Porn Geek does). The entries are almost always videos with a unique or interesting twist – alongside being erotic in some sense. I do want to make a quick mention that nothing on Inhumanity is exactly extreme or horrific – you won’t find suicides, fight videos or cartel recordings. You will find plenty of crazy XXX action though: I’ll detail exactly what style of content is offered here a little later.

Other elements of the Inhumanity website

I’ll level with you pretty early on: there’s very little here on Inhumanity that isn’t focused entirely on the website’s premise. All of the links in the header are adverts and don’t take you to special pages on the website: same goes for the footer links too. There’s actually a link at the very bottom of the page that features hosted videos on Inhumanity, but the last one was put online over 4 months ago, so those aren’t even worth paying attention to all that much. One interesting page you might want to check out is the most popular video section: this is just a list of all scenes on sorted based on the number of views they’ve had.

You’ve also got categories here, although they’re not exactly that incredible. Ones you might want to consider checking out include public, WTF and even MILF if you like your ladies to be mature. For a complete list of all categories that are available at Inhumanity, click here.

Putting Inhumanity’s contest on blast

So I think I’ve spent enough time talking about the meta elements of Inhumanity: let’s now go ahead and detail exactly what type of content you can expect to find on this website. I’ll break down a small collection of clips that I think best sum up what Inhumanity’s focus is here: I want to do the website – and its efforts in curation – justice as best as I can.

First up, let’s have a little look at this link they provided to a clip they referred to as the 60 pound pornstar hosted over at While our friends in the United Kingdom might think that this references a relatively inexpensive slag who’ll put out for three of our finest 20 quid notes, it’s actually a clip from Japan which features one of the skinniest women I’ve ever seen in porn before. We’re talking full-on bone mode here folks: if you’ve got a thing for chicks that weigh next to nothing, this is going to be your flick.

Next up, we’ve got this clip from PornHub produced by a channel called Sparks Go Wild. In it, some blue-eyed asshole with a pathetic facial hair setup gets his cock sucked while driving down Las Vegas Boulevard by some tasty blonde slut. She looks pretty fun to have around, especially when she rolls the window down wearing nothing but her thong. You’ve gotta love daring chicks who don’t mind being spotted naked in public, right?

Lastly, I went with this video of a shy Asian girl at a party who ends up sucking off a stripper once all of her friends decide to give her some motivation. She looks like she works in finance, but we all know Oriental sluts just love jerking and sucking big white cocks whenever they’re given the opportunity to do so. She’s a tight little piece as well – Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t think her ass would last the night if he got a hotel room alone with this beauty. She even gets her face blasted with cum for being such a good sport!

Wrapping up my Inhumanity review

There’s not much more that needs to be said on Inhumanity, so I think I’m going to leave the review there for now. I did enjoy the website and its content, although I’d like to see more than 1 or 2 submissions on a daily basis if I’m being honest. The hand-picked nature of the material (and multiple sources to boot) make it a great curative effort: they’ve got some funny and enjoyable porn clips for you to chow down on, so be sure to venture over to today and start enjoying their linked material!

Review Pros
  • Daily link updates
  • Free to use
  • Hand-picked videos
Review Cons
  • Third-party sources
  • Some adverts