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FapDolls: any good?

Everyone knows that porn games are becoming a hot thing these days and believe me – I’ve seen plenty of hubs out there that are more than capable of providing you with a world-class gaming experience that includes a hell of a lot of naughty fun. Today, I want to have a discussion with you about a spot called Fap Dolls: I’ve not looked inside just yet, but I’ve been assured by the guy behind the project that it’s absolutely fantastic. Well, there’s only one real way for me to find out, so let’s create an account, sign up and see what’s offered by this spot. Read below if you want my full, honest opinion on what Fap Dolls has to bring to the table!

Initial thoughts on FapDolls

To kick things off: I want to make it clear that you can join FapDolls completely free of charge – all you need to do is provide an email address, password and confirm that you’re over the age of 18. The team at FapDolls wants to keep this place as secure as possible, so if you’re not old enough to be looking at naughty stuff online – go someplace else! Now one of the best things about FD is the simple fact that you can play all of the games that they have to offer without downloading anything. That’s right – it’s possible to stream every game offered inside the player zone straight from the browser.

I will let you know ahead of time that the games are capped at 1080p and 30 FPS, but for a lot of people, that won’t be a big deal. These games aren’t really designed to be crazy high frames per second either: it’s not like you’re in a competitive title where you need to get as much of an edge as possible over the competition. Still, if you download the Fap Dolls launcher, you’ll be able to play everything they have in up to 4K quality and better yet, uncapped FPS. I did download the launcher because it comes with the ability to play everything offline, but I want to make it clear that it’s not a requirement at all. Got it? Good.

Gaming at FapDolls

There are 14 games in the member’s area right now: all of these are created by the team at FD and they’re exclusive to the platform. This basically means that the in-house production team doesn’t license the games they have, so if you want to play them, there’s nowhere else to go online in order to get your hands on the goods. Fap Dolls first opened its doors back in 2020 and they’re trying to add one new game every 3 months. Sometimes it’s sooner, sometimes it takes a little longer – all I know for sure is that they continue to update their old titles and release fresh XXX games, so you can always come back here and there’s bound to be something going on.

For me, the thing that I immediately noticed about FD was the quality of the games. They’re absolutely stacked with the best looking titles that I think I’ve ever seen. We’re talking about great skin, accurate textures and yeah – even the physics of the sex scenes is something to write home about. I did notice that my GPU was getting quite taxed from playing the titles that they have, but it was hardly the end of the world. I’m confident that anyone with a semi-decent machine will be able to play Fap Dolls’ releases and better yet, you can lower the quality if things aren’t quite running as smooth as they ought to.

Gameplay at FapDolls

The games themselves aren’t too complicated: I tried 4 of them and wish I had time to play more, but it’s always the things with my reviews: I want to give each and every title enough attention that it can actually be analyzed, but cast my net wide enough so I have a good representative look at the platform. My favorite game offered by FD was Corruptible Crusading Cunts – also known as CCC. This was one of the first games that they came out with and it’s a fantasy adventure title with a bunch of achievements, over 50 NPCs to fuck and dozens of hours of main campaign to explore. CCC also has voice acting in English, so if you’re someone that likes a game which is more polished than other titles – the production value here is truly incredible. Mr. Porn Geek loves it when companies invest in their adult games and that’s exactly what FapDolls has done. Props to them for going above and beyond for our gaming pleasure!

Downsides of Fap Dolls

As is customary, I do want to talk a little about the downsides of this particular project – it has a few, and I like to balance my analysis wherever possible. Firstly, the download speeds for the launcher were quite slow, and while it’s a one-off thing for each game – surely they can do better than 5 MB/s. Additionally, Fap Dolls doesn’t have a Wiki to speak of – there are guides in the forums, but there should be a section on the website where people can quickly reference things and not have to ask the same questions over and over again in the Discord server. Lastly, there are adverts in random spots – I know this is how the platform is kept alive, but the hub would be much better without them.

FapDolls: my conclusion

That just about does it for my analysis here folks: suffice to say, I’m someone that thinks FapDolls is worth checking out. If you’re a horny gamer who can get with having access to the best XXX titles around – this is one spot that’s going to blow your mind. I’m always obsessed with finding great adult games and I truly believe that this place has what you need. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re

Review Pros
  • Exclusive game collection
  • Offline play available
  • Active Discord server
Review Cons
  • Average download speed
  • No official Wiki