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When I first went to this site, I had a lot of questions. While it is a simple site, with a ton of great content on it, there is no explanation of how the site works and that the site, and everything on it, is free. I feel like the site would benefit from letting people know in a more forward manner, how awesome it really is.

Confusing At First, But Great Site

It is awesome. I don’t always make accounts to free sites with the intention of heading back to the site a ton, but this site has me convinced. I like how they encourage people to interact with the site in order to earn credits. You cannot buy credits, though there is a way to get a very inexpensive premium porn site membership to WhatBoysWant, which I will talk about more later in this WhatBoysWant review.

Unique Site For Top Amateur Porn

For now, I want to talk about how to earn credits for free, why I like it, and what they are used for. There are a few different sections across the top of the page. The first section on the site is Babes. This section has a ton of pics in it: X-rated pics, bikini pics, pics featuring amateur hot babes, uploaded by people on the site. The second section is called Babe Videos. This has what it says it has. XXX porn movies, of amateurs, also uploaded by people on the site. There is a third section that is labeled cars. This is not people having sex in cars; it is legit an area of the website where people upload pics of classic cars and other awesome car pics. No nudity here, just cars. The last two areas of the site are the forums and the tags. These are self-explanatory.

A Quick Negative For WhatBoysWant

Now the confusing part, and why WhatBoysWant reviews like this one are quote important. There is a credit system that is not explained on the homepage. It will not be confusing once I go over it. There are plenty of things that you can see without an account; these are mostly in the pictures section and in the forums. When you click on certain movies and images though, you will be told that you do not have enough credits. Fuck.

Clearing Up That Negative

Fortunately though, I found out when I made an account that you can earn credits without spending any money. I thought I was going to have to buy some, and I don’t, which is fantastic news! I kind of like how to earn them too. You earn credits here by interacting with the site. Since some of these pics and clips do look like people might buy them with their actual dollars, it can be a good deal.

How To Earn Credits At WhatBoysLike

There are a lot of ways, so this will be a long, and fun list. If you upload your hottest content to the site, you can earn credits. This is one of the ways the site grows, and also give people a greater sense of being a part of it. Plus, when people post content of their own on the site, there is a wider variety of hot stuff to look at it. I think it is a win here.

Another way you can earn credits is to vote. There is a lot to like here, so voting is pretty easy to do. There are hot women touching themselves. Big tits, small tits, beautiful babes, and even cars. Find the more popular stuff from other people’s votes, and help others by voting too!

You can also earn credits through a number of other actions, including posting in the forums and reporting content that shouldn’t be there. Linking related content together, setting up tags, and getting recognition for your comments from other members also works. Essentially, there are a lot of ways that you can go about getting credits, which you can then use to get pics and videos.

Fly Free With The Premium Membership

You can also go premium on the site, which gives you unlimited access. For not very much money per month, a premium porn membership to WhatBoysLike gets you a lot. First off, there is unlimited access to all of the downloads. Not only do you have access to all of the downloads on the site without having to earn credits, you can also download as much as you want each day. With hundreds and hundreds of pages, maybe thousands and thousands of pages, of content on the site, this is a huge perk. A premium membership also gives you the ability to get higher-quality movies and photos. If you want to get the content on the site at the original uploaded quality, premium membership is how you do it.

Not Too Many Ads, Keep Rolling

What Boys Want does have ads. They do not overwhelm the site, but they are there. A premium membership allows you to enjoy the website without any interruptions and without having to look at the additional clutter that ads can create, even when there are not many of them. Of course, a premium membership also helps keep the website going, which is a huge benefit.

There is so much excellent content here, and as someone that loves seeing amateur porn, I love this site. These are really next door neighbor possibles here. They are people that are just horny and love to show off their bodies and their sex. The quality is not always HD, and the sex and pics here are generally not scripted or professionally shot. Some of it is though. If you are in search of boner material that has amateur porn and is free, Mr. Porn Geek gives a full go-ahead for this site.

I Have A Crush On This Forum

The forum here is FANTASTIC. Each thread seems to have over 50 pages of people talking, posting more pics and gifs and such, and the site lets you know how many views each one has too. The top one on the list right now, as I write, is called GIF collection. It has had over 248,000 views and has 1161 posts to it. That is a literal fuck ton of top porn GIFS. Many of posts in this thread have multiple GIFs too. That is a lot of the best porn GIFs all in one place. These are hardcore porn gifs too.

The forum also has all of the rules and ‘How To’ posts. These are important to read. With all of the awesome things to do here, you want to keep your account in good standing. Free porn is fantastic, as is having a great community to interact with. I bet some people even meet a few friends here that they help find the best things on the site. That kind of support is fantastic. In terms of community interaction, there is nothing similar to WhatBoysLike.

What’s The Word Perv?

So what is the final score for this site? While some people would prefer the site to be completely free, I see where they are going here and like the community engagement. The price for a premium porn account here is minimal. It is much less than any porn site out there, even the cheapest porn sites done by pros. There is a ton of the best amateur porn content here, and it is uploaded by the users of the site. Mr. Porn Geek gives the site a 9.8/10. It really does not get much better than this. The site is simple to use, so just make sure to check out the forums, there is a lot more there than you might think. There is an added bonus if you love cars, but this site is all about the hottest amateur babes. Real people having fun.

Review Pros
  • Creative porn community
  • Great amateur porn
  • Best porn forum ever
Review Cons
  • Design could be better