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New Sensations Preview

So get a load of New Sensations: I haven’t seen this place before, and I was damn surprised at just how big it was. It turns out that the world of Internet porn is enormous, especially since New Sensations has an archive of 6,500+ videos spread across more than a dozen sites and I’ve never laid eyes on it before! Anyway, this is an excellent network deal for people that want a bunch of porn for a competitive price: it’s especially good if you’re a vanilla lover but desire variety when it comes to your XXX video consumption.

The network is constructed of various destinations such as The Lesbian Experience, The Romance Series, and Unlimited MILFs: you can tell from the names alone that there’s some stellar variety here. You can also count on New Sensations to bring you some insanely attractive pornstars, with the likes of Summer Brooks, Leah Gotti, Lexi Belle, and Abella Danger all appearing inside. Oh and let’s not also forget the full 1080p HD videos you can stream or download – New Sensations has you covered in every single possible direction, and their commitment to wild, erotic sex videos is a cut above the rest. It might be new to me, but don’t let the lack of household name affect you here: this place has some serious porn on offer.

New Sensations Review

Do you ever meet someone that is a mutual friend of like 20 of your friends, and you are not sure how there is absolutely no way that you have never met… but you haven’t? That is how I feel about New Sensations. I know that I have seen their movies. I must have. They are huge. They are of high quality, but somehow, I have not. Now I will be spending the hour after this review looking up every major porn site, making sure I know them all.

And there is no doubt that New Sensations is a top porn studio. I am very excited to be adding this to the Mr. Porn Geek reviewed collection, let me tell you why.

This website is filled with variety, while not delving too much into kink and rough sex. There is a huge focus on the hottest and top pornstars in the adult entertainment industry, and they have a lot of models that are seeking stardom as well. New Sensations is a mix of naughty behavior, hot women, desire, and explicit sex. There are movies from most every porn genre that is not directly kinky, though there is some subtle kink here and there to

There are thousands of movies here, and a huge number of them are in HD. In fact, with over 6,500 porn videos, this might be the biggest and best site that I was not aware of — a hidden gem.

Each of the videos has a photo gallery too, and while I don’t spend nearly as much time in the photos on a site than I do on the videos, these are good quality and are available for download as a Zip file.

New Sensations has a great way of doing things. They have put a lot of strengths together on their website, including navigation. The attention to detail is incredible and making a website easy to use is one of the best ways to keep people returning to it. The sites that they have in their network are listed in a “main area” on the site, names like Ashlynn Brooke, Four Finger Club, Fresh Outta High School, Parody Pass, Unlimited MILF, and more.

As you can see, there are a lot of different porn options on the New Sensations network. From 18+ teen beauties to classy and horny MILFs. This site has everything you are looking for, except really rough kinky sex.

New Sensations is a website that puts the best pornstars in the adult industry in their movies, but they do also know that the top names in porn all got their start somewhere. This is why they feature amateur porn performers as well. You are likely to see some of the porn icons of the future on this site.

New Sensations Bonus Content

There are a lot of websites in the New Sensations Network. These span across a wide variety of genres, so you know you will always have a lot of great porn content to watch. Each of these awesome porn sites has a personality to it, and New Sensations allow them to show their individuality to the world. It is a place where big cocks fit small women, a place where roleplay is a fun and sexy profession, and much more.

New Sensations Discounts

When I saw this site and all that it had included, I sent a message right away asking if I could get the best deals imaginable for you all. Long story short, I did get the top deals to make this a cheap porn site for you to love and cherish.

The Best of New Sensations

New Sensations is a steamy porn network that is filled with fantastic quality porn movies that are presented in 1080p HD. The site also has a nice selection of 4k movies, over 130 in total. Add in over 3,800 1080p HD movies and over 5,500 photo sets, and you have yourself a party.

New Sensations is still updating, both through adding content and thought website upgrades. I love hearing about sites that are taking the extra jump to improve the functionality of their site. I guess I am a geek after all. I always knew that I guess you do now too. New Sensations has exclusive content and no download limit.

The Worst of New Sensations

Add New Sensations to the list of websites that have pre-checked cross sales. Take a minute to make sure they are unchecked if you do not want them two minutes could save you $15/month or more by not getting stuck with pre-checked cross sales.

The majority of the movies here right now are SD, but the HD are still huge and the 1080p HD and 4k video collections are still growing strong.

The Bottom Line about New Sensations

New Sensations is a sensation. It is a new star in my life and there is so much here that I don’t always know where to begin. I recommend starting with your favorite porn stars and go from there when this happens. Also, make sure to check out the newest updates. There are some of the most incredibly hot babes there. Top porn talent and amazing amateurs span the thousands of high-quality porn movies that are here. It is always awesome to see companies that are filming in 4k as well. The crisp detail and quality upgrades are always accepted and appreciated.

As a website, New Sensations has high production value, and it shows. The cameramen are wonderful. The director is wonderful, The actresses and actors, all wonderful. Click to visit the site from here and enjoy a better rate. There are a great many ways to have some fun, so why not try some New Sensations to make your day even better!

Review Pros
  • Huge content archive
  • Regular updates
  • 15 sites in 1
Review Cons
  • Some broken model bios
  • Older content in SD