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xVideos.com porn tube review

xVideos.com is one of the bigger tubes out there that has done well in the world of providing free sex videos for anyone that wants to enjoy them. According to the homepage, 10,000 new clips are added each and every day – that’s a staggering amount!

I couldn’t independently verify their claim about the number of new videos added per day but they have over 8 million videos in their archives and getting to that number requires a massive injection of new scenes everyday. So maybe they really do add that many clips a day. Who knows? All I know is that there is a ton of free porn here and when this tube refers to itself as the “dominant site”, they aren’t really stretching the truth that much.

Navigation and browsing tools

You’ll find that the homepage is where the hottest clips are showcased to you, although you’ll probably want to use the search feature if you have a particular niche in mind.I personally recommend looking at the ‘best of’ area so you can really get a sense of the best porn the tube has to offer. The videos in this area get here because the xVideos visitors deemed them hall of fame-worthy and I have to say that they don’t disappoint one bit.

Besides the search box, be on the lookout for trends in your specific country. This is where you can catch up with all the newest, hottest porn like leaked celeb nudes and sex tapes. Another way to to browse through all the porn videos here is via the pornstar index or the channels. Alternatively, you can also hit up each category to see what gems you can unearth.

Xvideos niches

Not sure what you want or feeling overwhelmed by all the various videos? xVideos.com has you covered with a list of different niches, including big tits, blondes, big asses, gapes, gangbangs, stockings, squirting, bisexual, fisting, POV, lesbians, creampies, MILFs, shemales and more. Put simply, if it exists in porn format, then xVideos is likely to have it.

With so many niches to choose from, you probably don’t know where to start so I have this cheat sheet for you. Well, it’s really just a list of the most popular niches here on xVideos. Maybe they’ll guide you as to what you should check out first. The xvideos hentai seems to be the hottest spot. Its not the largest category by any means but it has a wide range of drawn toons from lesbian hentai to 3D hentai and all that jazz. The hentai xvideos definitely bring the heat and are guaranteed to make fans of this niche happy.

Mature babes are also pretty popular here so its no wonder than the milf videos gets a lot of airplay. There are over 100K videos featuring hot moms getting their slits pounded into tomorrow and every famous milf you can think of has a video here. We’re talking Brandi Love, Deauxma, Dolly Fox and so on.

Its not surprising that visitors to this tube can’t get enough of the amateur xvideos. There’s nothing quite like a good homemade porno and xVideos has close to 300K of them! What is surprising however, is the fact that the xvideos.com Indian section somehow also makes an appearance on the list of popular niches. I guess people really can’t get enough of those Desi sluts!

Any gay content on xVideos?

Yes of course! In fact the gay portion of xvideos.com isn’t just another category but rather a mini-site on its own. Only step into this area of the site if you’re truly interested in guy on guy action because that’s all you see from the second you press the “gay” link to the second you exit out of that subsection.

They’ve clearly spent a ton of time developing the gay area because it has a little bit of everything from blowjobs to toons, orgies to parties, massages, muscular dudes, jocks, gay family dick, gay drunk dick and lots of bareback sex. They even have something called gay prison and gay homeless. I have no clue what’s in either of those tabs but it sounds interesting if you’re into that kind of thing!

Quality and length of the xVideos movies

The video quality here does depend on the upload and some videos are provided in HD quality. Average scene lengths are around 10 minutes although some do go up to 2 hours if you look around for long enough. I also came across a 3 second video which was basically a money shot someone uploaded. I guess they wanted to get straight to the point.

On the whole though, I’d say that most of the videos look pretty decent. A huge amount of them are available in 720p but I did spot some 360p ones mostly in the amateur section. Worth mentioning here is the fact that the homepage had some rather stunning HD videos sprinkled in with all the rest.

The perks of registering for an account

Note that if you sign up to xVideos, you can also choose to download scenes to save locally to watch at a later date. Account registration is free of charge and perhaps the biggest perk of getting one is the fact that you can download xvideos to your heart’s content. You don’t need an account to enjoy all the free porn xvideos but your experience will be so much better if you get one anyway. Also, only those with accounts can upload content so if you plan to contribute any videos to this collection, registration is the way to go.

Speaking of perks and better experiences, you may also want to consider giving xvideos red a try. Its the premium version of this tube and it promises an experience free of any kind of ads. You also get thousands of smut videos in HD – no low-quality shit here. They even have something called xvideos red originals that you won’t find anywhere but here. You can take the premium version for a test drive for 7 days to see if its a good fit for you or not. You’ll have to pay up $10 per month after your free trial ends though.

Mr. Porn Geek’s final thoughts on xVideos

Its a pretty good tube, to be honest. It definitely gives the other tubes in its league a run for their money when it comes to the sheer number of clips in its archives. This has got to be one of the few tubes out there that has a nice balance of amateur versus professional porn. The overall quality could be better but this is free stuff and there is lots of it so who cares if quality is low in a few clips here and there? Just go on and enjoy xVideos!

Review Pros
  • Thousands of new videos daily
  • Not many adverts
Review Cons
  • Lots of non-HD videos
  • Account required to download
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