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Mr. Porn Geek visits TheYNC

Word of warning up-front folks: what you’re going to see on The YNC is pretty damn rough. I’m not going to pretend for a second that this website is able to be stomached by most people and honestly, I think a good portion of those reading this would be better off looking elsewhere for adult entertainment. See, while has some porn on there, it also has a huge amount of violent material, death videos, murder clips and the like which would bring distress and pain to a fair chunk of visitors. So yeah: one last time – The YNC is a gore website that you should be very careful about visiting. You will see death, destruction, pain, suffering and gruesome material on the other side, all of which is genuine. You have been warned. Now, let’s get into the review so I can actually tell you what’s going on.

The homepage of TheYNC onward

So if you click on this link to the homepage of The YNC, you’ll see that the bulk of the content section is devoted to showing you featured videos and picture sets. I’m not quite sure how videos here get ‘featured’, but it’s quite obvious that whatever the optimization method is, there’s a focus on gore, death and suicide videos above porn. You will find porn on The YNC (and not the stuff that doesn’t make a normal person horny), but it makes up just a small portion of the content that appears to be popular here. If you scroll down the page, you’ll find some recent uploads as well as additional website links and some adverts to boot. I actually noticed that one of the adverts here was really dodgy, so I would recommend going in with an ad-blocker: it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Getting The YNC’s porn stash

If you’re not coming here for the rough stuff and just want to see straight-up fucking and sucking, I’m going to do you a solid here and give you this direct link to their porn section. Your exposure to gore here is somewhat limited, but there are a few elements of the extreme stuff that do leak through via the various page features (user avatars and recent uploads, for example). By default, sorts videos based on their upload date, but you can use the dropdown on the right-hand side to go by number of views, length and rating if you’d prefer for material to be sorted based on those metrics. I’d estimate that around 10 new videos are added on a daily basis, but this can vary from day to day. It would appear that most material is submitted by users, as opposed to the people who actually own the website. Only want to see the cream of the crop? Then definitely click here to sort all porn videos based on rating.

Watching content on TheYNC

I went ahead and watched about 15 uploads on The YNC to get an idea of what the porn is like here: you may think that it would’ve taken me a long time to do that, but it turns out that a lot of the smut here is rather short compared to what I’m used to seeing. I’d estimate that a good chunk of the porn here lasts between just 15 seconds to around 3 minutes in length. I’ll be honest with you: I’ve not really used the ‘sort by length’ feature on porn websites before, but it’s probably worth considering here at The YNC. Users seem to like just putting short clips online that feature the ‘best’ parts of a sex video or blowjob movie. General quality is quite decent, although there are no easy links to just download the content to your computer PC. A few clips appeared to be 720p, but I’d estimate the vast majority are 480p.

A closer look at The YNC porn situation

So you’ve got plenty of videos here, but what’s the general vibe of the content? In a single word – amateur! Lots of the uploads don’t actually feature professionals in action, but actually just look at what happens when couples at home get the camera out for some porn production. I think it’s a good idea to grab three videos to explain what you’re likely to find here (as well as go over what I thought was actually good), so let me do exactly that in the next paragraph. I think you’re going to like the selection of porn I grabbed from!

First up, we’ve got some bitchy looking white chick sucking on a really thick cock for ten minutes until it shoots a load into her hungry mouth. Then it’s a short clip of some perfect, fat-ass Colombian girl wearing sexy lingerie teasing the camera. My final selection is some blonde bimbo getting railed hard from behind in a hotel room – she’s moaning real hot and has a body covered in tattoos, which let you know she’s a true slut. I did notice some videos here on The YNC went along the ‘incest’ theme, although those all appear to be complete fantasies of the people that uploaded standard smut clips. What’s the deal with that these days? Seems like you can’t come across a single porn video that doesn’t have brother/sister in the title: we know you’re not related, people!

My conclusion on TheYNC

Mr. Porn Geek had to be pretty careful looking around this website, as there’s a hell of a lot of content that I don’t like the look of. I’m not a big fan of gore and there’s too much here for me to really enjoy, but I guess if you’re looking for some good amateur porn then this might be a decent hub to visit. Like I say, just be careful before you venture forth: is not for those who are unable to stomach blood, guts and senseless violence.

Review Pros
  • Updates daily
  • Free amateur porn
  • Basic sorting features
Review Cons
  • Lots of adverts
  • Gore content
  • Short average length