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Detailed review

What’s up, friends? You know what time it is, right? Well then – let’s get down to business and write up another top-tier review on a destination that needs our analysis! In today’s coverage, I’m going to be visiting this hub today to give you a full overview.  I’ll admit that the tour here had me wanting to shoot thick ropes in seconds, but I think it’s important for me to write up a full review and analysis on this title before signing off on the experience.

First thoughts 

The process of signing up and logging in was incredibly quick and painless, mainly owing to the fact that you’re only required to hand over your email address and a password in order to get inside. Note that this title is currently in beta too, so you’ll be able to create an account and try this title without paying for the pleasure – cool stuff! Perhaps the best aspect of this title is the ability to play this directly from your browser without needing to grab a local file. Support is offered for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera and Firefox – that should cover 99.9% of porn gaming addicts, right? I sure hope so anyway! Now then – I think it’s finally time for me to load this up to see what’s going on here, so let’s do exactly that.

Playing for the first time

You’ll notice immediately that it’s a comprehensive title that gives you a lot of control over the action. Your first choice will be to select from a distinct number of scenes that will dictate exactly how the action unfolds. There are numerous choices here, such as hiring a dominatrix from an online advert, meeting a sex kitten at a party, picking up a stranger at a bar and so on. As of the beginning of 2020, this title had 30 unique scenarios, so you can always go back and pick a different one if you want to replay and try it from a fresh angle.

Designing Characters

The feature I think most people are going to cream themselves over is the customization options for the characters that can appear in your scenes. You’ve got options for men and women here, but I think the female focus is what I’ll talk about. There are around 80 different unique settings here, with multiple options available for each one. For instance, you’ll be able to decide a character’s height, hair length, nose shape, eye color, pussy hair status, asshole shade, belly button style and so on. It also comes with preprogrammed characters, so you’ll be able to enjoy kinky sex with girls such as Ayumi Anime, Megan Rain, Elsa Jean, Tori Black and more. You’ll also unlock special celebrity characters such as Taylor Swift as you progress through and build up Orgasm Bucks – the currency in this title. After all that’s done, you’ll be taken to the actual title and have full control over what happens next. You can utilize dozens of toys, many positions, crazy tools and so on. There’s a pace feature, different camera angles, passive/dominant mode and so much more.

Extra kinky videos

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they go ahead and give you access to a huge array of hardcore sex videos completely free of charge! While these aren’t exclusive to the platform, they’re pretty fucking incredible and feature some of the hottest pornstars to ever grace the planet. You’ll see lots of bondage, hardcore ass fucking, public humiliation, fisting, and so on. There are categories here too, so if there’s a particular type of extreme sex that interests you, these guys will be able to assist you in finding it. All scenes were offered in at least 720p quality and the only real downside is that you cannot download them – a small price to pay for access to over 400 scenes!

My Conclusion 

Okay folks – that’s pretty much everything that I wanted to say on the topic. If you’ve made it this far into the review, my guess is that what I’ve written so far has really piqued your interests. The good news is that signing up is completely free right now for the first 2 days as that’s the trial period, and yeah – any self-proclaimed bondage lover will have a field day here tugging themselves to the epic moments that await. As always – cheers for reading and be sure to visit the main page any time you need links to the best gaming spots around.

Review Pros
  • Free bonus BDSM videos
  • Works on all devices
  • Full guide available
Review Cons
  • No community forums