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Okay, so let me tell you a little bit about XRares. There are a number of films on the site that are pretty extreme and have titles that are labeled a bit differently than the titles that they have other places. This is some pretty intense role-play featuring a lot of scenes that could be triggering to certain people. The benefit of this is that if you enjoy porn with themes that are a little bit twisted, a little bit rough sometimes, and a little bit perverted, XRares is likely to be a place for you. There is porn here from around the world, and it is tagged accordingly.

What Are Some Of The Movies?

Honestly, this appears to be a collection of films that are pulled from multiple places on the Internet. Themes include porn films with titles about how ex-girlfriends would be pissed if they found out the video was released; role-play, but with a sense of reality attached to it. In addition to these “leaked” porn movies, there are some pretty intense films that touch on role-play topics like bullying, gang bangs, scandalous work behavior, and more. Some of it is more easy-going, like a wife that is having a double penetration threesome with her husband’s friend.

In addition, you can find amputee porn movies, midget porn movies, massive cock porn movies, and amateur porn films here as well. There are definitely movies of public sex, public humiliation roleplays, lesbian porn films, MILF porn films, big tit pornography, hairy pussy videos, and a wide variety of other things as well.

Organized Rare Porn Movies

This is an extensive collection of rare porn movies, and having them all in one place is fantastic. The site states that it is not for people who are timid or easily offended, and that their website features raw, reality porn. There are a few different ways to get a premium membership on the site, including through their video upload program and of course through paying a small amount of money each month to get premium porn membership benefits.

What Are Premium Porn Membership Benefits?

There is a lot of out of this world porn on XRares, stuff that you would simply not see other places. I mean, some of it is probably posted other places as well, but there are no sites similar to XRares, sites that put all of this perverted porn content in one place. A membership to XRares is extremely easy to get, and by donating to the website, you get a number of perks.

One of the biggest perks that you get for buying a porn membership at XRares is the elimination of advertisements on the site. The site does have pop-up and pop-under advertisements, and they all disappear when you get a premium membership. In addition, all of the banner ads on the site are also removed.

Usually, you have to send a friend request to watch another person’s private porn videos on the website. That’s right, people can upload their own videos to the site, and you can watch them. Premium membership allows you to view other people’s private porn movies without having to send a friend request and have it accepted. Another thing that is good to know; all of the uploaded private videos are uploaded by other premium members. You need to have this type of membership in order to put your own private porn films on the website.

The same goes for private porn photos and photo albums; you will need a membership in order to upload them, and to send a friend request in order to view them unless you are a premium member yourself.

Now here is where the more exciting news comes in. By becoming a member of porn website XRares, you will be able to download any video that is on the site. Any video, featuring hot realistic looking women of a variety of body types and ethnicities, featuring big tits, small tits, big dicks, small dicks, rough sex, amputees having sex, and such a wide range of other things. Having the ability to download porn movies from the website is almost as good of a perk as seeing the site without any ads. You will need to create an XRares account if you do not have one in order to upgrade it to a premium membership.

Get The Best Rates Available

To be completely honest, this site has a number of ads that is a lot higher than many other websites. There are banners on top of the page, banners below the page, windows that pop up, windows that pop under; there is just so much here in terms of advertisements and the only way around it is to upgrade to a premium membership. Fortunately, this is easy to do, and you will find the best rate available by heading over to the site from Mr. Porn Geek. Membership is extremely inexpensive when you go from Mr. Porn Geek to the website, and it makes the user experience a lot more pleasant.

When a website puts an advertisement on its page telling you how to get rid of the advertisements, with a premium membership, you know that they know there are enough ads that you will go for it. This is a major bummer, but since membership is so inexpensive, it is worth taking a look at. Another thing to mention again is that the porn content that is here is pretty rare stuff. Many people will find it worth navigating the website, even with ads, to watch porn that would be incredibly difficult to find any other place.

Get Twisted Porn At XRares

I might not have driven it home enough, but this website features rare porn scandals, humiliation porn films, and a darker more psychological type of porn scene collection then you have ever seen. If you have not gotten that hint so far in this XRares review, I don’t know how to help you. There are incredible power dynamics, and the website features both porn videos and porn pictures. There are some extremely unique porn movies, but the site also has things that fit into more mainstream porn website status.

The quality of the porn on this website is often lower than those big, professional porn websites that many people trend towards. This definitely makes the porn look more amateur and more realistic. For a lot of people, this is an extreme turn-on. These types of twisted porn situations, with the addition of them looking real, are incredibly appealing to many people around the world. This extreme porn website has identified the type of porn it wants to have, and it has gone in on that 100%. This is a great website for men and women who have darker fantasies that they want to masturbate to.

Want To See Extreme Porn?

You are absolutely at a niche porn site they can provide you that. The photos here are a lot more interesting than a lot of porn sites provide, telling a story and creating a fantasy that again has a sense of realism to it. Getting a premium membership is highly recommended if you want to avoid the advertisements on the website, and memberships are priced to sell. This website can be an excellent choice for a select number of people who are looking for something a little bit darker and more perverted. If this is you, by all means, tread ahead.

Review Pros
  • Focused porn niche
  • Extreme photos
  • Extreme videos
Review Cons
  • Too many ads