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My review of Nookies

When we hit the homepage of Nookies, we’re presented with a fairly typical landing design for a paysite. I’ll let you know ahead of time: if you want to get access to this hub, you’re going to have to pay some cash money. That’s okay though, right? After all, when it comes to adult content – you get what you pay for! Nookies has a total of 17 premium outlets under its name, including the likes of Petite 18, Club Tug, MILF AF and Breed Me. Plenty of niches to explore, lots of hot sample material and yeah – let’s just say that Mr. Porn Geek is keen to take a look around and see what’s good. If you want more details on Nookies – read below for my complete, honest analysis!

The member’s area of Nookies

Once you log in, Nookies presents you with a few deals that you might be interested for third-party destinations. I understand that times are tough out there, but as far as our readers go – they’ve just coughed up cash to see your media: why would they want to go anywhere else? Anyway, hit the “Access my content” link and you’ll be taken through to the correct member’s area. There are a few different areas for the latest website news, a poll section and the top rated scenes on the platform. The current poll relates to what people want to see more of: amateurs, black girls, teens or MILFs. How about folks like Mr. Porn Geek who want to see more Asian babes? Come on, let me vote for Oriental goddesses!

There are plenty of sub-sites on Nookies, all of which have their own theme and flavor. If you’re someone that likes them small and young – it’s a good idea to check out Petite 18. You can also visit Club Tug if you’re all about top quality handjobs. Nookies seems to add new sites from time to time too, so there might be a fresh archive of flicks in the near future. From what I can tell, Nookies itself doesn’t handle the creation of the scenes – it’s more of a network hub that collects third-part scenes from sites that are no longer as active as they once were. I could be wrong on this, and I tried to find evidence to the contrary, but was unable to!

The models of Nookies

I always love a good pornstar area, so I was really pleased to see that Nookies has one. A total of 1,106 girls are archived – all of whom have at least one video on the platform. They’re sorted alphabetically, but you can organize them by popularity if you’d prefer to see the biggest names in the game. I think it would also be handy to see girls based on the number of scenes that they have: typically, the best girls in the business end up at the top of those lists. Some names that you might be familiar with here include Sadie Pop, Morgan Ray, Alex Tanner, Sasha Foxx and Alexis Fawx.

This is a good variety of chicks, but very much focused on the American market. Clicking on a girl will take you through to her content archive. You’ll then see all of the scenes they have, as well as a short description that tells you a little about the performer.

A note on the Nookies videos

It’s quite clear that you’re not getting the full scene here at Nookies: when I look at the average video lengths, they’re between 10 and 20 minutes. Most paysites – especially those associated with the productions here – have had much longer uploads than this. I think that as a compromise of getting the material licensed, they had to use smaller length uploads. The good news is that the cutting seems to be done on the first part, so you still get to see most money shots. I love nothing more than watching my favorite pornstar getting blasted with cum – so yeah, always something to be mindful of when it comes to your porn consuming activities on Nookies.

Scenes on Nookies can be streamed or downloaded. It would appear that the streams are slightly lower quality than the downloads, with your local copy clocking in at 1080p and the stream being 720p in most cases. Note that some of the older content on Nookies doesn’t have 1080p option – you’ll have to access it in 720p regardless of whether you download or stream the scenes.

A final word on Nookies

Nookies presents a cheap thrills paysite option, with plenty of archived content from sites that did really well quite a few years ago. It still updates with new scenes, but it does suffer somewhat from the fact that you cannot get the full-length releases. Some people won’t mind about this – especially since it’s not that expensive to join. Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t think that this is the best paysite out there, but it’s still pretty damn good, all things considered. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say on this review of Nookies: check out the tour and see for yourself just how good it is! Thanks for reading, I’ll see you again real soon.

Review Pros
  • Fast download speeds
  • Lots of sites
  • Regular updates
Review Cons
  • Short scene lengths
  • Only one resolution