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To Boodigo or not

Porn search engines are becoming quite popular in recent years, seeing as Google has decided to start stepping away from caring about the results it gives for X-rated Internet destinations. Thankfully, there are options out there available to you if the idea of looking for porn on an exclusively porn-based search engine is something you’d like to do. One I’ve come across in recent days that seems to have a lot of potential is BoodiGo – with a simple interface and fast load speed, it passes my initial tests for any site that wants to be included on Mr. Porn Geek’s list of hot porn sites.

BoodiGo’s result pages are top quality too, I typed in ‘Asian’ and was presented with over 15,000 results from lots of websites that offer Asian porn. I made sure the results were good and three of the top 10 results I’ve written about here at Mr. Porn Geek – if that isn’t a good sign, I don’t know what is! Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke though, I decided to search for hardcore doggystyle and yup, lucked out here too with Boodigo spitting back over 17K results at me. Each one contained exactly the kind of action I searched for and wanted to see. So as you can see, these guys are really on top of this.

The best part about Boodigo is that you can search for anything you want anonymously. So let loose and tap into your true freaky self without worrying about judgment of any kind. Worried that your nosy wife or snooping girlfriend will check your browser and see what kind of freakiness turns you on? The folks at thought about that too and created an “encrypt search” feature. This way, whatever shows up in your browser and history is encrypted. Take that nosy partners, you’ve met your match in this porn search engine!

FYI – Boodigo, the search engine is part of a network of sorts so if you need a break from all the porn this engine is dishing out, check out their blog which is full of very interesting articles that cover everything from orgasms to erotic massages. A link to the blog is in the footer of the engine’s home page.

Where would you like to fetch your porn from?

There is quite a bit of smut here but the best part is you get to choose where you want Boodigo to get your results from. The website defaults to the general web but you can choose to get your wanking material from either clips4sale or even Blogspot. Bet you didn’t know blogspot had some porn on it, did you? You can even filter your results to only show Tumblr blogs as well, which is pretty neat seeing as many people like to use that site for their daily dose of jerking material. I assume though that given tumblr’s new ban on adult content, this option will be replaced with some other source soon.

Worth mentioning here is the fact that Boodigo crawls the entire web to find smut but also webmasters and content creators are able to add their urls directly to the database here. The process is pretty easy actually, just navigate to the page that says “add url”, submit your domain name and you’re set. Then takes it from there.

Mr. Porn Geek’s final verdict

As far as porn search engines go and the quest for finding hot XXX porn, I think that Boodigo is real class. The anonymous factor can’t be praised enough. That alone makes this site a winner in my book. I love that the homepage has a very clean and simple interface and that the results are not too cluttered with ads. The results are also exactly what I expect from a porn search engine so in that sense, these guys don’t disappoint one bit. This smut engine is top notch and that’s why you should check it out!

Review Pros
  • Loads fast
  • Lots of results
  • Encrypted search feature
Review Cons
  • No video search