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What is SoftcoreTube?

SoftcoreTube is a place to find all of the softcore porn that you will ever need. This place takes me back to my youth where all of the porn that you could find was on late-night TV. You remember those days, right? You had to rely on this porn to get off every night, or whenever you could because there was no PornHub and none of the other porn sites that I review nowadays. Or if there were, I was too dumb to know about them back then. Perhaps your youth was different, but I was thick as pig shit back then, and so I had to rely on this shit!

So, porn sites like SoftcoreTube will always have a special place in my heart and my balls because they take me back to a special time when all I did was lick windows and tirelessly explore the TV late at night for a glimpse of a boob. But is SoftcoreTube the best place to go and relive your youth and watch some softcore porn? Well, we’re about to find that shit out, dear reader, as we review this fucker and get deep into the pussy of it, not that any of you will see me dive deep into the pussy of this site as it will be cleverly hidden by a potted plant or the woman’s hair or something. Ah, softcore porn, putting the soft into every boner in 2019!

The great design of SoftcoreTube

There is nothing softcore about the design of SoftcoreTube at all. The design of this site is one of the nicest I have seen in a long time. Styling-wise, this site looks awesome, but there are some annoying things going on with the backend of this site that do annoy the absolute piss out of me. Firstly, you cannot open any porn videos in another tab, if you try to, the site freaks out, throws up an ad and then loads the cunt on the other page you have open. This is pretty annoying as I like to have plenty of porn open at any one time.

All of the porn on SoftcoreTube has a nice thumbnail that offers a preview to the scene, so I guess the shit about the tabs isn’t too annoying for most, but for those that like to get a mixture of porn to jerk to, this would be fuck annoying. So, the styling SoftcoreTube is top notch, but there are some areas of the design and the backend of SoftcoreTube that really need some work. The styling of SoftcoreTube looks likes a softcore version of PornHub, but the backend makes this site feel like a third-rate pile of shit at times. Be nice if they fixed that shit, but I guess that is exactly what softcore porn is, so why the fuck shouldn’t the design of a softcore porn site feel like this?

The porn on SoftcoreTube

There’s a shit load of porn scenes on SoftcoreTube. A lot of these porn scenes are from movies and feature some of the hottest celebrities in the world. These are great cos who doesn’t like looking at celebrity titties? However, if you aren’t a fan of celebrities and their amazing bodies, you can enjoy some softcore porn that was created for the purposes of showing up on a late-night TV channel and making a teenage boy’s dreams come true. There are loads of softcore porn videos on here that are full length and pretty good.

Now, I have no fucking idea if they are making softcore porn videos any more, but judging by this site, I doubt it. Most of the porn on SoftcoreTube looks to be pretty damn old, at least 10 years old. If that shit doesn’t bother you, why would it, you are watching softcore porn, nothing can bother you, then you’ll love this site. There are newer sex scenes on SoftcoreTube, but these are all the ones featuring celebrities and stuff like that.

What makes porn softcore?

I will admit that my knowledge of softcore porn has suffered greatly since I found real porn and so I have no idea what the boundaries for a softcore porn film are. I thought that softcore didn’t show cocks, pussies and certainly didn’t show interactions between said cock and pussy. However, there are some porn scenes on this site that show cum shots, cocks in cunts and loads of other shit! Surely this shit is way too explicit to be on SoftcoreTube?

There are porn scenes all over SoftcoreTube that show women playing with their pussies, cocks in holes, girls sucking dicks and taking cum shots to the tits. Who the fuck decides what is softcore and what isn’t? I thought softcore was designed to cleverly disguise what the fuck was going on, but here we are on SoftcoreTube watching normal regular porn! If anyone knows a judge of softcore porn, please get in touch, we can put this matter to bed then!

The Geek’s final thoughts on SoftcoreTube

Apart from the slightly confusing sex scenes on SoftcoreTube that show a little more than I expected, I really fucking enjoyed SoftcoreTube. Yeah sure that are a few backend issues with this site, but what porn site is perfect? Plus, SoftcoreTube isn’t exactly the biggest site in the world so I can think we can let them off a few design flaws.

Go check out SoftcoreTube if you fancy reliving your youth or if you actually enjoy watching softcore porn. I can’t imagine anyone in 2019 only watching softcore porn apart from future psychopaths, but to each their own!

Review Pros
  • Some full movies
  • Lots of celebrities
  • Great design
Review Cons
  • Some hardcore porn
  • Some backend issues