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Niche-focused tubes are becoming pretty popular these days, simply because those huge sites with millions of videos can’t really police the quality of their content that efficiently. Today, I want to tell you about one fetish porn tube that might tickle your fancy – it’s called SpankingTube and, as the name implies, this is all about naughty little bottoms getting spanked hard in front of the camera.

The spankingtube videos here aren’t anything like you’ve seen anywhere before. If you’ve been getting your red bottom fill at a general smut site, you’ve been getting the diluted stuff, probably performed by people who don’t even truly enjoy spanking. Well, Spanking Tube does things a little different. Every person on is really into getting their butts cracked until they’re brighter than a ripe tomato. The men love putting the women in their place with a good whooping on their bottoms and the women wouldn’t have it any other way. They actually enjoy it a great deal and the mixture of pain and pleasure makes their pussies very wet!

If you’re a spanking connoisseur, you’ll appreciate the lengths SpankingTube goes to to ensure that they showcase not just the best, but also the most authentic spanking videos. Its pretty obvious that they’re into this kind of thing too so the only thing they ever post on their tube site is the real deal. No fake acting allowed here, everyone loves getting spanked or spanking others. There is something incredibly powerful about watching a sexy girl bent over her man’s knee with her bare butt exposed as she eagerly awaits for him to bring his hand down on her ass. And the reaction from the girl once that hand makes contact with her butt is make you shoot out your load!

Note that while some of the content is male-submissive, I’d estimate that around 80% of the material features women being forced to endure some type of bottom punishment. Whether it’s hands, canes, whips or paddles, the asses here are going to become incredibly red in very little time. A nice touch is that the site has a category area for all of its scenes and from what I can gather, there are 7,000 in total. Categories include femdom, caning, bondage, OTK and schoolgirls. They even have pictures if you prefer those to videos. Trust me when I tell you that nothing beats seeing a freshly spanked ass in still form. You get to see every single red mark up close and personal and if you right click on the pictures, you can even save them to your personal stash! SpankingTube also makes it easy for you to get to know the babes appearing the videos and pictures. You can do that by simply checking out the model directory which not only gives you bio info about each model but also links to all the videos and/or pictures they appear in. If there’s a particular model you have an eye on, this is a faster way to get to their content.

Another area of Spanking Tube that’s worth your time is the spanking blogs section. As of now, there are about 14,666 blog posts written by various people from all walks of life about their love for this particular fetish. The experiences are quite enlightening and a breath of fresh air. This is also a good place to go for validation that your interest in spanking is “normal”. A quick glance through some of the posts reveals that spanking knows no gender or race. There are people looking for spanking partners, grown women longing for men who can paddle them without feeling guilty, men posting spanking memes and so on. The blog area on SpankingTube is a mixed bag – you never know what you’re going to get each time you visit but its guaranteed to be juicy. Put simply, whatever your particular taste is in spanking porn videos, pictures or just in spanking period, this fetish porn tube is going to have the best collection around.

Review Pros
  • Thousands of spanking videos
  • Categorized content
  • Great niched material
Review Cons
  • Not as big as other sites
  • Lacks descriptions