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Wet Sins: the Mr. Porn Geek review

I’m sure plenty of you are familiar with the concept of tube video streaming services, right? Especially as they pertain to adult entertainment – while YouTube might’ve been the mainstream location for great clips, porn is far ahead of the game in that respect! Today, Mr. Porn Geek is going to be talking about one of those cut and dry spots on the Internet for live streaming entertainment. It goes by the name of Wet Sins and from what I can tell, there’s no real content focus or niche here – not that this is an issue! Let’s go ahead now and see whether or not Wet Sins is a decent place and one that I can recommend to the world.

My first thoughts on Wet Sins

Like always, I figured that the best place to start here was on the homepage – it’s got that classic approach to video display where there are multiple segments devoted to differently sorted and organized uploads. For starters, there’s a small banner feed right at the top of WetSins.com where you’ll see the ‘best’ videos – these appear to be adverts to third-party destinations, so I’d probably just ignore them if I were you. Below that, Wet Sins shows you the ‘watched right now’ collection: these are clips that other people on the platform are currently jerking off over. Further down still you’ll find a block for videos sorted by number of views and then finally, content sorted by the time it was uploaded to the website.

A little criticism here: I much prefer my videos to be rendered chronologically right at the top of the page. One good feature is that you can see how many scenes Wet Sins has – it’s 1,100+ at the time of writing this review. I also liked that HD clips have a little tag on them so you can see which ones are going to give you the best visual experience. Speaking of which, let’s watch some porn!

Wet Sins: my content review

To put the content here to the test, Mr. Porn Geek decided to pick out one of the recent uploads that’s available (allegedly) in high definition. It was a Latina maid sex video from the site Moms Bang Teens – always a good studio for smut! From what I can tell, this clip is 720p with a relatively low bitrate: it still looks good in the embed feed though, so I won’t complain that much. What I really liked about Wet Sins was the fact that you can easily download clips locally: this is a much loved feature that makes storage of the videos you enjoyed the most an absolute walk in the park.

Conclusion on Wet Sins

I did look at a bunch of other videos here at Wet Sins, but I didn’t feel the need to talk about them so much for the purposes of polishing this review off. Overall, I’d say that Wet Sins did a pretty decent job of providing us with the adult entertainment we desired: clips were decent quality and you’ve got over a thousand to look at. This place won’t be a top-tier destination any time soon, but it’s still worth checking out. I had fun at WetSins.com – if that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Review Pros
  • Some HD videos
  • Easy downloads
  • Pro porn collection
Review Cons
  • Average archive size
  • Some adverts