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If you didn’t think that Muslim women were capable of being hot sluts, Mr. Porn Geek has come across a site that’s going to blow your mind. At Arab Orgasm, you’ll see the most wild Arab women in the world (jihadi sluts, as I like to call them) defying their lord Allah and taking a cock in their tight, moist cunts. These dark-skinned beauties are halal as fuck but seeing as you’re not going to be able to enjoy 72 virgins in the afterlife, why not enjoy some classy Arabic pussy in your current one? This site really focuses on one of the most fantastic niches in the porn world!

The site launched in May of 2011 and there are literally dozens of exclusive videos in the archive for you to enjoy. That’s right – all of these scenes where tanned Arab sluts enjoy cock are 100% exclusive to the site and you won’t find them anywhere else on the Internet. While the quality of the scenes might not be the best, these ladies are hot as fuck and the pictures certainly do the Arabic slut niche justice. Pay them a visit today and get wild with these Muslim cuties!

Review Pros
  • Great Arabic porn
  • Video downloads
Review Cons
  • Low quality content
  • Limited number of scenes