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Reality Kings

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Reality Kings was the first ever porn network that I came across when I was first exploring. This is the network that everyone knows and loves, with their massive range of sites that have archived nearly 10,000 videos to date. Initially launched in 2006, you’ll find that now updates around twice a day with new scenes that feature incredibly hot pornstars fucking and sucking like their lives depend on it. Reality Kings has gone from strong to stronger in recent years, and honestly, if you look at the return on your investment, this has got to be one of the best destinations to get your hands on top quality porn videos from a world-famous studio.

Reality Kings Review

The network sites you get free access to when joining Reality Kings tally up to more than 40, with greats such as We Live Together, 40 Inch Plus, Pure 18 and MILF Hunter all being available as soon as you become a member. The price is pretty reasonable, and when you get inside, downloads come in at 1080p with an acceptable 5 Mb/s bitrate. Note that if you want a lower quality clip to save on time and bandwidth, they are available alongside Flash-embed streaming. Ultimately, Reality Kings represents what every porn mega site should have. Check it out and see for yourself: you’re not going to be disappointed.

When you are buying porn, you want variety. The best porn websites can keep you enticed and filled with lust, passion, and desire every time you visit. When you get a membership to Reality Kings, you can rest well knowing that you will be able to satisfy all of your urges in a way that will never leave you bored. Why settle for the repetition of the same porn clips when you can watch different porn movies every day, in a variety of styles, and never run out? Watch first-timers and watch veteran MILF porn stars who have been around the block so many times they might be able to get you off from 50 feet away. Watch interracial sex, tiny perky tits, big bouncy boobs, and beautiful taboo roleplay.

Still not convinced? Reality Kings not only offers a vast collection of over 11,000 porn scenes, featuring an incredible amount of pure reality porn, they are also updating their collection exceptionally often. Adding up to two new scenes per day, this collection is continuing to expand, much to the glee of its members everywhere. Most people wouldn’t even be able to make a dent in watching all of the porn movies that Reality Kings has in its network.

Reality Kings Bonus Content

There is so much content that comes with a membership to Reality Kings. This is 40 websites, so it is like buy one, get 39 for free. That is incredible. That is the best thing since sliced bread. It is the best thing since the invention of porn back in the ’80s. Hey, I know porn has been around a lot longer than that, I was just messing with you, in case you weren’t aware. With so much material under one low price, it is no surprise that RK is one of the top porn websites and best porn values available.

Reality Kings Discounts

Again, 40 websites for the price of one premium website is what makes this porn network so great. Also, you can get a lifetime discount on your membership, know that you are getting the fantastic prices that are offered at Mr. Porn Geek. Getting the incredible production value that RK has is within grasp. Just reach out and touch it, and then touch “it.” It all starts here with me, Mr. Porn Geek.

The Best of Reality Kings

So, I have already talked about the numerous porn sites that are included with membership to Reality Kings. I have already sung the praises of its massive collection of porn clips (over 11,000 easily). The incredible variety of porn moves has also been touched on, but let me expand. Many of the movies here are reality porn films, but they overlap and span a large number of other genres as well. Interracial, MILF, 18+ Teen, Big Busty Babes, Fetish, the list goes on.

The vast majority of the high-quality porn films on the site are HD, these number in the thousands. Remember. This is mostly reality porn, so you are getting storylines to go along with your raunchy views of these gorgeous porn women. There are at least 8,000 HD porn movies here, and with the rate they add them, there are already many more. The site picks out the hottest men too, so regardless of whether you are straight, bi, or bi-curious, these clips are perfect.

The website is easy to browse, though there are some improvements that could be made. Things are easy to find, and there are categories you can use to help you search. Sites can be filtered by individual site or by all the sites, which is a great option to have. They do have a basic search function too, so if you have a fav porn star, you can see all their clips easily and in one place. On a smaller note, each movie comes with an array of photos that you can check out, always a nice perk.

The Worst of Reality Kings

If I had 40 sites, I would be super proud. I know that Reality Kings is. While RK brings you tons of sites and is still updating some of them, others are no longer active. While this is a bummer, that they are included is really nice. Sites like Money Talks, Team Squirt, and Big Tits Boss are among the inactive sites. They are still great sites, but you get to stick to the porn movies already made for the inactive ones.

Another negative for the site, though not a big one, is that the membership now charges people more if they want downloads. Many of the most prominent sites are starting to do this now, and while I want to get all the beautiful porn I can cram into these external hard drives of mine, it is the new content that keeps me excited. My favorite porn clips get to stick around though; I keep them close. This is why I almost always recommend getting the membership upgrade to allow for downloads, even though they used to be included with the RK membership. As a bonus to this upgrade, you can also download photo sets.

Oh, and as you can expect with porn sites that have been around a long time, there are some standard definition porn movies on the site. They are still great, so don’t judge them too harshly.

The Bottom Line about Reality Kings

Reality Kings lives up to its name. Having a name like Reality Kings puts expectations high. Fortunately, they are one of the top porn companies in the land, and that says a lot on its own. Personally, I love reality porn and taboo roleplay porn, so this site is perfect for me. Either way though, the production value of this site makes it an easy sell and a site to jump on quickly with the price you get here at Mr. Porn Geek.

Review Pros
  • Over 9000+ videos
  • Lots of HD content
  • 40+ network sites
Review Cons
  • Daily download limit of 50 videos
  • Navigation could be better