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MrPornGeek reviews Real GF Porn

RealGFPorn is a porn tube site all about girlfriends and the porn that they make. Now, the name of this site suggests that the porn contained within is all teen porn. However, there is also a healthy amount of MILF porn and a few mature ladies on Real GF Porn too. Of course, there is rather a lot of amateur porn on RealGFPorn too. I tell ya what, let’s dive deeper into the porn and see what RealGFPorn is offering us and whether you should check this site out, shall we?

The girlfriend porn on Real GF Porn

The first thing I noticed about RealGFPorn was just how many MILFs there are on this site. Now, there aren’t as many MILFs and matures on this site as say the MILf category on another site, but on a porn site that looks to be set up to be a teen site, I was impressed. Plus, even though Real GF Porn makes you think that it will be solely amateur porn, it isn’t. In fact, I’d say that most of the porn on Real GF Porn isn’t amateur porn! Now, the fact there is so much porn that seems to be professionally made does throw up a few questions, which I would like to tackle now, if I may.

Is the porn on Real GF Porn really “real”?

As I just said, a large portion of the porn on RealGFPorn doesn’t seem to be amateur porn. Now, the name of this site suggests that the girls in these porn videos are real girlfriends that have perhaps had their porn videos leaked by ex’s, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think that most of the porn on this site is either pornstars at the start of their careers or just the vlogger pornstars that are way too present in the porn world right now. Having said that, I dunno if you’ll give a shit. The porn on Real GF Porn is really bloody enjoyable, the ladies are hot, and there is a healthy mixture of ladies on this site too. Every ethnic background is sucking cocks on this site, and the girls have a healthy age range too. So, while it sucks that even a seemingly real porn site offering amateur porn cannot offer it to us nowadays, I don’t think that spoils this site.

My final thoughts on Real GF Porn

As long as you take the “real” in the name of Real GF Porn with a heavy pinch of salt, you’ll enjoy this site. There is a lot of amateur porn on this site, but there is plenty of professional porn on here too. As I said, this ain’t a deal-breaker for me, I actually think that RealGFPorn is a good site, it just isn’t the amateur girlfriend site that I had hoped it would be. RealGFPorn is good, you’ll enjoy it unless you want truly amateur porn!

Review Pros
  • Loads of porn videos
  • Some amateur porn videos
  • Impressive amount of teen porn
Review Cons
  • Ads everywhere
  • Mostly short porn