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3D sex games are great, here’s why..

Mr. Porn Geek is always on the hunt to find free sex video games worth recommending to readers, so it’s just as well that I’ve come across 3D Games – as the name implies, this is a hub where you’re going to get all of your X-rated smutty game pleasure from. When landing on the tour, you’ll need to answer a few questions about the type of titles you’re interested in and then sign up for membership. Note that this 3D Games site does require age verification – if you’re not 18 years or older, get out of here right now! You’re too young for this type of thing, so please go back to watching Dora the Explorer or whatever it is that kids do these days. Now then, let’s sign into 3D Games to see what’s on offer here.

First things first about 3D games

So before looking at the content, I just want to go over the fact that when you sign up to the site on the other end of 3D Games it’s actually giving you a membership trial to My User Vault. This place is pretty damn big and has a lot of features, so it’s going to take me quite a while to go through what’s on offer here. You’ll notice on the homepage immediately that you’ve got a bunch of live cams to check out, as well as 3D rendered videos across a huge array of niches. If you like fantasy porn that looks as close to the real thing as it gets, this is a nice little bonus. In total, I counted over 1,000 videos in the 3D section alone: that’s a big collection!

Adult Gaming for good

Naturally, I headed over to My User Vault pretty damn quick once I got inside here: this seems to be the most likely place to find what we’re in the market for! I was amazed at just how many titles My User Vault has: there are 300+ individual games, all of which are completely free to play. We’re talking Grand Fuck Auto, Gotham Sluts and such a huge array of dating sims that you’ll be a genius at picking up women by the time you’ve finished every title. The 3D porn games all come from different studios too, so if you don’t like the art or gameplay in one of the releases, simply head on over to another option and hopefully it’ll match your tastes.

You might have heard of the Fuck Town series before – these are all available inside My User Vault. We’re talking Erotic Dream, My First Secretary, College Life 3 and so on: there are so many Fuck Town titles here that I’m pretty sure it’s the complete collection! I’ve included a screenshot of one here that I played for about 15 minutes – pretty good. You go on an adventure around a hospital, perform an eye test and then convince the doctor that it’s a good idea to fuck you. I’m not sure this is how your general appointment goes when having an illness, but I’m going to believe it for the time and being!

What else is good, Mr Porn Geek?

There are also games here like Game of Whores and Grand Fuck Auto. Both are enjoyable ad I’ve played them extensively – I’ve even written reviews on them if you’re interested in learning more! Take a look at Fun In Amsterdam too: this is another title that I can fully recommend. Come to think of it, most games that My User Vault has stashed away are well worth playing. There are simply too many here to go into why each one is great, but rest assured that when Mr. Porn Geek spends upwards of an hour sampling various destinations, they’re likely going to be worth paying attention to. So yeah, in that regard I take my hat off to this place – it delivers something that so few destinations have been able to in the past.

Something extra about 3D sex games

So on top of all the 3D porn games that My User Vault has to offer, you’ll also have the ability to enjoy full DVDs from a range of different studios. There are over 1,000 full-length porn movies here, including greats like Teens Want It All, Licking Lesbians, Big Titty Mommas and Triple Penetration – quite the range of niches that I’m sure you’ll all be able to enjoy. Note that the porn here can be streamed in full 1080p HD formats most of the time, but as far as I can tell there are no direct download options. Less than ideal, but since they’re coming for free and this wasn’t mentioned in the tour, I’m not going to moan too much!

You’ll also notice that My User Vault has free bonus access to a few other sites, such as Premium Porn HD and XXX HD Vault: I spent a few minutes in each place and they were quite good, although I don’t want to make this review too long by going into what each one has to offer. Just know that they’ve also got full 1080p HD scenes that you’ll love watching, with niches ranging from Asian to creampie and anal to MILF. If you thought My User Vault only gave you access to games and that was it, think again!

To conclude

So wrapping all of this up: My User Vault delivers a fantastic collection of stellar games, HD porn videos of which there are thousands and free bonus access to a couple of other websites that also have sex clips in high definition: it’s a one stop shop for all things smut and for that reason, Mr. Porn Geek is giving it his full endorsement. Check this place out and sign up for free – I’ve got no doubt that you’ll love what you find inside!

Please note: The games on the website are not owned by MrPornGeek. To contact this website’s customer service, email [email protected] or call 877-283-5293.

Review Pros
  • Hundreds of games
  • Porn DVDs
  • Loads really fast
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • Cannot download videos