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Mr. Porn Geek visits 3D Pussies

Howdy friends – it’s your favorite adult entertainment royal here: Mr. Porn Geek. Today, I’m going to head on over to a hub called 3D Pussies for the purposes of seeing whether or not they deliver a decent, tasty experiences for punters who enjoy adult gaming. I’ve noticed over the last few months that a hell of a lot of places have output world-class XXX adult gaming fun – will this be another to add to the list? I’m interested in seeing the ability behind the developers on 3D Pussies, so let’s get down to business and see what’s going on.

My first thoughts on 3D Pussies

When you hit the tour here, you won’t be bombarded with a huge amount of information that you have zero ability to digest. 3D Pussies keeps things incredibly simple by just showing you some preview footage from their games, as well as a few lines of writing so you can get a good idea of what’s going on. I’ve always figured that when it comes to porn gaming online, this is the dominant strategy. Guys are stimulated by what they see, so the fact that 3D Pussies is kicking ass in this department gives me a lot of confidence in the future of their outfit. Still, I’ve only looked at the initial area here: what’s going on behind the scenes?

Signing up to 3D Pussies

The process of becoming a member at 3D Pussies is incredibly quick and simple. All I had to do was blast on over my email address and a password: once that was done, a quick age verification scheme – as well as email confirmation – stood between me and erotic gaming bliss. I’d estimate that the entirety of the procedure was around 60 seconds, so yeah – quite the pace for a porn gaming experience like this. Now then, how about I log in and see what the gaming landscape here is like? I think I’ve earned a little gaming time too: Mr. Porn Geek has been a good boy this year.

The member’s area at 3D Pussies

I was pleased as punch to see that 3D Pussies is currently sitting on a collection of 15 games that are fully developed and ‘finished’. Note that ‘finished’ here doesn’t mean that they won’t update it: it just means that they’re shipping it in a state that they believe is acceptable. Lots of the titles here receive both bug fix patches as well as full-blown content updates. That’s great to see and I think that more studios should adopt this strategy if they want to be in the industry for the long haul. Now alongside these 15 fully developed titles, 3D Pussies has 4 porn games that are currently in beta testing. Note that these can range from pretty much finished through to totally goddamn broken: you have been warned ahead of time!

3D Pussies: the testing phase

As a trained porn gamer, it made a lot of sense for me to give these titles a quick run through for the purposes of determining just how good they are for the average porn addict to enjoy. I have to say that I think 3D Pussies has done a stellar job of providing a lot of variance and range with their projects. It’s not just the same assets or themes copy and pasted over and over again: they’ve definitely gone above and beyond to make sure that they won’t have to sleeping in a matter of minutes because all their releases are dull and boring.

I sampled six games in total and I hope that the remaining ones are just as good. Switching over from one game to another was actually pretty difficult for me to do on a personal level – the sexy gaming entertainment here is really quite indulgent and I wouldn’t be surprised if you bust a nut or two within your first hour at 3D Pussies. Mr. Porn Geek had very little to be unhappy about, so I’d say on an overall level, the gaming bliss here is exactly what’s promised. Take it from me folks: this is the type of place you want to be at if you’re a bit of a porn gaming addict.

Graphical quality and accessibility on 3D Pussies

3D Pussies has some of the best graphical quality I’ve seen – everything looks clear and crisp, plus it has the added benefit of being available on practically every browser and device out there. My phone, iPad and desktop PC all managed to run a bunch of games without a hitch. They’re using WebGL, which from what I’ve seen is pretty much workable by any modern device. Not sure that your PS2 will work fine here, but so long as you have something that isn’t a total relic of the past, you ought to be fine.

Currently, Chrome, Safari and Firefox are all officially endorsed and supported browsers. I tried Opera and Edge with no issues, but obviously if they stop working at some point in the future, you might end up with no accessibility. 3D Pussies does have a desktop launcher in the works, but they say it’s on the back burner and probably won’t be released for at least 6 months. This does mean you’ll need an active Internet connection whenever you want to play 3D Pussies, but I think 99% of people out there have this already, so it’s not that much of a problem.

A conclusion on 3D Pussies

I told everyone at Mr. Porn Geek that I was going to source some cracking gaming hubs over the coming months and I think that 3D Pussies is another top tier place to add to the list of decent spaces that’ll make you bust nuts time and time again. I don’t think there are many excuses not to visit 3D Pussies, especially considering that signing up right now is free of charge. I’ve heard rumors their freemium model might be switched at some point, so my advice is to get in as quickly as you can. Anyhow, that’s Mr. Porn Geek’s critique of 3D Pussies over. Thanks a bunch for coming by: be sure to visit again any time you want advice on the top spots around for XXX gaming entertainment. I’ll always be here to point you in the right direction!

Review Pros
  • Great quality graphics
  • Regular new patches
  • Free membership access
Review Cons
  • A few adverts
  • Internet connection required