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Eye Roll Orgasm: Mr. Porn Geek’s analysis

Good afternoon my loyal, loving readers. For today’s edition of ‘is this website any good’, Mr. Porn Geek is going to be heading on over to a place called Eye Roll Orgasm. For those that don’t know, there’s a pretty popular erotic fetish out there at the moment that stems from Japanese hentai – it’s called Ahegao and essentially, it’s when a girl is fucked so good that her eyes go all crazy and she can’t take it any longer. Guys love the idea of fucking a girl senseless, so it’s a little wonder that a whole tube site devoted to the niche has been created. Now then: let’s check out Eye Roll Orgasm and see whether or not it lives up to expectations. I’m hoping it does – this niche always gets me stiff in the pants.

Homepage analysis at Eye Roll Orgasm

As always, I’m going to kick off this review with a good look at the homepage, which sticks to the tried and true method of displaying the latest videos added to the archive. What I really appreciate about this rendering choice is that on the right-hand side of the page, you can actually go ahead and reorder the scenes based on length, view count and ratings if you’d prefer. The more accessibility you have when it comes to watching tube videos, the better. Eye Roll Orgasm has gone from strength to strength in this regard – they really know what’s what when it comes to giving the average porn consumer exactly what it is they want.

The preview panes on index pages all have the same information: a title of the video, its view count, the length of the scene itself and finally, a HD icon if the upload is available to be watched in 720p or 1080p. If you go to the very bottom of the homepage, you’ll see a pagination segment that allows you to go back through the archive. I can’t say for sure how many videos are in Eye Roll Orgasm, but I’d say there are at least 1,000 ahegao uploads, if not more. I think they’ve got a stellar collection and after looking around for about 15 minutes, it’s clear that the strictness on the niche ensures all uploads are exactly on-genre. This is fantastic as far as I’m concerned: I hate sites devoted to specific erotic concepts that don’t even feature it in 50% of their scenes.

Video indexed content on Eye Roll Orgasm

So when you click on a ahegao upload, you’ll be taken to a fairly minimal embed page that allows you to access the video directly. Note that there is very little meta information here – you’re only really given the option to look at related uploads and there are no things like a description, or models featured, to assist in hunting down the material you want even further. I’d also like to see Eye Roll Orgasm give you the ability to download some of these scenes: currently you can only stream them directly from the site and no local storage option is afforded to surfers. It’s not the worst situation in the world, but I think that Eye Roll Orgasm could improve the functionality of their website by giving people direct access to the raw video files.

Categories from Eye Roll Orgasm

There’s a pretty cool categories section that I do suggest you give a little looking over whenever you get the chance to do so. There are only 12 or so niches, but these include all of the classics, such as squirting orgasms, hentai, anal and more. They’ve also got a cool ‘random’ button right at the top of the website that you can click just to be given a video from the archive. Not sure what to jerk off over? That’s probably your best bet! It’s little things like this that can make ahegao collections just that little bit more erotic and enjoyable.

Eye Roll Orgasm: Mr. Porn Geek’s conclusion

Okay folks – that’s pretty much everything that I’ve got to say on the topic of Eye Roll Orgasm. How do I think this place stacks up in comparison to other websites? Pretty damn well to be honest. The reason for this is a simple one: it’s focused on a single niche and they really know what the genre is all about. Rarely will you find a passionate webmaster that truly enjoys the sexual focus of their website, but this is what you get at Eye Roll Orgasm – it’s terrific stuff and I urge you to go and look for yourself. In short: if you need free videos focused on ahegao, this is the place for you.

Review Pros
  • Great quality videos
  • Focused on niche
  • Advanced sorting options
Review Cons
  • Small archive
  • Limited categories