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Mr. Porn Geek visits Cherry TV

While a lot of the cam websites out there have been around for a decent chunk of time, Cherry TV is very much new to the scene. They first launched in 2021, and wanted to disrupt the industry with a new approach to adult entertainment in the live stream space. Today, Mr. Porn Geek is going to take you on a whistle-stop tour of the destination: what does it have to offer, how easy is it to get around, would I recommend utilizing it and so on. If you’re interested in trying out a new webcam streaming service – this might be the best place for you to do exactly that. So, without further ado, let’s get into the swing of things and see what Cherry TV has to offer.

First details on Cherry TV

So right off the bat, it’s important for me to point out that Cherry isn’t a white label platform: there are girls here who stream on other services, so you might get a few doubled up names here and there, but they are running an independent service. Cherry has tried to pivot itself quite heavily toward gamification in the space too – this essentially means that you’re going to see a lot of interactive fun that you might not find from other services. The most obvious example of this is how individual users, as well as camgirls, can level up their accounts and get various benefits and bonuses from doing so. It’s an interesting idea, and we have seen it from rival platforms out there – I do happen to think that Cherry’s approach is better than most, however.

The talent on Cherry is mainly focused on giving you female streamers – they did say that they were going to let guys onto the platform after their initial beta period, but that hasn’t materialized. Mr. Porn Geek isn’t exactly coming here looking for the dudes, but I do think it’s an idea for them to stick to their guns and give fellas the opportunity to showcase what they can do in front of a lens when they want to be sexy! There are couples here, but they’re in the form of lesbians: no ability to find guys in any capacity. Trans girls can perform, but it’s clear that they’re not a large part of the service. For the most part, is all about giving you females and not much else.

At the time of writing my review, I uncovered a total of 100 girls online – given that other spots out there can have numbers in the thousands, this is naturally a little bit smaller than I’m comfortable with. The good news is that average quality is pretty high: it seems as if Cherry can be selective with the girls it brings to its platform, and they don’t want to waste your time with low quality chicks that won’t do the job for you. I’m impressed at their ability to pick out good looking ladies! Lots of the women are white and Latina, but I did come across a handful of Asian and ebony girls. Perhaps not as ethnically diverse as most would like, but there is something for you here if you like white chicks and the occasional Latina.

Looking at the stream quality

When it comes to stream quality, I’m pleased to reveal that Cherry TV has the ability to support 1080p streams, with an average bitrate of 3.5 Mb/s across the ones that I tested. It’s also stellar that most of the women who do stream here offer this as their top-end quality. Rival platforms like MFC do have the ability to provide 1080p shows, but a lot of girls over there are only outputting 720p – not what you want. I’d estimate that around 70% of the current live girls on are at 1080p as their highest quality output. My only criticism is that you cannot lower stream quality – you’re forced to run the content at the resolutions and bitrates they see fit. This isn’t my favorite way to do things, that’s for sure.

Interactive toys at Cherry

You can tip a singular token to activate toys at we love this, because on some cam sites, you need to pitch it at least a dollar to get the action started. also has a nice quick donation system, so you can quickly spam low-intensity toy activations if you’re keen on that type of thing. Lots of the girls have Lovense and OhMiBod devices – these integrate well with the overall system, but a dedicated interface instead of overlays would be my preference. It’s not going to make or break the platform here, but Mr. Porn Geek is always looking for the best ways to make things better on any cam site that he’s writing about.

Tokens, money and more

You’ll pay around $10 for 100 tokens on Cherry – you do get slightly more if you purchase in bulk, but it’s not a requirement in the slightest. I appreciate that you can pay with cryptocurrency and did decide to load my account up with ETH to test the various services. What’s really impressive about Cherry and its support of cryptocurrency is that you get a better rate for tokens than you do with credit or debit cards. Generally speaking, crypto users don’t get a discount – in this instance, they do. It was a pretty noticeable saving too. If you do want to go with cards, utilizes third-party payment processing, so it’s all discreet.

My final word on

The biggest problem here is the relative lack of live streaming babes. Everything else is pretty awesome – gamification makes sense, the quality is stellar and the girls are decent looking. If they can up their numbers to, say, 500 girls – that would be awesome. It’s still new, so there is room to grow, but Mr. Porn Geek is cautiously optimistic with regard to Cherry TV and I think it has a lot of potential growth. Fingers crossed that it will soon become the hottest spot online for camming action!

Review Pros
  • 1080p streams
  • Crypto support
  • Great mobile site
Review Cons
  • Small talent pool
  • No dedicated toy interface