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Asses are fun for a lot of things, but what gets a lot of guys horny these days is when they get to see one shit all over the place. Mr. Porn Geek isn’t personally into that much scat porn, but I know that a large number of readers here do enjoy it, so who am I to judge? I went ahead for you guys and found Heavy R – a video archive site where you’ll find a mixture of porn scenes, but there’s a clear focus here on the world of shit, playing with shit, fucking with shit and well, lots of other strange scat-related activities. Be warned: this isn’t a porn site for your average Joe!

New scenes are added here multiple times per day and I’d estimate that around 30% of the new uploads involve shitting. If you just want to see the poop stuff, click on the “#poop” link and you’ll be quickly presented with their entire archive of shitty fucking. The video quality is pretty good and with a rating system, you can quickly determine what people here like and what they don’t like. In total, there are 100,000+ scenes on the archive of Heavy R and for me, that number makes it more than enough to visit and enjoy.

Review Pros

  • Hot scat porn
  • Lots of videos

Review Cons

  • Not all scat
  • Design could be better