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A visit to MiaKhalifa

For a short period in the history of the Internet, MiaKhalifa was one of the most famous girls in the adult game. She held the number one spot on PornHub for being the most viewed broad and this was despite having just a few videos to her name. In fact, one of the most interesting elements of MiaKhalifa is the fact that her run in the adult business was so short. Sure, she created a lot of world-class fucking videos that us fellas will always enjoy, but don’t think for a second that this was a long and fruitful career. Anyway, the reason I talk all about this right now is because I’m going to head on over to MiaKhalifa.com to tell you what the hell is going on. Will this destination swing? Will we so why so many people love Muslims and Arab babes? These are good questions – let’s go ahead and see what the deal is, shall we?

The homepage of MiaKhalifa’s site

So when you get to the site initially, you’re presented with a modern rendering display of content and a basic tour of a member’s area website. It’s important to realize that these types of projects are very much in the realm of “pay cash to get the action” – if that’s something you’re not interested in, you’re better off leaving as quickly as possible. MiaKhalifa is a pay to access website, so if you’re not willing to part with some cheddar in order to get what you need, then this isn’t going to be for you. The tour itself is rather slim – partly because it’s just about one chick – but it’s also an aesthetic choice to make the content the major element and aspect that you focus on.
I do want to make it absolutely clear that Mia Khalifa did not create much porn, so despite there being a collection here, it might be a hell of a lot smaller than sites you’re used to. Naturally, this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re only interested in Mia – after all, you really don’t have much of a choice, right? Mr. Porn Geek loves it when these Middle Eastern broads turn to the camera to fuck: I just wish they did it a little more often! I’ll also make a point of mentioning that MiaKhalifa has fully retired from the industry now, so the chances of her going back and doing another scene are pretty damn slim. Maybe she’ll do an OnlyFans type deal in the future or whatever, but we’ll have to make do with what we have given that well, there are no better options.

Content that Mia Khalifa did

So most of the scenes that Mia Khalifa did were hardcore boy and girl porn: there are a few threesome moments and interracial sex with black dudes, but if you gave this Arab goddess a white cock to pleasure, it goes without saying that she’s going to have a great time. One of the traits that really defined MiaKhalifa was the fact that she had those delicious fat tits: when you’ve got a Muslim rack like that, all of the men are going to want to fuck. MiaKhalifa never did any extreme, BDSM or weird material – again, it was a pretty vanilla career and a short-lived one. The good news is that once you’re inside MiaKhalifa, you’re going to see all of the material that she created. A couple of scenes involve condoms, but most of them are raw. I mean when you think about it – who wants to see scenes that involve a wrapped up cock? That’s just no good for anyone if you ask me.

MiaKhalifa content quality

The average content quality is really good here, and despite the scenes coming from different studios and production houses, you’re going to realize that HD is the name of the game. There’s something special about high definition content when it features Arab broads like this and I’m happy to be able to report that all of the scenes are as high quality as they can be. Streaming from the website is incredibly quick and convenient too – there’s very little barrier to entry here if you want to enjoy the content in a quick fashion. It also goes without saying that there are places to see free sex scenes of Mia, but if you want the full length action, you’re going to want to come here. Anyone who loves a great rack on an Arabic broad surely wants to see all of the content, right? Well join up at Mia Khalifa and you’re going to get exactly that!

The downsides of MiaKhalifa

This is a one woman show, so you’re not going to get much by way of extra content or alternatives. That’s not the end of the world if you truly do just enjoy seeing MiaKhalifa fucking and sucking, but if you want more generic Arab porn, there are probably a few better spots for you to check out. Don’t worry: Mr. Porn Geek has a bunch of alternative destinations that you’re going to go crazy for. You better believe that the king of the adult reviews is always going to hook you up with what you want.

Final words on MiaKhalifa

The site isn’t anything to write home about, but it comes with one mission in mind and if that’s a mission you can get behind, what’s the point in pretending that you want to be anywhere else? Get instant access with an account today and start watching the entire library of MiaKhalifa porn – it really is that simple. Anyway, thanks to all of the coomers out there who stuck around to the bitter end of my review: I’m giving this one my endorsement, but pretty much only because of the star status of Mia Khalifa and how much everyone wants to see her in action. Peace and happy fapping!

Review Pros
  • All of her porn
  • Good quality videos
  • Fast loading speeds
Review Cons
  • Small content database
  • Limited extras