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HeavyR Detailed Review: Your no-limit source for Mind-Boggling fetish porn

Throughout the years I’ve reviewed a number of porn top sites, one of which is HeavyR. Back when I first looked at this website, it was quite heavily focused on extreme free porn of a particularly nasty niche (poop stuff, people!) but these days, it’s become a lot more general in its approach to adult entertainment. You’ll find a great quantity of amateur smut, fat pussy, MILF facials, pussy lip injections, and even a threesome with a blind chick for you to watch and cum! Since the website has revamped its core content approach, I’m going to see exactly what Heavy-R.com has become and whether or not I think it’s worth paying a visit. So let’s get into it, shall we? Keep reading below as Mr. Porn Geek fully covers Heavy R and its blue material.

Starting With The Homepage

As far as I’m concerned, it always makes sense to start things off from the homepage of any website. Heavy R’s major material display is a list of ‘today’s favorites, which I think is material that’s somewhat trending and worth taking a look at. On the right-hand side, you’ll see a list of the latest uploads and even a section further down for images that users of the website find particularly interesting. Along the top of Heavy R, you’ll find a small but convenient list of key links: home, browse videos, porn pics, categories, live sex, and upload. You should probably know by now that I’m always keen to look at the niches, so let’s head on over to HeavyR’s category page.

The Niches On Offer At HeavyR.com

You’ve got quite a decent combination of extreme fetishes alongside common ones at HeavyR, such as big dick, Asian, big ass, fat pussy, footjob, older/younger, and POV for the standard stuff and more wild material in areas such as puke, humiliation, gas mask, latex suit, squirt, torture, hairy balls, anorexic and anal prolapse. Everything for you to cum, even pussy torture! If you find disgusting these types of fetishes you can always go to the classics. While they haven’t gone completely vanilla in terms of their uploaded movies, HeavyR.com seems to uniquely place itself between the world of mainstream porn and fucked up smut. I think specialization is an important element of any porn collection, but I guess I’ll take this for the time and being.

From the softcore side of the equation, I went ahead and selected the ebony niche. I saw a decent mix of videos if I’m perfectly honest with you. We’re talking amateur hood rats pissing in the bathroom, a pair of petite submissives being dominated together and the classic fantasy of some white dude getting to bang two ebony sluts at the same time.

Now for a look at the more branded hardcore smut, I went on over to HeavyR’s collection of humiliation videos with lots of girl slaves, but also with male slaves forced to eat pussy and ass in aggressive sessions of face sitting. I saw outdoor insertions where a blonde girl was given multiple cocks to suck, a black girl getting oiled up before enduring sex toy abuse, and some stellar bondage punishment for a female prisoner who really needed to be given a forced orgasm.

The Porn Videos Watching Experience

After searches and searches, when you finally click on a free-of-charge video you chose to watch, you’ll be taken through to an embed for it that is available in relatively average quality, although you can sign up to secure 720p and 1080p HD videos. Note that sadly, downloading material with a convenient button is gated behind a membership: this isn’t just a free guest option that you’ll be able to take advantage of whenever you see fit at the moment.

Below all movies, you’ve got a selection of tags that you can pick from that function just like categories on other tube websites. These are useful to take advantage of if you’re the type of person that likes content similar to other types of content. It seems that a decent chunk of movies also have a good number of categories too, so it’s easier than ever to find associated uploads. Other than that, Heavy-R.com doesn’t give you much, aside from the option to leave a review and leave a comment. If you have an account, you can also add the video to your ‘favorites’ folder which will be synced to the cloud – I guess this is good if you’ve got multiple devices and a hell of a lot of porn you love watching!

The Best Pages On The Site

You’ll probably want to take a good look at the ‘brose videos’ section of the site when you get the chance: it sorts content based on a number of predefined criteria, such as the number of views it has, which ones have the highest ratings and recently uploaded clips. There are videos uploaded every day. They also have a few select categories along the left-hand side where you can see fails, fights, and bizarre uploads.

Some final words on HeavyR

I think that if you’re looking for a more extreme tube, HeavyR will welcome you with a library filled with hardcore content. They seem to have a good handle on great XXX action that goes far beyond what most sites are trying to promote. My brothers who like it rough, dirty, nasty, or bizarre: HeavyR.com has you covered. The website design is a bit average and the video quality could be better. But I’ll bet my left nut you’ve likely never found a place for your perverted desires as good as this one. There’s a reason for which they still get millions of views every day. The video playback player is a classic one that will let you skip through the action. There are good movies for you to watch and cum. And there aren’t dozens of ads to drive you insane. Just the classic banners on the sides of the page and that’s it.

Does it have a few areas to improve on? Absolutely, but that’s not going to stop me from giving HeavyR.com my seal of approval. So what are you waiting for, home slice? Pay a visit to HeavyR now and start jerking off to all of that disgusting stuff you know makes you happy!

Review Pros
  • Hardcore videos
  • Free to use
  • Advanced sorting features
Review Cons
  • No HD videos
  • Lots of adverts