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Lucie Blush is a bit of a porn addict like me, and her blog over at We Love Good Sex does exactly what it says on the tin: shows you high quality productions of people that want to get down and dirty in front of the lens while the world watches and enjoys.

Lucie herself is a self-described feminist, although she does admit that she shaves her legs, wears makeup and wants to feel pretty. This isn’t a radical feminist that wants all men to burn – she just wants to see dudes with dicks pleasure chicks in a fair and erotic environment. Can’t say fairer than that, can you?

The thing about WeLoveGoodSex.com is it speaks to all of us – men and women. No one has ever thought to themselves – “you know what mate, It’d be awesome to suck in the sack.” but we’ve all wondered what it’d be like to hook up with someone who knows what they’re doing – someone who can give us orgasms that make our toes curl into abnormal angles. That kind of really good sex is what this site advocates for and is about. Its about men pleasuring women the right way and women pleasuring men in a way that makes them feel like kings.

Breaking down We Love Good Sex

The blog itself is visually stunning. It isn’t set up like a typical blog but rather pictures are plastered all over the page and each one is accompanied by a headline that entices you to click on the picture and find out what the article says. If there is one thing Welovegoodsex.com has mastered, its the art of tease and seduction.

WeLoveGoodSex has lots of different areas, including a place for GIFs, gay material, films Lucie has produced herself, a look at various sex toys and an actual blog-like area where she talks about lots of different aspects of the porn industry. I spent around 15 to 20 minutes looking around all of the various sections and, well, I was really damn impressed with what I saw.

I even saw a couple of articles aimed at couples so We Love Good Sex isn’t just a site for women only, it also has some good info for couples who want to spice things up!

As with everything though, I have to keep it real with you and say that as much as I loved almost everything about this site, I was a tad bothered by constantly having to click “load more” to see even more content on the home page. The first few times I had to do that were okay but by the 3rd time I was so over it. Thankfully, that’s when I discovered the “browse stuff” button in the right hand corner. It makes browsing through this site so much easier so don’t be like me, use that the next time you pay this blog-like site a visit! Clicking on that link will bring up a menu of the items I mentioned earlier, visit each one of them if you wish or just choose one and focus on that. You can’t go wrong with whichever part of this site you land on.

The Porn Geek approves

I always love to send attention to third-parties that are doing a good thing for the ladies in the world, so yeah – a big shout out to Lucie Blush and her blog – this place is great. Feminism isn’t a bad word and this babe does a good job of making feminists like her seem a little less scary – and even fun. I love that Lucie is unapologetically sexual. She embraces her sexuality and encourages others to embrace theirs as well. Nothing is too freaky for this girl which is why her site is such an absolute pleasure to explore. You never know what you’re going to get here, you just know that whatever it is, its going to be good and so far, I’m loving it!

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