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Today’s review of Nothing Toxic

When you land on the homepage of Nothing Toxic, you’re greeted with a pretty content-packed web page that has the simple page title of ‘Extreme Entertainment’. Aside from a small header with links, is basically a never-ending tube-style archive of thumbnails with short titles attached. I’ve looked at my fair share of shocking websites over the last few days and boy; let me tell you that this one goes above and beyond when it comes to the concept of minimalism. There’s just nothing to look at on the homepage aside from all of the images! I quite like the approach but to be honest in this niche, it’s all about the content. How good are your sources and do you deliver the extreme entertainment you purport to have? I’m going to be answering those questions down below, so if you’d like to know the answers – continue reading for my full review of Nothing Toxic!

The features on Nothing Toxic

It goes without saying that there are quite a few websites out there that are absolutely packed to the rafters with features, sections, areas and community interfaces that can take hours to go through. Take Facebook for instance: imagine writing a review of all the things that are on Facebook that you can do – crazy! At Nothing Toxic though, it’s not all that complicated: you’ve got the homepage with the most recently added videos and then a ‘browse’ dropdown in the header that has a bunch of popular categories for you to check out.

These categories include the likes of amateur, public, teens and WTF. Random side-note: they’ve got a category called ‘outdoors’ too, but why wouldn’t that just be the same as public? I guess there are technical differences between the two ideas, but I mean – really? Seems like a place such as Nothing Toxic would be better off just combining the two. Anyhow, click this link if you want to see all of the categories that Nothing Toxic has – there aren’t many though, so don’t go getting all excited as if you’ve got a bunch of things to filter through. Now aside from a ‘submit’ button to suggest your own clips of choice and a small search feature, Nothing Toxic doesn’t have much else to talk about – aside from the content, of course. Seems a natural progression for me to transition into a review of the smut, so let’s do exactly that!

The smut provided by

First things first: although Nothing Toxic has that tube-style layout, videos are actually all stored externally. Clicking on a link will take you through to an external website where the content is able to be watched. This means that functions in a similar way to Mr. Porn Geek: instead of having smut myself, I point you in the right direction if you’re down for some dirty goodness. Speaking of smut, I think it’s about time I talked about some of the scenes I found on Nothing Toxic. I want you to get an idea of what’s hosted here and what I think of it. Consider my recommendations to be a good overview of what the standard publication on this website is.

Let’s kick off a review of Nothing Toxic’s material with this pizza dare clip. I’m not sure exactly what part of America this broad is from, but she’s about as red, white and blue as obesity, guns and baseball. With a great pair of tits and a bubbly personality, she opens the door for the pizza guy and ends up getting it for free (allegedly there was a mushroom issue). I love these types of clips because nothing is hotter than a woman who likes to take risks. Plus she’s just got an awesome set of sweater puppies that I think you’re going to go crazy for when you see them in this clip.

What’s up next is what I’d consider to be the best genuine video of a virgin getting fucked – on a bondage site, no less. She screams a hell of a lot and can’t take it, but eventually it slides all the way in and she gets pounded to kingdom come. You might be skeptical of this clip and I am too, but I’m willing to bet a small amount of cash that the girl had never been boned in the pussy before. Now all that’s left is going for that booty hole: wonder when that video will be available for the entire world to enjoy!

Lastly, Mr. Porn Geek felt that a scene from a nude beach where some topless goddess is posing with her perfect tits on display was the best one to give you an idea of what’s going on at Nothing Toxic. For all the faults that Europe has, you can’t deny that nude beaches are anything but legendary – especially when women as pristine as this get their knockers out for the lads to gawp at. Too bad those panties didn’t come off before the video was over: I bet she’s got the peachiest pussy of all time. Girls who get nude at the beach are pretty much impossible to beat as far as I’m concerned.

Nothing Toxic: the conclusion

Mr. Porn Geek spent the better part of an hour on Nothing Toxic before writing out this review and honestly, I’m happy with my experience here. Is it the best destination I’ve ever written about? Far from it. Does it at least have something worth looking at if you like weird and wonderful porn that defies what’s typically out there? Absolutely! Hand-picked websites with selected clips are almost always better than your standard tube environments: I like and I think you will too. So what are you waiting for, champ? Venture on over to Nothing Toxic and see what on Earth Mr. Porn Geek is raving about. As far as extreme porn sites go, this is one of the best on the block.

Review Pros
  • Minimal design
  • Free to use
  • Hand-picked content
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • Small archive