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Tube8 porn site review

Tube8 is a weird name for a website, but it’s owned and operated by the team at Porn Hub, so chances are that it’s not that bad when you get inside and take a look around.

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised when I started browsing around Tube8com and found that it checked off all the necessary boxes on the mental check list that’s constantly running in my head as I explore a new site. They have videos – and lots of them and the quality is pretty decent so already, we’re off to a great start. Join me as I peel all the layers back here so we can find out together if Tube8 site deserves your time.

Navigating the Tube8 tube site

So, what can I tell you about Firstly, Tube 8 place updates daily with new clips and many of them are in true high definition. There’s also a country-based filter on the homepage so you can see what others in your state are taking a look at.

The home page is really nothing special or unique, to be honest. It shines the spotlight on the hottest videos and pornstars on the particular day you’re visiting.

When it comes to navigational tools, follows the exact template every other tube site out there seems to use so you’re going to find your usual suspects here like tags, categories, channels, a pornstar index and a search box. Nothing original here but hey, if it works for every other site, why bother changing it, right?

Like so many free video sites hosting the latest and greatest sex scenes, both amateur and professional alike, the categories area is likely where you’re going to want to visit if you know what you want.

Breaking down the Tube8 categories

When I first visited Tube8com, there was no counter showing how many clips were available in each category, but times have changed since then and they now very graciously show you how many videos are in each category before you even click on it.

Before we jump into the numbers though, you need to know that the number of categories here is relatively slim compared to other porn tube sites, but slim isn’t always a bad thing. It doesn’t mean there isn’t enough porn to enjoy, it just means its all been condensed into a few categories. If however, after browsing through all the tube8 categories you still feel like you haven’t found one that may contain the porn you want, then there is a search function you can take advantage of. Just plug in whatever gets your dick hard and viola, you’ll be able to get your hands on the good stuff.

But let’s get back to those Tube8 categories. The list is exactly what you’d expect. You have amateur, anal, erotic, hentai and even Indian clips are provided to viewers. Very attractive thumbnails are used to attract your eyeballs to each category and I have to say that they’re a very efficient tool.

Looking at the numbers at a glance, they seem okay but if you hover over the category tab, you’ll notice a list of the top 12 categories ranked by “most content”. From that list I learned that the HD category has the most clips – 64,025 of them, the amateur category is also well stocked with 63,370 videos, and if you love hardcore, you’ll appreciate the fact that there are over 38,000 clips for you to enjoy. Teen, fetish, erotic, anal, lesbian, blowjob, Asian, step fantasy and ebony round up the categories with the highest number of videos.

What’s interesting to note here is that just because a category has a ton of clips, doesn’t mean its popular. There’s a list of the most popular categories and from that I learned that Tube8 tube site visitors love their teen babes, Asian hotties, experienced MILFs, threesomes and girls who love anal.

More good stuff about also allows you to download the free porn videos they host if you sign up to their network. It’s completely free but does require an active email address that may or may not receive spam as a result of you joining.

Becoming a registered member has its perks – the biggest of which being the video downloading I just mentioned but as a member, you’re also part of the community which means you can upload videos and share them with other registered pervs, you can also comment and vote on other people’s content and you can create your own personal favorites video collection if you so desire.

Even though Tube8 automatically defaults to straight porn- which makes it seem like that’s the only group they cater to, the reality is that the gay and shemale folks are also taken care of here. A drop down menu at the top right hand side of the site allows you to jump to either the straight, gay or shemale sections of the tube and from there, you can explore any of the videos to your hearts’ content.

Tube8 premium versus free

As you browse through the Tube8 tube site, you’ll notice the word premium thrown into the mix in a very subtle way. Its at the top in the logo, its also on the tab list and even when you go to register for a free account, there’s a reminder that you do have the premium option too. Subtle but not aggressive. They drop it in just enough to pique your interest. Well, it certainly got my attention so let’s see what its all about.

As a free member, you only get access to all the videos on Tube8 and all the perks I mentioned above. Premium on the other hand is free membership on steroids and then some. For starters, the premium is actually a Pornhub premium membership and you can test drive it for free of charge for an entire week.

As a premium member, you get access to “premium content” that the free members don’t have access to. That includes full 1080P HD videos, 4K movies and exclusive VR porn videos. You even get free access to a ton of full length titles.

The best part of having a premium membership though is that you never have to deal with ads ever again. That’s right, you can now browse through the archives and catalog in peace – no pop ups, no distracting ads, nothing – just you enjoying your porn in peace.

So how much does it cost? $9.99 per month or $7.99 per month if you pay for an entire year in advance – so $95.88 billed in one payment. Is it worth it? If you want a far better porn experience than the free members, yes it is.

Are there any sites like Tube8

I wouldn’t say there are sites like Tube8 exactly. I know for sure that there are sites better than Tube 8 and sites way worse than tube8, but a site just like it? I haven’t seen one, at least not yet. This tube sex site is a stripped down version of its sister tube. Its not as popular but this isn’t a popularity contest. It certainly has the numbers to back it up and an identity unlike most other tubes. Does it have anything in particular that makes it stand out? Not really but it does have good porn and its free and you can’t beat that.

Mr. Porn Geeks final thoughts on Tube8

I’ve given the tube8 tube 4 thumbs up out of 5 so I must think highly of it – and I do. The amount of porn you get here is unreal. There is so much of it and the archives keep getting fatter thanks to regular updates so there’s no danger of ever running out of material to wank off to. If you haven’t already checked out this porn destination, now is a good time to do so!

Review Pros
  • Massive archive of porn
  • Regular updates
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • Not all porn videos are HD