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VR Fuck Dolls – Mr. Porn Geek’s official review

When I looked at the tour of VRFuckDolls, I had little choice but to be excited about the prospect of reviewing this website. The teaser trailer is something else – you’ll see a sexy stepsister in a beanie sucking cock, a jester being pounded on her tight pussy and some blonde teen who loves working multiple shafts at once. It’s all rendered material, but it looks so real that it might as well be genuine porn. Have I spoken in the past about my fascination with good 3D sex games? Of course I have! Anyway, it’s about time for me to give you the full review of what’s on offer when you sign up to VR Fuck Dolls, so continue reading and I’ll give you all the info that you need to know.

Only one game? Not so fast!

While the signup link I’ve provided might make it seem like you only get access to a single game inside, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. See, VR Fuck Dolls is actually just one category of titles from an adult-themed network called My Gamer Vault. There are literally hundreds of games inside here and to be honest with you, I can’t wait to take this place for a spin to tell you all about what you get when you sign up. Firstly, let’s head on over to the games section of the member’s area to look at what we’ve got and why it might be worth signing up to VRFuckDolls for.

Available adult game categories

There are a few categories here to pick from, including the likes of hentai, strategy, word, action and my personal favorite, virtual reality games. Since we signed up for the VR area, it makes sense to start our quest for XXX gaming action there as opposed to any other destination. The category boasts 44 unique games, all of which are free to play and can be accessed directly from your browser. You’ve got a couple of sorting options too, which are quite cool. Want to see the highest rated games or just prefer to see the newest added? Click on the buttons at the top of the page to get exactly that! According to members at My Gamer Vault, they seem to think that BDSM Discipline is a good option, so I went for that one above all the others.

Playing through BDSM Discipline

After the game loads up (which can take a minute or so), you’ll be tasked with dominating a sexy submissive chick in a variety of BDSM scenarios. The game is pretty easy to play and can be enjoyed with a single hand (perfect for guys who are jerking while gaming), since all of the action is engaged with by using your mouse and nothing else. The storyline is pretty simple and features a nubile schoolgirl who was given a recommendation to visit the master for some kinky fun. After a little toying, you’re soon slapping this blonde whore across the face and making sure she fully understands what it means to be a good piece of fuck meat. Be sure to check the screenshots I’ve included with this review so you can see what you’ve got in store if you do decide to sign up to My Gamer Vault – I really did enjoy my time playing this particular game and if you like BDSM, you will too. It even has a little voice acting where the sub sex slave will tell you to fuck her harder as she starts to realize what her role is as a fuck doll!

Other 3D titles on My Gamer Vault

Be sure to check out many of the other 3D rendered games available from My Gamer Vault, including the likes of Help Me Doctor and Zombie Heat. I think that their parody games are also pretty top notch – Game of Whores is perfect if you want to see that blonde dragon chick get fucked every which way, plus you’ve got the Call of Booty series if you’re more of a first person shooter guy. I think what’s so fantastic about My Gamer Vault is that they have such a huge quantity of available options that you’ll never run out of something to play. With a decent combination of quality and quantity, you really can’t go wrong. I also want to talk a little about their 3D animations which go quite well with the VR Fuck Dolls theme.

Rendered XXX goodness

I know that plenty of people looking for porn games also like rendered sex videos with fantasy characters and the like – the good news for you is that My Gamer Vault has a huge quantity of HD uploads that you’ll love. There’s plenty of pixies, aliens, superheroes and more covered in these rendered shoots – it’s actually pretty impressive just how much content they’ve got. The tour of VRFuckDolls.com should have spoken a little about this because hot damn, does this place know how to deliver a great cartoon XXX experience. They’re all free too – you can’t say fairer than that, can you? Mr. Porn Geek has always loved it when premium destinations give you a bunch of stuff without even mentioning it.

The bonus porn is great

So alongside all of the VR games and the 3D rendered smut clips, you’ve also got yourself a large batch of ‘real’ porn to chow down on. Navigate over to the ‘videos’ area of My Gamer Vault and you’ll see well over 10,000 uploads across a multitude of niches including amateur, Asian, handjob, interracial, public and threesomes. I sampled a dozen porn videos here and they were all pretty damn good – it also seems as if My Gamer Vault focuses exclusively on HD productions, which I think is amazing for folks who enjoy the finer things in life. It’s also quite cool that you can download the clips directly to your computer alongside stream them directly from MGV – more options make for a happier customer!

Oh, and one final thing, you’ve also got the fact that My Gamer Vault offers full DVDs from a huge range of studios – great for those who’re after something a little more lengthy. The sex movies offered include the likes of Teen Pussy Parade, Squirt Alert, The Art of Tribbing and Backdoor Blondes – I think it’s fair to say that based on these titles alone, plenty of erotic niches are available and no matter what you’re hunting the world of smut for, My Gamer Vault probably has you covered. You can also go to the pornstar directory page if you’re only looking for uploads starring one particular model – girls who’ve featured in porn videos here include the likes of Adriana Chechik, Dakota Skye, Riley Reid and Romi Rain to name but a few. If you like all-star casts of professional fuckers, these babes ought to have you busting nuts in a matter of minutes.

Free bonus sites to boot

Mr. Porn Geek feels like one of those TV salesmen right now – you know the guys who always say things like “but wait, there’s more!” when you’re buying a blender or something? Well, My Gamer Vault does also come with free bonus access to two other sites: XXX HD Vault and Premium Porn HD. These don’t have games, but they’ve got a heck of a lot of premium-quality smut that you’re going to jerk your shaft to as soon as you get your greasy mitts onto it. I won’t beat around the bush here: I’m actually amazed at just how much extra stuff is thrown in with your membership to My Gamer Vault. Hell, I didn’t even mention the free webcam streams! I can understand why they called it a vault now: they’re so much treasure to be found inside!

A good place for XXX games?

My Gamer Vault is smashing if you want a huge collection of porn, 3D rendered sex videos and games to play. A lot of the titles here don’t require much by way of skill unlike other games I’ve reviewed, but I don’t think your average reader of Mr. Porn Geek reviews is going to care so much since their primary objective is squeezing their hog. Ultimately, I’m confident that you’ll love what you get inside and for that reason, I’m throwing my full weight behind VR Sex Dolls. Do yourself a favor now and go check out the tour – you’ll love what they’ve got to tease you with and once inside, the amount of stuff to shoot a load to will blow your mind.

There’s no doubt about it: VR Fuck Dolls knows what’s what when it comes to delivering a great XXX gaming experience to its members. For lovers of smut, this is a no brainer!

Please note: The games on the website are not owned by MrPornGeek. To contact this website’s customer service, email [email protected] or call 877-283-5293.

Review Pros
  • Lots of games
  • Free bonus porn
  • Rendered 3D clips
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