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What is 21Sextreme all about?

Well, I am not really sure. I thought 21Sextreme would be all about the extreme side of sex, and the advert at the top of the site thinks it is too. However, when you start perusing the porn, you quickly become confused. All of the porn is basically softcore. Well, not softcore porn by any means, but it’s just the wanky shit that is available on every site ever. So, I have no clue what 21Sextreme is all about and judging by the advert, neither does 21Sextreme!

Becoming a member of 21Sextreme

The lowest cost of becoming a member of 21Sextreme is $10 a month. This may sound like a lot for a porn site that doesn’t know what porn it has, but it actually isn’t. This grants access to all of the porn that this network makes. There are over 100 porn channels and over 50,000 porn videos available at just $10 a month. So, I am sure that some of those porn videos are the extreme that 21Sextreme promises them to be! Plus, even if they aren’t, if you can’t find some porn to jerk off to with access to over 50,000 videos, the problem is you, not the porn!

The design of 21Sextreme

I really like the design and layout of 21Sextreme. The whole site feels like a warm cuddle from a mature that has just fisted you, you know, a gentle but knowing cuddle. This site is very responsive, each page is quick to load and everything works as it should. Also, as this is a membership only porn site, there are no fucking ads at all, big fan of that!

The porn for non-paying guest to 21Sextreme

This something I don’t like about 21Sextreme. 21Sextreme only allows you to watch five previews to their porn before you have to pay for the porn. I wouldn’t normally mind, but the porn previews available are under a minute long! This gives you five minutes of different porn scenes to decide whether you want to pay 10 dollars a month for the privilege of watching their porn. Also, as I said, all of the scenes on 21Sextreme are not extreme, they are pretty mild, to be honest. So, you have five minutes of pretty mediocre porn to decide how to spend your money!

The Geek’s final thoughts on 21Sextreme

Well, I’d love to say that I enjoyed 21Sextreme, I like a bit of extreme porn every now and again, but I could barely find any extreme porn on this site. I like how much porn the network provides, but I am here to review 21Sextreme. With such short and shit previews for the porn and no time to decide if you like the porn, I have to say that 21Sextreme.com is pretty bollocks, to be honest.

Review Pros
  • Lots of HD porn
  • Great design and layout
  • Access to loads of porn sites
Review Cons
  • Have to pay