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TubeGalore Insights 

It’s not the prettiest thing on the planet, but neither are you – so reserve your judgment on TubeGalore until you’ve had a good, long look at what’s on offer here. As the name might suggest, this is an adult tube portal devoted to porn videos and honestly, it’s incredible just how much content is available here. Today, I’m going to give you a deeper review on TubeGalore and why I think it’s a next-level destination to check out if you want sex movies on tap. Now then, let’s get down to business and see what’s on offer here at TubeGalore!

The Numbers Game

While quality is important, I know that plenty of people want access to a huge batch of material before they even consider using a porn site as their go-to source of smut. Tube Galore’s current video collection consists of some 49 million uploads – that’s around 8 times as many as Pornhub! Suffice to say that it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever run out of content here – TubeGalore is packed full of scenes in a variety of niches and that’s probably the best part about this place: no matter what you’re looking for, they have your desires satisfied.

TubeGalore’s Got The Category Game On Point

When landing on the homepage, you’ll see a number of popular categories that TubeGalore has available to visitors. These include great classics such as amateur, mature, anal, public and lesbian. Along the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see further categories that might be a little rarer, such as African, interracial gangbang, Japanese massage, bimbo and hogtied. I think it’s fair to say that the categorization of content on TubeGalore is better than what most places have to offer – that instantly makes it a top-tier choice for anyone that wants access to free porn videos. I mean really: how hard is it to go wrong with 50 or so million videos in a bunch of different niches that you can easily look through? Brilliant to say the very least – Mr. Porn Geek will never get tired of recommending adult tubes.

How TubeGalore Works

So instead of hosting videos on its local servers, TubeGalore acts more like an aggregator of clips from all over the Internet. This has the advantage of covering a lot more material – when you distribute porn across dozens of providers, you get a lovely mixed bag of stuff when searching for a specific niche. What sites are covered? Well, Mr. Porn Geek found Red Tube, Porn Gem, Porn Hub, Got Porn, Spank Wire, xHamster and many, many more. Alongside the more popular places, you’ve also got some little-known tube that house stellar content, but might otherwise not be found. When you click on a video, it’ll take you to the tube site it’s actually from – I like this feature, as you can then check out more content from the same uploader. The link is a direct one too, so you don’t have to worry about answering any annoying captchas or watching an advert to get access to the porn you wanted.

You’ll also notice that after searching for a keyword or clicking on a category, you’ll be able to click on the ‘filter by’ dropdown that lets you select certain dates, durations, content quality and finally, sources for the videos. Once you’ve filtered, you can then sort based on upload date, video duration or popularity – plenty of options here to make sure that however you want your porn to be displayed, it’ll be provided to you at Tube Galore.

Niche Counts

I wanted to give you some type of idea as to the scale of material available at TubeGalore, so I checked out a few categories to ensure they were packed full of content and found some pretty stellar numbers. For instance, TubeGalore currently has 180,000 scenes tagged under beach, 137,000 as Japanese group sex and 448,000 as MILF anal sex – no matter how specific or unique your interests are, this aggregator likely has what you’re after. Hell, there are over 20,000 midget porn videos available here: if that’s not a good sign of how wide their net is thrown for gathering up porn, I don’t know what is.

Note that TubeGalore also allows you to filter material based on whether it’s ‘straight’, ‘shemale’ or ‘gay’. Simply click on the tick-boxes at the top of the page to toggle these on and off.

The Overall Quality Of TubeGalore

Because TubeGalore isn’t the host of content itself, you’ve got to give it a little leeway when it comes to the quality of videos it has available. I highly recommend selecting ‘HD only’ in the filter box if you’re serious about seeing high definition material – this will get rid of uploads that are below 720p. Bear in mind that for some niches, that removes a hell of a lot of scenes, so be careful how you go about using it. I think this feature is best utilized alongside the Tube Galore page for its most recently added videos: it’s an easy way to get access to the newest porn out there in stunning HD formats. I guess while we’re on the topic of new material, I should mention Tube Galore updates with hundreds, if not thousands of fresh pornos on a daily basis – at the time of writing this review, over 50 new clips were added in the last 10 minutes. Where freshness is concerned, these guys have it down to a science.

Useful Features on Tube Galore

Tube Galore has a whole page devoted to its most popular videos, and I recommend you take a look here to see the hottest porn clips available on the Internet today. What’s great about this feature is that all of the votes are given by porn surfers, so you’re getting the real deal when it comes to crowd-sourced top-tier pornography movies. As mentioned before, this can be coupled with filtering options to ensure only HD scenes are shown as well as duration sorting so that you’re only shown the lengthiest videos out there. TubeGalore is fantastic in this regard – I really do need to stress that when it comes to making sure you’re looking at exactly what you want, TubeGalore goes above and beyond.

I also want to point out that TubeGalore has an incredible loading speed, so you’re not going to sit around for minutes on end waiting for the pages to render. I ran a test using Pingdom and the homepage took less than 2 seconds to finish displaying – that’s a decent speed and I can’t imagine anyone being dissatisfied with blinking their eyes and having all of the great porn videos Tube Galore shares available to them. Honestly, on pretty much every metric, TubeGalore is winning me over.

No Adverts… WTF! 

And now we get to what I consider to be the biggest selling point for TubeGalore: it doesn’t have any adverts on any of its pages. That’s right – I checked around close to 50 different pages on TubeGalore and couldn’t find a single banner, pop-up or modal promoting a third-party product. I’m not too sure how TubeGalore manages to keep its doors open because it’s pretty much a free service with zero downsides – I’m sure they’ve got some scheme, but I’m highly impressed with just how fluid the experience was. It’s refreshing not to have to look at 50 million adverts when you want to enjoy a single porn clip.

Do note that this obviously doesn’t apply when you click a video and get taken through to the tube site it’s hosted on – those places are almost always supported by advertising, simply because bandwidth is expensive and you can’t have people enjoying smut on your own dime! Serious props to Tube Galore though: the entire experience is a pleasure to say the very least.

My Conclusion On TubeGalore

I think I’ve done a pretty good job here of explaining why I like TubeGalore so much: no adverts, fast load speeds, access to millions of videos and well categorized porn so that no matter how niche or specific your interests, they’ve got you covered. I have no doubt that TubeGalore will one day become a site that everyone knows about – it’s simply too good for people not to be using on a daily basis as they go-to smut haven and search engine. Mr. Porn Geek gives this place two thumbs up and his personal seal of approval: Tube Galore delivers and then some. Want to give it a try? Click here to visit TubeGalore today.

Review Pros
  • Free sex vids
  • Huge category archive
  • Great sorting features
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  • Lots of redirects