xHamster Review


xHamster has always been one of the bigger porn tube sites out there. They seem to have a policy of cutting out the nonsense and just letting the sex do the talking. When you hit the homepage of this world-famous tube site, you’ll see dozens of thumbnails from the get go that display promoted videos, scenes added recently and links to various categories along the left-hand side of the screen. You’ve got your full range of anal and Asian through to cuckolds and gangbangs – not a bad collection and from looking around, all of the categories are accurately managed. Hell, they even put ‘Australian’ at the top because that’s where I’m from!

When you decide to click on a video that looks interesting to you, you’ll be taken through to the area of the site where the scenes are displayed. Note that around 50% of the newest professional scenes added to xHamster are actually HD, whereas the other ones are a fairly standard quality. The lengths of these productions can be anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours in length, although a standard length is somewhere around the 10-minute mark. Categories on the left-hand side of the screen as mentioned earlier include BBWs, creampies, cumshots, grannies and more. It’s pretty good to have access to the main niches straight away – makes one-handed surfing a lot easier.

Note that there are areas on the site that sort all of the content based on a few different parameters. For instance, the ‘top rated’ area pulls together the ratings of everyone who’s visited the site and shows you what the group here consider to be the best scenes. I’m a fan of this feature on a lot of websites, as it allows you to access some hidden gems that you might have otherwise missed. Ultimately, porn sites like this with thousands of videos can have a few unchecked that aren’t worth checking out – the ‘top rated’ feature ensures that it doesn’t happen and you’re only getting the cream of the crop.

xHamster updates with new porn videos every 10 minutes and has done so for quite a long time. The quality of the scenes is pretty good too, with many HD clips made available to you completely free of charge. One thing that makes xHamster slightly better than the rest is the fact that you can download various scenes directly from the site. As far as I know, there are very few places that allow you to do this. The only real downside is they did away with simulated rape and ‘aggressive’ videos a few months back for some bizarre PR reason after the whole Brock Turner thing.

Review Pros

  • Updates every 10 minutes
  • Large archive
  • Custom link to your country's vids

Review Cons

  • No 'offensive' porn allowed
  • Not all scenes are in HD