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Mr. Porn Geek visits PornWorks

Some AI prompt websites that create images and videos try to keep things a little casual when it comes to the specifics of what they offer – not trying to be too focused on adult stuff, but also making it available. I think it’s safe to say that Porn Works is not worried in the slightest when it comes to its niche of choice: they’re in the business of showcasing to you the best of the best when it comes to AI-powered adult entertainment that you’re never going to get bored of. Create your own girls, fiddle with the settings and make everything as stellar as possible. Despite the name and the concept, the landing page is quite tame with its display: plenty of selfies and pretty girls, but nothing too mature to speak of.

I’m going to give this place my full, professional review – read below to see what the deal is when it comes to Porn Works!

Initial thoughts on PornWorks

Firstly: the prompt tool here is pretty awesome. You’ve got a huge number of options that you can play around with, and alongside positive prompts, you’ve also get negative ones, so it’s easy for you to remove certain things, such as mutated hands, bad proportions and any writing or text. Porn Works has a number of examples for you to pick from, and it also lets you change the creativity of the model and what the size of the output image is. You’ll also be able to toggle NSFW if you want – it looks like PornWorks also has a policy under the Open RAIL-M license agreement that I’ve read is alright, with a few downsides. I think when it comes to porn, however, most people simply don’t care and they’re going to do whatever they want. Note that Porn Works also has the ability for you to upload a reference image as well as different performance settings, such as priority of speed or quality.

I’ve played with plenty of prompts over the last month or so – when it comes to PornWorks, the sheer volume of options they’ve got available here beats out the competition. It’s not as neat or as tidy as other choices, but I think for plenty of users, they’re going to prefer this approach. Suffice to say that I’m confident they’ll continue to be at the forefront of fresh features and giving you the nuts and bolts access that you want, as opposed to a shiny button that turns something on or off. I’m all for this level of accessibility, although some might not like it when they’re trying to create AI porn and naked images of hot chicks.

Deepfake tool at PornWorks

Do you want to put yourself or someone else into another photo? Well, you can do that with PornWorks’ face swap feature. All you have to do is put a face into the initial prompt and then select the replacement image – the AI will then work its magic to get ultra-realistic results – or so they claim. I tested the feature with a range of different difficulties, from really easy to really hard. It did better than I expected, but when things got harder, it was obvious that the program was struggling to do what I wanted it to do. This isn’t a huge problem, since it’s not like the competition is that much better in this regard.

Porn Works AI models

There are models here if you’re interested in that type of thing, plenty of different categories to explore, including realistic, artistic and anime girls. If there’s a particular type of model that you like, it’s possible for you to go into their prompts and change a few things, since it shows you everything that was typed in to get the result you want. Note that the different categories also have sub-categories, so there’s absolute reality, chillout mix, cyber realistic and a few other options that would give you a little bit of a different flavor for the images you want. The anime options are really quite interesting – from traditional style through to modern, fantasy-style girls that appear in MMORPGs and the like. Credit where credit is due here: I think it’s obvious to me that PornWorks cares about what they’re doing.

A final say on PornWorks

Out of all the most recent AI porn prompt services that I’ve looked at, this one is my favorite. Sure, it lacks videos, but the technology on other places isn’t exactly ideal and the clips are more of a novelty as opposed to something you’re going to pleasure yourself over. My biggest issue here is the monthly billing, and how there are extra benefits and features to different tiers of packages. You get credits, but they’re purchased as a monthly subscription and yeah – it’s just not what I like these hubs doing. It’s still great: I’d pick PornWorks as my go-to right now in the industry if you’re hot for adult AI prompt tools.

Review Pros
  • Fantastic features
  • Focused on porn
  • Lots of tools
  • Updates often
Review Cons
  • Poor tiered pricing
  • No video service