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Audio Review

The Crazy Shit review

Okay gang, you know the drill – it’s your boy Mr. Porn Geek and today, I’m writing yet another review up of an extreme adult site that I think you’re going to enjoy. Going by the name of Crazy Shit, this particular place is quite a catch if you’re into a whole manner of wild, bizarre, disgusting, disturbing and erotic videos. It might be funny, it might be sexual or it might just be fucked up – you never quite know what you’re in store for here, but you can believe that it’s probably going to be satisfying. Now then, let’s actually give this hub a complete review: continue down below and get my full thoughts on

Crazy Shit’s homepage experience

These days, judging a website by its homepage is probably a good decision to make, since it’s likely going to show you what’s on offer and let you know if it’s worth sticking around for. When looking at the homepage, you’ll find a list of the daily best videos, recent uploads and trending content on the website. Note that Crazy Shit does appear to be almost entirely devoted to videos, so I hope you’re running a suitable connection that can stream the goods. There are a bunch of header links on Crazy Shit, but most of them are to other websites (as opposed to useful pages you might want to utilize for a better experience at Crazy Shit).

In terms of navigation tools, Crazy Shit does have a few options you might want to take a look at. First off: a section of the site that only shows pictures, as opposed to clips. I suppose it’s worth mentioning the video archive page too while we’re at it, since you may just want X-rated motion pictures over stills. Last up, I want to mention the area on Crazy Shit where you go to create an account: this is important if you’d like to leave comments or upload your own extreme videos and images to the website. Note that accounts here are completely free, so if you were expecting to have to part with some cash, think again. I was actually surprised how big the commenting community was here: people make dozens of various quips and jokes on a daily basis. I didn’t realize CrazyShit was so damn big – people love this place.

The content on Crazy Shit

Okay so ultimately, we’re looking at this website for the content, so let me break down just what you’re getting your hands on. I will warn you ahead of time that there’s lots of gore, death, mutilation and the like hosted here: doesn’t exactly shy away from sharing things that are utterly disgusting. I saw plenty of videos that featured people on fire, getting hacked to death with a knife and girls firing milk out of their asses into the faces of others. Since I’m not a complete psychopath, I’m going to focus my attention on the adult content here: I suppose it’s most fitting as well, since I’m Mr. Porn Geek and NOT Mr. Death Geek. Anyway yeah – just to confirm – do not visit this website if you don’t want to see dead bodies.

Sampling the wares of

As is standard for Mr. Porn Geek, I spent around 20 minutes going around the content archive to get a general sense of the erotic material made available to people visiting Crazy Shit. I’ve picked out three videos that I think users will be interested in and also those which give a best indication of what you can expect to find on the website. So, let’s get into it.

My first pick of video to check out at is this clip of someone called Mia Bandini getting her ass fucked while her and her lover are riding on a jet ski. She’s pretty sexy and I just love seeing the way she bounces up and down while the bald guy railing her ass zooms around the lake. After that, I felt like this real old guy fucking a teen chick for a reality porn site was also quite good – guy’s lucky as fuck, even if he is just a year or two away from the coffin. Last up, this submissive as fuck camgirl who’s crawling around in her own squirt and losing her mind to a crazy orgasm, all while wearing nothing but a slutty choker. I think that’s probably a pretty decent representative sample of what you get at Crazy Shit if you go looking for the smut: some interesting and unique stuff to say the very least.

Other things on Crazy Shit to consider

On the individual archive pages of videos, you’ll find a bunch of tags associated with each clip, the ability to download the scene directly to your computer, voting options and a comment area where people write their thoughts and where you can contribute. Crazy Shit also has a favorites feature if you create an account, so all of the best clips you’ve come across are collected at a single spot for you to find at a later date. Quite a cool tool and one that means you can keep your bookmarks a little on the clean side. I don’t think I’d want anyone to find my secret stash of porn – especially when it’s coming from a fucked up destination like this one!

My Crazy Shit conclusion

That’s about it from me with regard to what Crazy Shit has to offer – it’s quite a good place all things considered and a nice contribution to the list of places you might want to go online for extreme content. Just be sure you remember that there’s gore and death here: it’s not all peaches and creampies. Anyway, I think if you’ve read this far down you’re likely going to head on over to Crazy Shit anyway, so click the link and go ahead – you know you want to!

Review Pros
  • Daily uploads
  • Free downloads
  • Large community
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • Short average length