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Oh man, there are some parts of my job that I dislike – not many, but this is certainly one of them. Up for review and your consideration today is BallBustingTube: the site name should tell you everything you need to know here. Put simply, this is a place where dudes are used and abused in the nutsack area until they’re on the floor, in pain, typically with some sadistic bitch towering over the top of them. I understand the appeal of submission, but it’s going to take a whole new level of slave to enjoy these ball busting clips. I guess the fact that it’s making me uncomfortable to look at is a good thing for all of you ballbusting porn freaks, right?

Well if so, be sure to head on over to Ball Busting Tube today and get what you so rightfully deserve. The content is completely free for you to watch and with a mixture between professional and amateur content, you’re never going to be short of something that you enjoy. We’re talking high heels crushing balls, dudes with their junk caught in the toilet seat and boot swings to the genital region. The content is fairly unique from what I can tell and for that reason, I highly recommend it as a tube site for submissive men that love the ball busting niche.

Review Pros
  • Lots of ball busting
  • Great amateur material
Review Cons
  • Loads a little slow
  • Some adverts