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Playboy TV Preview

Do you remember checking out those adverts and promo channels for the Playboy Network channel when you were 18? I sure did, and I was so happy to learn that Playboy TV is a site where anyone can go to see the hottest models and playmates in action all in one place. For a long time, all of the Playboy cable shows have been archived so that you can watch them right here any time you want. Yup, it’s basically the paid version of the Playboy TV channel, but you don’t need to wait for the show to start before you watch what’s going on. Sounds great, right? That’s because it is!

Signing up to Playboy TV is relatively cheap, and you get a nice fat discount if you join for a full year in advance. While some of the older content here isn’t in HD, many of the channels are. It’s hard for me to tell you how many hours of video Playboy TV has, but I imagine it’s well into the thousands. Lots of unique shows are on the network too, such as Celebrity Sex Tales, Foursome Walk of Shame, Playboy Coeds, and Sexcetera. You’ve got a nice range of series, and because it’s all on demand, you can binge watch a whole load of adult shows in one sitting. Check out the tour, folks – this is a great site.

Playboy TV Review

Playboy used to be an iconic brand, filled with the most high-quality porn out there. Guess what folks, it still is. Playboy TV is still going strong, with tons of archived sex shows, tons of archived porn content, a lot to do and a vast amount to read. Playboy is one of the standards in the adult entertainment industry, and this site is seductive. The most sensual top porn talent comes here, and they show why they are the best pornstars for erotic sex scenes. The site promises a lot for you to watch and do, and on that they deliver.

Playboy TV has well over 2,500 fantastic quality porn films. Each being around 30 minutes in length. There are a few different bandwidth options to view the movies at, and mp4 and flash are supported. The babes here are beautiful, but the site itself does take a little bit to get used to, likely because it has so much content on it.

If you are a fan of Playboy Bunnies, this website has taken steps to make sure that each experience is focused on the best the models have. From deep cleavage to round asses, incredible smiles to a sense of longing, these women are truly works of art. These porn movies are breathtaking. It’s like foreplay starts and never seems to stop… until that super strong orgasm sweeps over your body, that is.

Playboy Has Always Been A Lifestyle Brand

Playboy is a lot more than a porn site though; it is also a place where radio shows, interviews, behind the scene videos, morning shows, and great articles can be found. The variety here is impressive. It includes an exceptional amount of nudity, with “episodes” involving interracial sex, lesbian orgies, stockings, panties, thongs, lingerie, and pure beauty. There are fantastic storylines, innuendo, and written word that can also inspire your imagination and get you off.

The environment here is very happy, the women laugh and have a good time, and their smiles inspired a lot of the same from me. A genuine smile from a hot chick is art, gorgeous and tantalizing art. This incredible beauty comes from not only the top professional porn stars but also from amateurs. The experience, in its; entirety, is almost unreal.

Playboy TV Bonus Content

For people that were expecting a few nude clips and a large number of top of the line porn movies from one of the most iconic names in adult entertainment, you will be pleased; There is so much more than this though. You get all of the Playboy TV archives, for one. Additionally, there are web-only exclusives that you can enjoy with your membership. And of course, there are discount rates for our readers. As other extras, there is a model index and a live chat. This site offers articles, shows, movies, and so much more. Not sure if it can fully be considered bonus content, but for a site that has it all you should definitely get a membership to Playboy TV.

Playboy TV Discounts

Getting the best deals on Playboy TV is not hard. They are found right here. When I approached this iconic brand to make sure I could get you the top porn deal for Playboy, they were happy to help. If you pay for a whole year in advance, you can get an even better deal. Oh, and if you talk with your friends about porn make sure to mention Mr. Porn Geek. I am always looking for new porn friends to spread the love too.

The Best of Playboy TV

All of the movies here feature some sort of nudity, and some of them might surprise you as far as how they build you up to getting reading to touch yourself. It’s like you love the articles and shows, and want to listen, but listening makes you horny and one thing leads to another and bam, orgasm time.

The site has a unique TV concept, with episodes for different shows, which is different than most top porn websites and I like it a lot. There are also fun, educational shows, like one that helps teach couples how to make at-home porn movies into professional porn clips. Make sure to watch that one, it is fantastic, and I learned a lot.

The collection at Playboy TV is well sized, and there are over 2,500 of the best porn movies to enjoy. These feature the most popular Playboy Centerfolds, and some of the most attractive amateur performers as well. The content is of high quality, and you can save your favorite movies, like and dislike posts, and create your own porn playlist. There are so many positives here.

The Worst of Playboy TV

This is another fantastic site that I don’t really want to say anything bad about because the overall experience is excellent, the content is exceptional, and I could spend years here being entertained, even if no new content were added. The biggest thing, which is a small one, is that the interface could use some better ways to browse and find things. There are so many types of unique content, and I want to get to it now. I know, a little selfish, but this is high-quality everything, and I want to spend the most amount of time watching it and the least amount of time looking for it. Also, there are some banner ads on the site and there are no photo sets. Everything here is more TV-based.

The Bottom Line about Playboy TV

Playboy has a lot of sites and a lot to offer. The company has many facets to it, and you will want to check out my interviews for all of them. They have learned a great many things over the years, the biggest of which is how to be true to their iconic identity while also providing for the ever-changing porn tastes of the masses. The set-up of this website is fascinating, and there is a lot to learn and see here. The content draws people in and provides the sexiest indulgence for people that are looking for something a little more fantasy based, a little more beautiful, and quite a bit more unique. Welcome to Playboy TV, and enjoy.

Review Pros
  • Unique shows
  • Huge production value
  • Download available
Review Cons
  • No photos
  • Limited trial