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Is TNAFlix some kind of wresting porn website?

No its not. Even though I’m sure you can find some wrestling content on there, TNA Flix, also known as Tits ‘n’ Ass Flix, is a porn website that looks to provide visitors with a great array of adult videos designed to make them beat their meat in a matter of minutes.

Their tag line literally says “Just tits and asses” and that’s exactly what you get. A quick glance at all the TNA porn on the home page shows that these guys are very serious about their mission to give you more boobies and booty than you can wank off to in a lifetime. Of course where there are racks and butts, you can also expect to see some cock too so maybe the entire TNA porn catalog should be re-labeled as tits, asses and cocks. Never mind, that doesn’t have as nice as ring to it as the title they currently have!

So there you have it folks, this isn’t some kind of WWE-style wrestling fetish site, it’s a general porn site with a whole lot of free porn tnaflix but if you landed here while looking specifically for wresting porn, you’ll be happy to know that they have mixed wrestling, oil wresting, lesbian wrestling and even Japanese mixed sex wrestling videos here. That’s all in addition to all the other non-wrestling porn in the archives.

What makes stand out in the crowded tube market?

For starters, the sheer number of videos they have at your disposal. We’re talking some of the hottest porn on the planet in a single location, available with absolutely no limitations. You know your boy MPG loves numbers so of course I went digging for an exact figure of how many TNA sex videos you can expect but I didn’t have any luck nailing down an exact number. All I can say with certainty is that there is a shit load of videos here because these guys have been at this since 2008!

And what’s more, many of the scenes on TnA are uploaded in 1080p qualities – good luck finding many other HD tubes on the Internet, because they’re really rare, even in this day and age!

Let’s talk variety because even there, the TNA porn collection blows most tube sites out of the water. At first glance, the tnaflix sex category list reads like every other list on every other site. You have the usual suspects like teens, milfs, amateurs, classics, celebs and so on but a closer look shows that these guys have taken a special interest in country-specific porn. You have French porn, Russian porn, Czech porn, Japanese porn and so on. This is particularly helpful if you’re one of those people whose dick only gets hard from watching chicks from a particular geographical region.

As with most tubes, the tnaflix sex collection has its own share of kinky vids. To find those, just go to the category aptly titled “fetish sex” and there you’ll find double fisting, femdom, latex, piss drinking and so on. What I found confusing here is the fact that they even included what I personally call non-fetish stuff in this area. I’m talking strap-on fucking, cuckold porn and even interracial fucking. But apparently these guys think those qualify for a spot among the fetish porn. Their site, their rules.

The video stream pages are well designed and allow you to watch the content with minimal issues. Category sorting aside, you can browse through all the free porn tnaflix by duration, featured videos, popular videos, most recent videos, user videos and even by playlists.

If you’re not sure what you watch, simply use the ‘top rated videos’ area to get an idea of what people consider to be the best porn videos on the site. There’s also a list of the popular searches that comes in handy if you can’t decide what you want to focus on just yet. On the day I visited, the popular searches were German mature, beach, caught, casting and party. So as you can see, you’re hanging with like-minded pervs.

I wanted to see what other users where submitting so I took a peek. Honestly expected to see homemade pornos but ended up face to face with some pretty professional vids. So the lesson here is that just because something says user submitted, it doesn’t mean its necessarily amateur porn. Scenes are uploaded on a regular basis and the streaming server allows you to watch all of the content with on the fly buffering – not bad at all!

Channels are another great way to check out the tnaflix sex loot. They have hands down one of the biggest channel section. There are 47 pages of channels and you’ll notice a few familiar names like Blacked, Tushy and Vixen but there are also some lesser known channels thrown into the mix here. Every niche and fetish is covered as expected and the channels can be filtered by most recent, most popular and top rated. Just a word of advise here – the straight channels are mixed with the gay channels so don’t be shocked if you’re browsing along when boom – you have guy on guy dick sucking action thrown at you.

All this talk about videos makes it seem like that’s all this porn tube site has to offer. That’s just not the case. There’s an entire section dedicated exclusively to photos. Sure, its not as popular as the tna sex videos section but if you’re just here for the tits and ass, you’ll find plenty of them in still form here. Worth noting is the fact that whereas the majority of the videos are professional, most of the photos seem amateurish. The photos come in four different sizes and can be sorted by popularity or date of addition.

You’ll get the most out of this site by registering for an account. Its free of charge and only takes a few minutes to set up. TNAflix happily flaunts their massive community and for good reason too. 1,961,423 porn lovers is pretty impressive if you ask me. A major perk of becoming a member is the fact that you can upload your own content.

Once you decide that this is the community for you, you may want to become an Alpha member. From what I gather, this is just a bragging rights thing and it requires photographic verification. Love to read? Be sure to check out the very eye-pleasing TNA news section. Its presented in blog format and its full of very interesting sex-related articles as well as pornstar features. Be sure to look out for Chanel Preston’s “EducaChanel”. She’s one of the site’s two sexperts and if anyone knows sex, its this chick!

Mr.Porn Geek’s final thoughts on TNAFlix is a good hub of adult video pleasures and I recommend it to anyone that wants free HD clips – you really can’t go wrong with this choice destination tube.

Review Pros
  • Regular updates
  • Lots of HD porn
  • Good design
Review Cons
  • Limited amateur porn
  • Some mislabelled content