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Mr. Porn Geek reviews Fantasy GF

After you land on the homepage of Fantasy GF, you’ll be asked whether or not you’re interested in creating girls or boys. I like the idea in theory, but since boys aren’t currently offered and is greyed out – I mean, what’s the deal here? As much as first impressions matter, I’m going to remain completely neutral until I give this AI girlfriend tool as much of a try as possible. It’s clear to me that this is a big part of the industry and I want people to feel comfortable with knowing they’ve got the best suite of tools for all of their mature needs. So, with that in mind, let’s get into the swing of my review and see what Fantasy GF has for eager AI prompt fans that want to dip their toes into the porn space.

Exploring AI girlfriends

You’re free to go with your own AI girlfriend from scratch, but when you land in the member’s area, you’ll be presented with a huge number of options that are already preprogrammed for you. These girls come in a range of hair colors, body types, ethnicities and personalities too. Some girls are mistresses, other are casual lovers – though it seems that dominatrix is also a popular category that you can’t forget about! The main thing about the categories with regard to their personalities is how you’re going to interact with them and the way that they’ll talk to you. That’s different from the image prompt stuff, but since it’s all bundled together, it’s worth thinking about exactly what type of an engagement you want if you’re looking to chat with your AI girlfriend.

The page gives priority to girls who are ‘real’ in the sense that they’re manifestations of ladies that could exist: there’s a subsection for anime girls though, so if that’s something you’re interested in, feel free to go down the path. I took a look and was pretty happy with the outcomes and designs, although I will say that the poses were very similar for a lot of these images. The art style, if genuine, really is quite something though. I know that anime artists put a lot of effort into their girls, so to see a robot do it in seconds – with ease – is pretty damn awesome. I also noted that a non-anime girl was in this category, right near the top, so I’m confused as to why that’s going on. I also saw other great personalities though: submissive sex friend, gamers and nympho step sister. If you’re into anime girls, there are going to be plenty of different options for you to play around with here.

The Fantasy GF AI OnlyFans Girls

I’m a little confused as to the concept here – I guess that plenty of guys love the idea of OnlyFans and women that create their own content. Well, there’s a small collection of OnlyFans AI girlfriends that you can engage with – the idea is that you’re going to engage with them and eventually have lots of steamy, intimate fun. You might even star in a couple of their videos if they’re willing to upload hardcore media! When you eventually prompt a chat with your new AI girlfriend, you’ll be able to turn their messages into audio if you want to hear what they have to say. The quality is a lot better than TTS on or something like that, but it’s still not perfect. I think in another 12 months or so, a service like this will be pretty much as close as possible to the real thing and you’ll have a tough time telling genuine voices from AI content.

Creating AI girlfriend images

As you’re probability somewhat familiar with already, Fantasy GF gives you the option to create AI images spending credits. For whatever reason, the credits here don’t start at a cost of 1 – it’s instead 7. Surely this is something that could be changed, just to make things a little easier to work out in your head with regard to prices? The good news is that you can create a number of different images at once, but the multiples are 4, 9 and 16. These are square numbers and that’s cool, but maybe just let me type in a number or use a sliding scale so I can decide exactly how many I want? Maybe I just want a couple instead of 4, and the gap from 4 to 9 is really quite something. These hubs always have really easy to use interfaces in some areas, but then they make it a pain in the ass to do various other things. Who knows what the deal is.

NSFW chat with your AI girlfriend

Fantasy GF does allow you to communicate with an AI girlfriend in an adult fashion – this is good, because lots of other prompts won’t let you delve into the erotic side of things. I’m not sure what backend system they’re using, but it’s okay. Some questions get funny responses, and the AI won’t engage in chats even if it’s a fantasy idea that’s unethical – well, except if it’s your stepsister or stepmother and you want to fuck her. The lines drawn here by AI ‘experts’ is always a little confusing if you ask me. You can still jerk yourself to what you chat about, though. You can even get images sent through, so that’s neat.

Mr. Porn Geek’s conclusion on Fantasy GF

How do I think Fantasy GF stacks up against the other spots out there? Well, I’m confident that this spot is doing a good job in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still behind some other services. For instance, there’s no AI video here – I’m sure they’re working on it, but yeah, that needs to come sooner rather than later. The Discord server is pretty cool, plus you can reach out on Twitter if you’ve got any issues or problems. Overall, I’m willing to endorse Fantasy GF – excited to see how this hub performs over the coming months. Innovation really matters when it comes to AI, that’s for sure!

Review Pros
  • Good chat feature
  • Lots of models
  • Phone calls available
Review Cons
  • No videos offered
  • Some incorrect tags