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Do you even jizz, bro?

You Jizz, I jizz, we all jizz. It’s a fact in life that men love to knock out loads left, right and center whenever they get the opportunity to do so. Mr. Porn Geek is happy to show you one amazing porn tube wank site with a lot of great content today – With a name like that, you better believe that there’s no bullshit here – only straight, hardcore porn and related material that’s going to get you to bust a nut in a matter of minutes.

If you visited You Jizz a few years ago, you may have noticed that they didn’t have the biggest selection of content. Suffice to say that when all is said and done in the current year, that’s simply not the case. See, You Jizz has made a shift toward uploading lengthy videos and they love to focus on the professional side of adult entertainment. That’s not to say that you won’t find some great amateur flix here though – You Jizz is all about ensuring you get access to all types of good quality porn videos.

Porn on tap

From the homepage of the site, you’ll be presented with a list of the most popular scenes that have been added to their site over the last few years. Note that this is a very minimal style of content display and if you want to look for specific stuff, you’re best going to the ‘tags’ area which lists all of the various niches. For instance, you’ll be able to check out videos starring teens, Asians, transsexuals and even a few clips of babes from Africa. Whatever your porn desires are for You Jizz and their video content, they’re sure to make you get the best deal possible in your viewing experience.

Unlike some other tube porn sites out there, You Jizz has a list of the pornstars that feature in the videos that they host. Names such as Abbey Rain, Jackie Daniels, Payton Simmons and plenty of others are here for you to take a look at. So yeah – if you have a specific pornstar that you want to see in action, just go ahead and visit their individual page. It’s a great feature because it literally shows you all of the content that the girls have to offer.

How much is here at YouJizz?

Because I’m a bit of a sadist, I decided to spend around five minutes trying to figure out just how many videos were available on YouJizz. I found that they have exactly 132360 archive pages at the time of writing this review, and each archive page contains 24 individual videos. Doing the math there (in my head of course – I don’t need calculators), that comes out at … 3,176,640 uploads! Quite a decent quantity of porn if you ask me: I think most people would struggle to watch even a fraction of the 3.1 million videos that are currently on offer at YouJizz. It seems so well spread across all of the categories too: we’re talking Japanese porn, sauna sex and interracial gangbangs. I know you freaks love your porn to be a little bit wild, so it’s a good thing that YouJizz delivers in this regard. No fetish is too freaky for these folks to make available.

Share your smut you dirty bastards

Turns out that if you’re in the business of creating porn and want to share some of your own work, YouJizz can help you get some exposure in the adult industry – epic if you ask me! Simply create an account with a few basic details and you’ll instantly have the ability to share adult material with the world. This is a stellar method of getting your smut online and best of all, it’s completely free. I think it’s fair to say that if YouTube doesn’t welcome the kind of action you’re pumping out, YouJizz might be able to offer you a viable alternative. Who can deny that having a top-tier destination to upload porn is anything less than pure perfection? Mr. Porn Geek is loving this place the more time he spends here. Simply epic doesn’t come even close to describing what’s going on here: the best tubes out there are getting a run for their money!

Downloading with a little pain

On the player of every single upload available at YouJizz, you’ll see a download button that you can click: follow through this link and you’ll be taken to a direct MP4 file that you can right-click and save locally. While this is completely free and you don’t need a link, I’ll warn you ahead of time that my experience was an incredibly slow one: it doesn’t seem that YouJizz wants you to get speedy access. I’m on a 150 Mb/s connection these days and my download ran at around 70 Kb/s – disappointing to say the very least. You can leave your computer grabbing the file during the day, but I’d probably recommend seeking another destination for local porn storage if you’re serious about it. What YouJizz offers is okay, but it’s far from the best. This could be improved and honestly, its ranking on my list of best tube sites would probably take it a little higher.

Conclusions with Mr. Porn Geek

I think I’ve gone over the key points here: it’s a great tube with lots of porn and covers plenty of the world’s best fuckers. I think downloads could be made a little better and the design needs a few changes to be more function. Aside from that, I think I’ve covered enough about You Jizz and how great it is – so why not go check it out today? Mr. Porn Geek’s off to enjoy a couple of the 3+ million uploads that these folks have stashed away in their free video library!

Review Pros
  • Great ratings
  • Lots of content
  • Pornstars
Review Cons
  • Annoying pop-unders
  • Ads